While full-sized pickup trucks increasingly adopt luxury trappings, compact trucks remain utilitarian workhorses. The Tacoma is a down-and-dirty example of function trumping form. The Tacoma is the perfect truck for landscapers and contractors. This beast of burden has a tough-as-nails chassis and a durable composite­ plastic bed. For off-roading adventures, the capable Tacoma has few peers.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Has. Drive line buzz between 2000 & 2300 rpm that Toyota says is normal but if you are in that RPM range for log periods on the highway your hands will numb, it's like holding on to a palm sander. Many are experiencing this."

SANDRA J., AZ (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Hard shift"

GAIL D., NJ (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"suspension and ride much rougher than other trucks"

Anonymous, NY (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"under powered and too much roll in turning"

Anonymous, CO (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Transmission is always hunting for a gear and does not make any low end torque."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"I previously had a 2014 Tacoma which was a great vehicle as well but the 2016 has more power with lower fuel consumption. The dual Atkinson/Otto is very useful and gives the best of both worlds. Extremely capable off-road also."

Anonymous, AB (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Smooth acceleration uphills are not consistent with the 2016 Toyota TRD Sport V6 automatic transmission I purchased. Going uphill the Tacoma gets really sluggish when driving in a normal state of using the acceleration peddle. You constantly have to apply greater pressure to the peddle to maintain a set speed because I believe the D-4S technology looks for the best economic way for the engine to operate and therefore it consistently upshifts. While Toyota does have an ECT Power feature that feat"

PAUL K., HI (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"I have a 4x4 and it can't get out of its own way because it has no take-off power.The tires squeal in some very low speed turns and handling is horrible."

RODNEY P., TX (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Although power has been much improved the shift points on the new 6 sp transmission are not tuned well. Too much hunting for the right gear under load. Perhaps more torque or a different transmission shift profile would help"

JAMES H., CA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Engine under-powered. Acceleration sluggish. Transmission hunts for correct gear on up-grade while in automatic mode. Manual feature locking in a gear very helpful, & also helpful controlling speed on down-grade. Good brakes, but touchy. Handling a plus."

Anonymous, NV (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"The Tacoma has a very uncomfortable ride, you can feel bumps etc and get bounced around. Also the jolts forward at times, "switching geers."

Anonymous, TX (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Acceleration and steering response is awesome. Love driving this truck."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"It's annoying how often the transmission changes gears just driving down the highway."

Anonymous, SC (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Acceleration is choppy, gearing in economy mode is annoying. The V-6 engine feels and acts more like a four cylinder engine."

T W., TX (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Acceleration is not as smooth as the Highlander"

Anonymous, OR (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"little sluggish hestitates going from r to drive 2 second delay. should have stuck with the 5 speed transmission."

Anonymous, NH (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"It shifts a little ruff into first gear some times. But I haven't taken it back to the dealer to see if they can smooth it out."

JOHN H., NC (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"There is a slight jerk when first taking off from a standstill. Seems like a tranny problem. Dealer service says this is normal. I have the V-6 Atkinson motor with 6 speed auto tranny."

DALE L., PA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"At moderate speeds (30 - 45) it tends to upshift to top gear and acts like it is either looking for a gear, or the engine isn't running smoothly. The dealer tells me it runs like it was designed. This is my 4th Tacoma, and my first problem."

Anonymous, TX (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"it does not feel that it accelerates well for the HP"

LARRY S., AZ (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"It definitely can't go up mountains so it is lucky we live in a flat area"

Anonymous, FL (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"trans constantly searching for shift point. very annoying."

MARIO C., NJ (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Less than great throttle response improved by installing aftermarket air intake system with less restrictive filter"

GERALD P., FL (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Lack of pick up (acceleration) is very disappointing."

Anonymous, GA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"This 3rd generation Tacoma is a terrific truck - I got an expensive trim line and contrary to what CR says it rides well and is quiet (my trim line has Bilstein gas shocks). CR is doing its readers a big disservice telling them the truck is so loud you can't have a conversation in it. Maybe that's true for a low-level trim line you tested but it's not true for all of them and you have mislead your readers. You're going to lose your credibility and you should be concerned about that. The only bad"

LEE T., VA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"The vehicle does not accelerate very well given the size of the engine. Other Toyota's I have driven with similar engines, weight and transmissions accelerate much better. The transmission on the Tacoma seems to react slowly and shifts at points that result in very slow "dogged" acceleration"

GARY T., AZ (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"crankshaft position sensor failure after less than 3,000 miles - vehicle stalled in busy traffic circle"

ARTHUR D., NJ (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"acceleration is slow to react"

TED O., TX (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"The truck has an excellent turning radius. Better than most cars."

LORI Z., CA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"The transmission constantly downshifts, even if you're on a level road and try to accelerate even by one or two MPH. The transmission is NOT matched well at all to the engine. Very annoying."

Anonymous, CO (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Transmission wants to up-shift too quickly, causing "flat-footed" performance on hills."

JOEL M., CA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"The two items that make driving this tacoma a disappointment are the disconnect when accelerating, the response of the engine dose not have any "feel" to it. you press the accelerator and nothing happens then suddenly the engine responds.Big delay.The other thing I really dislike is the automatic transmission when in cruise control it is forever searching for the right gear. Sometimes it will stay in 4th or 5th gear for miles, sometimes even on a down slope it will not change up a gear.?? eve"

MIKE C., ON (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"I hope the drive train lasts as long and as well as my 2003 tundra did. Not sure I care for the 6-speed as it seems to shift a lot on hills. We live in a hilly area. Gas pedal also seems a bit hard to push"

MARIE H., PA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"1. It's noisy inside (road noise). 2. It gets only about 1 mpg better than my 2011 Tacoma. I expected a lot more."

FLIP Y., OH (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"The new engine is lacking low end torque and the initial acceleration is pretty poor. After getting up to speed the truck does well."

Anonymous, WY (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Great performance on off road deep sand(beach) reason I purchased vehicle and was not disappointed"

GEORGE C., TX (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"This is a 2 wheel drive and it is as tall as a 4 wheel drive. Seating and bed height are a foot higher than my previous 2 wheel drive Tacoma."

Anonymous, SC (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"The headlights on dim are not very good. They don't reach out far enough and are not very bright."

ROBERT C., AZ (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"the transmission seems to be a little rough--not smooth---when accelerating. I suspect the V6 engine would have been a better match--but it cost more"

Anonymous, KS (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Tows my trailer with power to spare"

DEL D., CA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"The 4 cylinder is under powered but it's ok."

DUNCAN M., TX (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Four cylinder engine is too small for that truck. They need to make a bigger four cylinder engine like the Chevrolet truck has. It is a 3.0 liter and has more horse power than Toyota."

TOM P., HI (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"The acceleration is stunted by the six spd transmission. However, when the accelerator is depressed hard, the transmission drops two gears and takes off abruptly, so uneven acceleration occurs. Difficult to manage when going up steep hills or needing a brst of speed."

Anonymous, ON (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Transmission oil , was able to be verified as if was full or not. Toyota had a manufacturering problem , where some Tacoma's were shipped out with not enough oil in the transmission ! Dealer could not confirm as to my oil level in my transmission . I had to pay for a transmission oil change to end sure my truck had the proper level. My truck was sometime raceing and going into a lower gear when driving. After the oil change in the transmission, this problem seemed to go away. I also think that"

JAMIE W., ON (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"It looks great! It is a tall ride, even though we're over 5'8', I wish we'd gotten something to make it easier to get in & out without rubbing the vehicle & getting dirty, also- it's a bit tricky in a dress. But we can still add on, maybe the Ionic 3" Black Nerf Bars for under $150.00 will do the trick. Acceleration isn't much of a consideration for us any longer- don't really feel the need for speed like we used to!"

Anonymous, FL (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"As delivered the shifting behavior was poor, nearly unacceptable. The programming forced very aggressive upshifts even at low speeds, was intolerable in cruise control, esp. on long upgrades, frequently downshifting then upshifting. Without cruise engaged, it was difficult to maintain a steady speed. The vehicle felt very unresponsive due to the upshift behavior. This has been significantly improved with a recent update to the Trans software (TSB 00077-16). It still could be improved, though. Th"

JAMES F., CA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Torque doesn't hit max until high in the rpm range which is not good for a truck. Also low on power. Transmission is constantly shifting and doesn't seem to find the right gear."

Anonymous, WA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Excellent turning radius and braking"

ART J., MD (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"The ride is awful. Too stiff. bought the wrong model mine is a TRD off road I should have purchased a regular Tacoma my fault"

Anonymous, OR (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"I don't really like the new V6 engine. The engine has a funny buzzing sound when accelerating. There is engine vibration in the gas peddle and steering wheel. Gas mileage is terrible. Acceleration has a hesitation."

MIKE G., OR (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Poor acceleration with the 4 cylinder engine"

Anonymous, AE (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"The worlds worst transmission. Wont go into gear. Slips between shifts.horrable shift programing. Came from factory low on fluid.engine makes no torque and has jerky accelleration. They deleated the bilsteen shocks on the sport model and now it drives all limp with no wheel control."

Anonymous, OH (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"The ONLY thing I dislike is the programming of the cruise control. The slightest headwind puts the cruise control into a much lower gear and it likes to stay there all the time. I can take it out of cruise and drive it just fine to maintain speed without the low gear. I am hoping a fix comes soon."

JON K., MN (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Terrible at holding speed while cruise control is on. the transmission drops one to two gears when going up a slight incline and often won't drop down to road gear. Totally disappointed with this vehicle."

Anonymous, MN (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"We purchased this vehicle to tow a 3000 pound camper. When towing the transmission is always in a low gear. Gas mileage drops from 17 to 10."

Anonymous, NJ (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"It is somewhat "light on its feet" at high speeds and doesn't feel as secure (I used to be a State Trooper and know how to handle high speeds -- and this this vehicle is not easy to drive over 80 (yes, I know this is speeding). Acceleration is very good, however, it does not get even close to the advertised gas mileage. I get an average of 14-15 around town and no more than 19 on the road. It weighs too much. I didn't want a Tundra and that is what I feel like I'm driving because it is TOO B"

Anonymous, AL (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"This is a truck with a 278 HP engine. It's got great acceleration and better than expected gas mileage."

H A., CA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Smooth even acceleration very un-truck like. No cabin noise. Drives like a car really."

JEANNA H., GA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"I should of requested the V6 engine."

Anonymous, NH (2016 Toyota Tacoma)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Seats are short and entry exit awkward but it is a smaller truck. With a large cargo box"

Anonymous, ON (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Excellent ride, very quiet, automatic climate control is great"

J P., FL (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Selection of radio stations is cumbersome compared to old push button selection."

Anonymous, OK (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Form fitting, firm seats"

MARK F., WA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"It's ridiculous that a over $40K vehicle does not have power seats for both driver and passenger."

FLIP Y., OH (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"front seats a bit short, no power and no height adjustment"

Anonymous, NY (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seats aren't electrically controllable. Seat is low and can't be adjusted for complete comfort."

CHRIS H., CA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seating position is uncomfortable. Steering wheel too far away. Seat bottom doesn't support legs very well."

GEORGE D., TN (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"The seats are not comfortable. Maybe that is expected of a truck."

CYNTHIA R., CA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Not enough leg room in the back seat. Hard to get into the driver's seat."

JAN S., NM (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Extremely comfortable ride. I have a 2004 Tacoma Regular Cab and this new version is lightyears ahead of my 12 year old truck. I was actually sold on the cabin. The extra cab storage area was needed but the dash and center console was a big seller for me in addition to the navigation screen which moves the directions to the middle of the screen."

H A., CA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Road noise, but it might be due to the truck tires which I like a lot."

JOHN H., NC (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"While still very new, the truck rides very quietly and smooth. It is just a little bit oversized.- much taller than we imagined."

MARY S., TN (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"The interior of the truck is too small. Not enough room for storage of personal items.Back seats flip up from the seat back to the front. Otherwise the interior is great."

MICHAEL C., FL (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seat bottoms are too short with no leg support, a/c system can't keep up with FL heat. Stiff ride"

Anonymous, FL (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Driving/seating position is too low. Ride is too stiff. Engine noise is high."

Anonymous, NM (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Not much headroom to enter and exit the vehicle."

ROBERT B., TN (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"For a new truck, they should be more comfortable, maybe at 70,000, they will be."

LARRY S., AZ (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"I traded-in a 1999 Tacoma for the 2016 model. The older model had a more comfortable seating position, more leg room and knee clearance beneath the steering wheel. The 1999 had a manual transmission; there's no way I could work a clutch on the 2016 due to low steering wheel...I'm 6'3" tall."

MICHAEL B., TX (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"The seats are not totally comfortable. They are good but the side supports are a bit too stiff."

JAMES H., CA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"I love everything about the truck except power seats were not offered as an option. I like power seats."

E P., GA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"I am short and the seat belt adjusts to fit me perfectly"

VICKI M., CA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"The Tacoma is higher than usual and without hand holds on driver's side... both on side panel or overhead, Very difficult to get in and out. (Previous years had them.) Even with step running boards--personal cost installed, still a problem. Toyota hand hold omission not customer or senior citizen friendly! Will consider another make on next purchase."

JERRY W., SC (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"4 wheel drive control is located next to the climate control - a poor position"

PHIL M., CT (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"main complaint is how uncomfortable the drivers seat is for passenger & driver: poor lumbar support, & head rests that makes one even less comfortable. Instead of being able to sit up straight, ones lower back is curved into the seat hollow while the head is pushed forward by the head rest, whether lowered or raised doesn't help. climate control works great, though the dials are a bit odd & confusing. A bit quieter ride than the 2005 Toyota Tacoma we had, though still difficult to hear conversat"

Anonymous, FL (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"The Seats are manually adjustable and are not very comfortable in any position. However on the upside the ride of this truck is very very quiet and is the smoothest riding truck that I test drove."

LORI Z., CA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Doesn't feel like a trucks. Rides like a regular car. Very smooth and comfortable."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Drone from exhaust is loud. 6 speed automatic transmission is jerky and has trouble finding the gear it wants when downshifting. It is constantly shifting - annoying. Diver's seat position is too low. ride is jittery. You will not forget you're in a truck when you ride in a Tacoma."

BRIAN S., NH (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"The noise level is high behind the drivers area. A lack of sound damping in the rear access doors and floor area"

DAVID J., WA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"all around great"

FLOYD R., OR (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"It rides very bumpy"

Anonymous, FL (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"I'm not sure whether or not I'm satisfied with the climate control it's different from the previous I had with a Chrysler and I'm not yet sure about the noise level - at times it seems a little loud"

ROBERT W., NJ (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Driver seat is very uncomfortable when driving for extended period. Needs a bit more padding"

LISA H., FL (2016 Toyota Tacoma)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"While I paid a premium for my 2016 Tacoma TRD Off-Road (compared to other mid-sized trucks), the Off-Road package comes with standard all-terrain tires, deckrail system and composite bed (i.e. bedliner). Additionally, the multi-terrain select and CRAWL control are well worth the extra money."

MICHAEL A., ME (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"The dealership gave me a great deal on the trade in and cut the price of the vehicle substantially for me."

ALEX C., SC (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"I purchased the truck with the Utility Package which was actually a reduction in price. This made the truck very affordable and it still had most of the features I wanted. Toyota truck resale value is always very high. The new cost was less than the Chevy Colorado, which was my second choice."

LLOYD S., VA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Price is much too high for what the truck is."

Anonymous, NM (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"excellent trade in on my 2014 tacoma to my 2016"

Anonymous, FL (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Vehicle is stylish and in high demand I have had offers to sell it for what I paid for it even after driving it over 1400 miles and owning it 5 months."

DAVID K., PA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"when shopping I found the Tacoma had many features standard that others required as option like the locking ez drop tailgate and the rear sliding window."

FRED H., NC (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"The price was well worth the quality"

DEL D., CA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"very satisfied"

FLOYD R., OR (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"The Toyota holds it's value."

KAREN C., CA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Truck is the perfect size as I am retired & do not need a full size truck!"

Anonymous, FL (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"It is a little pricey."

Anonymous, TN (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Very stylish. Received more compliments on this vehicle than any I have ever owned. Nice re-do on the 2016 Tacoma. Big improvement over the previous years."

ROYCE H., MN (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"I could not get the Tacoma with just the options that I wanted and needed. I had to get about $3,000 or more of additional options in order to also get what I wanted."

J W., CA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Cost to much compared to full size pick up"

BEN K., ON (2016 Toyota Tacoma)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"our second tacoma, still drive the 1999 which also looks and drives great. Your just can't beat them for style in a small truck. they have it all. the newest one with all it's bells and whistles is still the same great tacoma."

JEANNA H., GA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"The style, color"

ROYCE H., MN (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"I like the profile of this truck"

MARIE H., PA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Toyota was on the market when restyling and updating the Tacoma"

J P., FL (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Quicksand color and styling turns heads and elicits positive comments wherever I go."

DEBORAH W., PA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"you feel good about your choice when strangers stop by your vehicle and tell you "nice truck"."

FRED H., NC (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"I have limited model,have leather seats,seat are not comfortable,hard as a plastic chair"

Anonymous, AL (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Really like the looks and new power train. Get a lot of compliments"

FRED F., NM (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"I like the overall styling of the Tacoma; however, I absolutely HATE the fake hood scoop on the front of the truck. It sticks up so high that it makes it hard to see the front of the road and creates a HUGE blind spot. They could have made the scoop level with the hood. I've actually thought about purchasing a Non-sport hood so I could get a flat one. I also HATE the fact that it has no grab bar on the driver's side, which makes it harder to get into or out of the vehicle, especially when t"

Anonymous, AL (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"For a truck, it is very sleek. The color, quicksand (tan), really stands out. I have had many compliments on the color. While the truck was in the service department for added on work, another customer wanted to buy it."

JACOB R., WA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"I've received tons of positive comments on the new look of Tacoma. A co-worker, who has a 2015 Tacoma, wished he had waited a year to buy his because he likes the look of the 2016s so much."

MICHAEL A., ME (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

"Body lines, front end"

MARK F., WA (2016 Toyota Tacoma)

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