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Published: January 2012

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Canon PowerShot G1 X, $800
The image sensor on this point-and-shoot is almost as big as those on Canon SLRs.

Video: What's new in digital cameras and camcorders
PMA, the industry trade show for imaging products such as digital cameras and camcorders, joined forces with the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show this year. The result: Consumer Reports experts saw a lot of new trends in digital imaging.

Digital camera makers struggle to keep pace
At first glance, it would appear the camera industry is in trouble. Some of the smart phones introduced at CES have specs that equal or surpass cameras: 16-megapixel sensors, displays as big as 5.3 inches and the ability to shoot HD video at 1080p. Plus, smartphones have much more intuitive interfaces and can instantly upload photos and video to the internet for instant sharing. Which is why more and more people shoot photos and video on their phones, leaving cameras and camcorders at home.

Panasonic introduces thinner cameras with long zooms
Panasonic has announced two new point-and-shoot cameras with long zoom lenses—a big plus for photographers who want to zoom into the action at a sporting event or concert without carrying a bulky camera. The 14-megapixel Lumix DMC-SZ7 and16-megapixel Lumix DMC-SZ1 both sport a 10x (25-250mm) optical zoom lens in a very slim camera body.

Olympus offers cheaper point-and-shoots, new audio recorders
At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, Olympus unveiled several new point-and-shoot digital cameras, some with robust features such as long zooms or rugged camera bodies. Most are cheaper than comparable models from previous years.

Sony offers new cameras and projection camcorders
After battling delays in various camera product launches in 2011 due to flooding in Asia, Sony unveiled today more than a dozen new camcorder models for 2012. None will be standard definition (although two SD models--the Handycam SX85 and SX45--will remain in the 2012 lineup). Sony's camera division announced three new point-and-shoot cameras, all basic budget models: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W610 ($110), DSC-W620 ($120) and DSC-W650 ($140).

First Look at Sony Bloggie, a camcorder that streams video
Sony's new MHS-TS55 Bloggie Live pocket camcorder, $250, is getting lots of attention for its ability to stream live video to your computer using Qik.com, a web video hosting service. This means you can record and simultaneously broadcast your video on the web. Smartphones have been able to do this for a while, but it's new for pocket cams.

Samsung bets big on connected cameras and camcorders
To compete with smart phones, which can wirelessly share images and video on social networks, Samsung today announced several new cameras and HD camcorders that connect wirelessly to the Internet. The new models with WiFi include three cameras, the 16-megapixel WB850F ($380, available in April), 14-megapixel WB150F ($230, available in January), and 16-megapixel ST200F ($200, available in February), and an HD camcorder, the QF20 ($350, available in March).

Canon introduces point-and-shoot with large sensor
Ever since Nikon unveiled new SLR-like, mirrorless, models in 2011, camera enthusiasts have eagerly awaited news that Canon will finally enter that market. With today's announcement of three new point-and-shoot models, Canon goes halfway there. The PowerShot G1 X is shown.

Fujifilm debuts 19 new cameras with super features
Fujifilm has announced a slew of new models. Nearly all of the new cameras offer greater resolution (14 or 16 megapixels), sport longer zooms, and can capture HD-resolution video. They range in price from $90 to $800.

What's ahead in digital cameras?
Along with other electronics categories, digital cameras are evolving to be smaller, lighter, and more feature-rich. And we should see lots of these new cameras at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, which starts January 9.

Computers/Tablets/E-Book Readers

Lenovo U310, $700
This Windows 7 computer is less than an inch thick and has a high-def 16:9 display.

Intel wants to make it easy (and safe) to pay for purchases by swiping your card against your ultrabook
The big story, in terms of a technology that is here and that consumers seem to actually want, is super-thin ultrabook laptops that contain Intel-produced processors. And the folks at Intel tell me they don't just want to provide users with a faster, lighter-weight computing experience; they also want to make it safer and easier to shop online.

Color e-Ink readers are finally a reality, though not in the U.S.
The first color e-book readers that use low-energy screens like those on black-and-white models like the Kindle and Nook Simple Touch will hit some foreign markets this year, but won't be available in the U.S., at least to typical consumers.

Video: Ultrabooks reign, and tablets innovate
At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, we saw a deluge of new ultrabooks computers and some interesting new tablets.

Can manufacturers keep ultrabook prices down?
Earlier this year, Intel introduced the concept of "ultrabooks," very thin, very light laptops with long battery life and prices below $1,000. Apple's been making a thin-and-light laptop—the MacBook Air—for years. Two things would make ultrabooks truly innovative: a price well below $1,000 and 15-inch or larger thin laptops.

Tablet makers keep the pressure on Apple's iPad
Tablet manufacturers have had an uphill battle since day one in their efforts to challenge Apple's iPad. Some have been thinner or lighter. Some have been more versatile with lots of input options or mashup designs that make them netbook-like. The Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble's Nook Tablet are notable for their great price and integration with their parent companies' media offierings, and both are very good tablets. But they're smaller than the iPad and don't have the range of apps. The bottom line is, no one has been able to beat the iPad in price, quality, and technological innovation.

ViewSonic debuts three tablets, including $170 Android 4.0 model
ViewSonic today announced three new tablets during the Consumer Electronics Show. The ViewPad E70 is a 7-inch model that runs Android 4.0, the latest version of Google's operating system. Storage is not exactly hefty with 4GB of memory, but there's a microSD slot that will allow another 32GB on a memory card. Price is $170.

Samsung introduces a 15-inch thin laptop, and 13- and 14-inch ultrabooks
Until now, super-thin and light laptops have generally been available as 11- and 13-inch models, with a few 14-inch models as well. Now, Samsung is expanding the category to include 15-inch laptops by adding a new model to its thin-and-light Series 9 line. It also updated the 13-inch Series 9. Both are just a half-inch thick and, at 2.5 pounds, weigh 0.4 pounds lighter than the original 13-inch model.

Sony's new Tablet P features two screens
We've seen few dual-screen tablet computers so far, the notable exception being Acer's bulky laptop-like Iconia. But Sony introduced a much more portable dual-screen tablet at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show.

Toshiba squeezes useful ports into skinny Excite X10 tablet
At 1.2 pounds and is 0.3 inches thick, Toshiba's 10-inch Excite X10 tablet is thin and light. It's actually a bit lighter than the iPad 2, and about the same thickness. But the Excite includes some useful ports the iPad lacks, including MicroUSB and Micro HDMI.

Intel expects more than 75 new ultrabook designs this year
Intel's press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show was all about ultrabooks—fast, skinny, lightweight laptops that are meant to compete with the likes of the Macbook Air. Mooly Eden, who leads Intel's PC client group, spoke about the evolution of computing, and where we can expect these ultrabooks to go. So, what's coming?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 has thin, bright display
Samsung's latest tablet, the Galaxy Tab 7.7 has, as its name implies, a 7.7-inch screen, making it slightly larger than most similar tablets. It's also the first model available in the U.S. with a display powered by AMOLED technology, which should make that screen brighter than other tablet displays.

Lenovo launches IdeaTab S2 10-inch tablet
Lenovo updated its tablet line during this week's Consumer Electronics Show with the new IdeaTab S2. It's a 10-inch tablet with a dual-core processor running Android 4, the latest version of the operating system, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich.

Vizio jumps into personal computers
Vizio, a brand known for its HDTVs, will expand it moniker to multimedia computers, the company announced today at the 2012 CES trade show in Las Vegas.

Lenovo unveils new U310 and U410 ultrabooks
At the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Lenovo unveiled the latest additions to its computer lines, including a pair of new "ultrabooks," the U310 and U410.

Acer launches "world's thinnest" ultrabook
Acer has introduced its Aspire S5 computer, which, at just 15mm thick, is being touted by the company as the world's thinnest ultrabook. The S5 weighs under 3 pounds, and boasts a 13.3-inch LCD display. Acer also announced the Timeline Ultra computer, which has a claimed battery life of 8 hours.

What's ahead in tablets and laptops?
After last year's Consumer Electronics Show, some called the 2011 the year of the tablet. This year's show, which starts January 9, may be just as tablet-centric. And we should see quite a few thinner, lighter laptops as well.

GPS Navigators/Cars

Mavizon's Mavia connects your car to the Internet
Mavia is a small box with GPS receiver and 3G-nework cellular access that plugs into your vehicle's OBD-II port, a connector found in every 1996 and newer vehicle. The OBD-II port can access information about your vehicle such as trouble codes (to interpret that dreaded check engine light), vehicle speed, and mileage. Mavia can access this data and send it to the Internet. So what? Well, a lot can be done with this information.

New Sony car stereos mirror your smartphone with MirrorLink
Sony displayed two aftermarket A/V car receivers at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that not only control your smartphone, but they can become your smartphone. The new XAV-601BT and XAV-701HD stereos feature large touch screens that can look and function just like your phone, allowing some or all of the functionality on a larger screen that is easier to access.

Delphi's MyFi concept car determines when to distract you
Electronics are infiltrating everything we use, and the halls of 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) here in Las Vegas are now home to the manufacturers and suppliers of the consumer electronics that we call automobiles. Amid acres of gizmos, Delphi displayed their "MyFi Connecting with Safety Vehicle"—an electronic smorgasbord of what is possible in today's connected car.

Scosche CellControl can help stop texting while driving
At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Scosche introduced CellControl, a product that combines hardware and software to make driving safer by restricting cell phone operation.

Audi Connect telematics system gets more connected
Audi brought some interior bits from the upcoming A3 redesign to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. While the console, dash, and other pieces on exhibit don't give any hints of what the exterior of the redesigned compact will look like, the display makes a dandy way to show some new features coming to Audi Connect.

Ford, Subaru, Honda add Internet radio integration
Ford, Honda and Subaru all announced partnerships with Internet radio providers this week at CES, promising digital and custom user-created radio stations and other web content into their vehicles by leveraging the user's smart phone and a free downloadable app.

Telenav Scout app takes navigation, convenience everywhere
Navigation data provider Telenav launched a new app called Scout at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that is designed to provide personalized navigation, entertainment, and convenience features across different platforms, including a smart phone, the car, or a personal computer.

Ford SYNC adds on-demand NPR news
Ford and National Public Radio have partnered to make voice-controlled NPR News content available to SYNC users on demand.

Kia UVO e-Services adds telematics features
Joining the ranks of carmakers offering an ever-increasing range of telematics services, Kia's new e-Services launched at CES leverages a user's smart phone connection à la Ford SYNC to provide a suite of navigation, diagnostics, safety, and convenience features.

OnStar invites outside developers, shows new features
OnStar held a CES press conference to make a number of announcements, and to give a preview of some additional features and services the telematics provider might offer in the future.

TomTom to provide built-in navigation for Fisker
TomTom and Fisker Automotive have inked a deal making the GPS device maker the exclusive provider of built in navigation for the new Karma luxury sedan for three years.

TomTom unveils three new lines of GPS navigators
At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas today, TomTom introduced three new model lines of GPS navigators. The new line-up of personal navigation devices are designed to simplify consumer choices—especially with the exploding growth of smart phones with GPS capabilities and wireless connections.

Ford SYNC upgrade sends directions to car from phone
The latest version Ford's free SYNC Destinations app for cell phones will let SYNC Services subscribers send directions remotely to their vehicle from their smart phone using SYNC AppLink. Previously, users could only send directions to their car from a desktop computer or laptop.

Budget-friendly Magellan eXplorist 110 handheld GPS for outdoor activities
Magellan is expanding its line of handheld GPS devices with the addition of the eXplorist 110. Targeting casual hikers, the eXplorist 110 joins the Triton 300 and Triton 400 as an affordable entry into GPS-guided outdoor activities.

New Garmin Smartphone Link app pairs GPS devices with Android phones
A new Garmin app launched at CES lets Android users use their phone and data plan to add live services to compatible Garmin Nuvi GPS navigation devices.

Garmin launches new flagship GPS navigator, the Nuvi 3590 LMT
With more features, a larger screen, and the same $400 retail price as the Nuvi 3490 LMT that currently slots in as Garmin's top-of-the-line model, the new 3590 LMT is aimed at power users wanting all the bells and whistles they can get crammed into one device.

Magellan introduces specialized RoadMate RV9145 GPS navigator for RVs
At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Magellan will unveil a new, "entry-level" GPS navigator targeting RV drivers. The RoadMate RV9145 is loaded with features tailored to the unique needs for these large rigs, from multi-destination routing to RV park guides.

Home Technology/Appliances

What is this 'connected appliance' stuff all about anyway?
While much of the buzz at any Consumer Electronics Show revolves around the sexier kids in school—TVs, computers, cell phones—there is a quiet rumble surrounding the impending release of a horde of "connected appliances," which is a blanket term for fridges, washers, dryers, dishwashers, stoves, and ovens that communicate in some way with one another and maybe with the outside world.

LED maker says yes, it is socket science
As lightbulbs move from disposable to durable they're turning up in some unexpected places. The Switch75 LED from Switch Lighting is on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, alongside other products that were awarded the show's best innovation honor. And for the first time CES is hosting a panel discussion on lighting today, with the focus on light-emitting diodes.

Serta offers sleep to the trade-show weary
You'd expect to see Samsung and Sony, Toshiba and TomTom at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. As trade shows go, this one's billed as the world's largest for consumer technology. But not every exhibitor features a savvier smart phone or crisper 3D TV. For the first time, Serta is there showcasing one of its mattresses for the wired-but-weary.

"Smart" LG fridge suggests what to cook based on what's inside it
LG has announced a series of smart appliances that will be "controlled" by your smart phone and can do things like monitor both their electrical consumption and your food consumption. They can even suggest recipes based on what is in the fridge.

Belkin delves into home automation with WeMo devices
Connecting and controlling all your home devices—including major appliance and heating and cooling systems—can be a daunting and expensive task. But Belkin hopes to simplify home automation with its WeMo devices introduced at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show.

Industry Trends/News

CES 2012 wrap-up: More than just gadget news
The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is officially over. And there was a ton of news from the trade show. The buzz from the CES exhibit floors included the hot gadgets expected to hit store shelves this year, as well as developments that will affect other consumer products such as home appliances and cars.

FCC chair calls AT&T/T-Mobile failure "reminder of the benefits of competition"
In less than a year, AT&T went from swallowing up T-Mobile USA for for $39 billion to owing T-Mobile's German parent company $3 billion in cash and another billion in spectrum because that deal slammed into the regulatory roadblock at the FCC and the Justice Dept. Speaking for the third year in a row at the Consumer Electronics Show, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski defended his agency's actions against the deal.

The hot products to watch
There are hundreds of thousands of products on display at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. Only a handful caught the eyes of the Consumer Reports experts attending the trade show, however.

Voice recognition is the talk of the show
Speech-based controls have become the center of attention among consumers, in part due to the success of Siri on mobile Apple products such as the latest iPhone. And voice recognition are among some of the features in new products—HDTVs, tablets, smart phones and even cars—on display at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show.

Behind the scenes at the Consumer Electronics Show
In under an hour, the folks at the Consumer Electronics Show will fling open the doors to the Las Vegas Convention Center and a crowd the size of a small city will begin gawking and toying with the latest in doodads and whatsthats. But for the second year in a row, me and my trusty camera phone were able to convince someone I had a reason to be on the show floor so I could snap a handful of last-minute preparation pics before anyone caught on to my antics.

Intel to push new ad-delivery technology
Just when you thought you could bypass advertising by fast-forwarding your DVR, new ad-delivery technologies are pushing products in ways you may not be able to avoid as easily. Samsung today joined LG in announcing that it would run ads on your TV's home screen. Now Intel is teaming with Delivery Agent, a company that says it powers "shopping-enabled entertainment."

Monster ditches "Cable" and dives head-first into pricey headphones
At a press conference that was more pep rally than information session, the folks at Monster Cable—strike that, they are just "Monster" now—didn't show a single inch of the high-priced connectors they are known for. Instead, the company rolled out a whole host of top-dollar headphones and other products.

The future will be like the present, only with fewer buttons
In the future, everything will be a computer, and those computers will have fewer buttons. That's the takeaway from a speech by Shawn DuBravac of the Consumer Electronics Association.

Five electronics trends we expect to see
The press previews for the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas are already underway, and the show floor opens tomorrow. CES offers a preview of technologies that could come to your home, car, or pocket over the coming year or more.

Mobile/Smart Phones

LG Spectrum, $200
This 4G LTE phone for Verizon comes with the ESPN ScoreCenter application.

Hands on with the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx
Earlier this week at the Consumer Electronics Show, Motorola unveiled the latest member of its Razr family of cellphones, the Droid Razr Maxx, which the company says can deliver up to a whopping 21.5 hours of continuous talk time.

Hands on with the big-screen Samsung Galaxy Note
The whopping 5.3-inch screen of Samsung's Galaxy Note, U.S. availability of which was announced at CES, sets a new size benchmark for smart phone displays--at least now that the 5-inch Dell Streak phone/tablet has been discontinued. But is this telephone titan just too much phone for most hands and pockets?

Where are the quad-core smart phones?
One of the surprises, or disappointments, concerning the smart phones debuting at this year's Consumer Electronics Show was that they didn't come with any of the newer technologies we gizmophiles have been drooling over last six months, such as quad-core processors or Siri-caliber voice-activated assistants. What we got instead were pumped-up specs of the features with which we are already familiar: Screens were bigger, cameras had more megapixels, and batteries received longer lifespans. Here are some examples of these trends, as well as a recap of some of the things we wished we'd see.

Motorola Droid Razr Maxx promises an edge in battery life
The Motorola Droid Razr Maxx, available from Verizon in the coming weeks for $300 with a two-year contract, has the biggest battery ever squeezed into a smart phone: a 3,300 mAh Li Ion one. Motorola promises this mega battery will deliver a whopping 21 hours of talk time and 380 hours of standby time—a big deal for any phone, much less one that runs on Verizon's fast-but-draining 4G LTE network.

A waterproof skin for electronic devices?
How many of us have ever accidentally dropped a smart phone in the toilet? (Confession: I'm raising my hand.) At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, there were a few demonstrations of how your mobile devices may one day place nice with liquids.

G-Form case takes hard knocks to protect your gear
At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, there's no shortage of cases and accessories designed to protect mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets from the rigors of travel. But a company called G-Form offered one of the more impressive demonstrations of its ware's protective power that we've seen at the trade show.



Motorola Droid 4 hands-on comparison
The new Droid 4 (above) poses with its three-year-old great grandfather, the original Droid. Despite the young'n's significant improvements in performance, keyboard, display, and network access, it's clear the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Good thing, too!



Orbotix Sphero robotic ball rolls on to mobile devices
At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it's not just about home entertainment gear. So-called appcessories—peripherals you can attach to mobile devices for fun and play on the run—are also making news at the show.

Mophie Juice Pack Plus Outdoor Edition keep you unlost
For campers, hikers, and anyone else who ventures off the beaten path and out of the world of electrical outlets, Mophie has an iPhone 4 power pack for you: The Juice Pack Plus Outdoor Edition not only keeps your phone charged and protected, its companion app also turns the iPhone into a functioning GPS receiver. And you can even share your wilderness adventures via Facebook and e-mail: your racks, waypoints, and geo-coded photos.

Sony Xperia smart phones pack 12MP cameras, LTE support, and more
Sony's latest smart phones, the Xperia ion and Xperia S, have 12-megapixel cameras, support LTE 4G networks, and have the ability to wirelessly sync their content with compatible Sony HDTVs and other devices. These are the first phones to launch under the Sony brand since Sony Ericsson became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation back in October.

AT&T to get HTC Titan II with 16-megapixel camera and 4.7-inch display
AT&T said it will carry the HTC Titan II, a Windows Phone 7 smart phone with a 4.7-inch LCD display, in "coming months." The Titan has a 16-megapixel camera—the highest resolution we've seen on a phone--with an f/2.6 wide-angle lens that can capture HD video at 720p.

Verizon's Motorola Droid 4 is thin and powerful
The Motorola Droid 4 has significant performance upgrades while keeping its classic sliding-keyboard design and thin ½-inch profile. Performance enhancements include support for Verizon's 4G LTE data network, a 4.0-inch qHD display, a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM, and an 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video capture and Mirror Mode to display images and video on an HDTV.

LG Spectrum has a 4.5-inch HD display and a direct line to ESPN
LG has announced the new Spectrum smart phone, which promises "clear viewing in direct sunlight and accurate true-to-life color rendering," along with a hotline to ESPN and Netflix access.

Samsung's Galaxy Note smart phone has giant 5.3-inch display
Samsung's new Galaxy Note smart phone has the mother of all screens, a 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED touch screen (1280x800 resolution). Samsung says the display has a 180-degree viewing angle, a plus when two or more people want to share what's on the humongous display.

What's ahead in smart phones?
The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show starts January 9, and again this year, we expect smart phones to be a major category. In this video, our resident smart-phone expert Mike Gikas speculates as to what kinds of new features and technology will be on display at CES 2012.


LG's prototype OLED TV
The 55-inch set, due later this year, is only 5 mm thick. It could cost $6,000 to $8,000.

My favorite TVs of the show
For those of us who cover TVs, there was a lot to look at during CES this year—certainly more than we imagined just a month before the show opened. Not surprisingly, we saw some prototype TVs that wowed us. But the bigger news was that most of these TVs are actually expected to available by the end of the year.

Element Electronics will make TVs in the U.S.
Element, a value-priced TV brand you may have noticed during promotional selling times such as Black Friday, is doing something few other TV manufacturers would dare: It's going to start making its televisions in the U.S.

TV highlights include OLED, 4K, Smart TVs, and voice/gesture control
Who knew that 2012 would shape up to be such a potentially interesting year for televisions? But if companies are able to live up to their CES promises, later in the year we'll be seeing the first real TV-sized OLED TVs, plus a few big-screen 3D TVs with 4K technology. In the nearer term there will be a dramatic expansion in the number of sets that include Smart TV technology that can bring an ever-growing array of new content into our living rooms.

Video: Could 4K TV technology bring better 3D TV?
One of the most talked about innovations at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show is a display technology called 4K, which essentially quadruples an HDTV's picture resolution—at a hefty $25,000 price tag.

Video: Samsung shows 'Super OLED' and other new HDTVs
Samsung brought much to the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. But among its vast array of digital goods was a notable array of HDTVs. Chief among the batch was a "Super OLED" TV which uses individual red, green and blue organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) instead of a color filter as used by other OLED TV makers.

What the heck is 4K and should you spend $25,000 to get it?
Several manufacturers are showing off so-called 4K technology, which promises TV pictures at four times the top resolution of current HD, at the Consumer Electronics Show, including Sony, which expects to have a 4K projector on the market in a few weeks, for $25,000. Assuming you have $25K burning a hole in your pocket, and a vacant wall in your home theater, should you rush out and buy one?

New HDTVs from LG for 2012
News on the latest HDTVs from LG Electronics have been plentiful at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Prior to the trade show, the electronics-maker announced a new HDTV featuring the Google TV software produced by the search engine giant.

Why is it taking so long to get good 3D content on TV?
Anyone who owns a 3D TV probably knows that there is not exactly an overwhelming amount of 3D programming available to merit putting on the glasses. The media and manufacturers keep saying that 3D is the next big thing to be coming-at-ya, but will there ever be content that justifies buying a 3D TV?

Toshiba TVs get smarter, 3D goes all passive
Toshiba is here at CES showing off a TV line that adds more new Internet TV features, including full Web browsing and support for Vudu apps, and it's dropping active 3D by moving all its 3D models to passive technology.

Hands-on with Sony's Personal 3D Viewer
Sony describes its $800 Personal 3D Viewer as a "lightweight device" capable of "delivering unparalleled home entertainment in an immersive environment." What's it really like to watch 3D programming with nearly a pound of electronics strapped to your head? We visited Sony's booth at CES to find out.

Vizio to offer CinemaWide (21:9) 3D TVs
Here at CES, Vizio says it will be shipping the first 21:9 CinemaWide 3DTV it initially showed at last year's show. Three models will be offered, in 50-inch (XVT3D500CM), 58-inch (VT3D580CM), and 71-inch (XVT3D710CM) screen sizes.

Sony's prototype 'Crystal' LED TV offers sharp picture
Your choices in HDTVs could get complicated. Sony introduced yet another display technology—"Crystal LED TV"—at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Westinghouse bows 70-inch LCD, first passive 3D TV
For its 2012 TV lineup, Westinghouse Digital has decided to go big and stylish with a 70-inch LED-backlit LCD—its largest set yet—plus a 46-inch LCD TV that sports a new ultra-slim bezel design.

Sony announces Crystal LED Display technology, 4K TVs
OLED? Who needs OLED? That was one of Sony's messages here at CES, despite the fact that so far Sony is the only company to actually market an OLED TV, the XEL-1 set we reviewed several years ago.

Panasonic shows off Smart Viera, Skype for TV, and Justin Timberlake
Can Justin Timberlake bring MySpace back? That seemed to be the open question as Panasonic used its CES press conference to focus on social networking and connectivity functions, including a new app called MySpace TV, which was represented by none other than MySpace partner Justin Timberlake.

Samsung announces 55-inch OLED TV, adds voice control, face recognition to Smart TVs
Samsung has announced a 55-inch, 3D-capable "Super OLED" TV, as well as several new ways to control some of the company's Smart TVs. The company also announced its largest TV ever, a 75-inch LCD set.

Dish Network Hopper records six shows at once, gives every room DVR control, and finds your remote
This morning in Las Vegas, Joseph Clayton, CEO of Dish Network became the first tech exec to carry out a baby kangaroo at a Consumer Electronics Show press conference. And it was all in service of touting the satellite provider's latest attempt to catch up to DirecTV.

Samsung to place ads on Smart TVs
Samsung announced this morning at CES that they intend to Join LG in allowing advertisers to place ads to the home screens of Smart TVs.

Sharp's new HDTV lineup includes monster 80-inch Aquos
Sharp is no stranger to extremely large HDTV panels. Following up on last week's announcement of an 80-inch Sharp Aquos TV, the company unveiled today at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas more details of its forthcoming new HDTVs and features.

LG adds Google TVs, and Smart TVs get voice and gesture control
LG Electronics is adding new sets with Google TV to its lineup, which will allow users to download apps from the Android Market and surf the web using the Chrome browser. The company is also adding voice and gesture control to its SmartTV platform.

LG announces thinnest, largest OLED TV
LG Electronics has unveiled a prototype of a 55-inch OLED TV—the largest model using the technology. The company also announced an 84-inch ultra-definition set it intends to make available in the back half of this year.

Lenovo to release an Android-powered HDTV
Cross-overs at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas are common. In addition to HDTV-maker Vizio's jump into PCs, computer brand Lenovo announced it was getting into the HDTV market—with a model powered by Google Android 4.0, otherwise known as Ice Cream Sandwich.

An RCA sound bar that streams online videos too
At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, RCA showed off a sound bar home theater system that might improve the audio from your HDTV—and connect your entertainment set to the Internet.

Roku introduces Streaming Stick for HDTVs
Roku plans to make it easier to stream movies and videos from the Net to your HDTV—and without yet another set-top box cluttering your home entertainment stack.

LG to launch Google TVs. Will others follow?
Google TV, which got off to a rocky start last year, may be getting some help in 2012, as LG Electronics will offer two new LCD TV series that include the Google TV platform. Last year, Sony was the only TV maker to back Google's Internet TV service, which provides full Web browsing capability using the company's Chrome browser.

What's ahead in TVs?
The next Consumer Electronics Show is almost upon us: Next week, our electronics reporters and testers, including TV expert Jim Willcox, travel to Las Vegas to soak in the newest cutting-edge CE technology. The fun starts Monday (press day), January 9.

LG to show 55-inch OLED, "ultra definition' TVs
Ever since we got our hands on the first production OLED TV—Sony's 11-inch XEL-1—three years ago we've been excited about this new display technology, which combines some of the best elements of both plasma and LCD TVs. The challenge has been making OLED TVs bigger and more affordable. Sony's set, for example, was only 11 inches and sold for $2,500.


Kinect for Windows doesn't mean you'll be playing Xbox games on your PC
When Microsoft announced earlier this week that it would be selling Kinect for Windows starting in February, a number of people envisioned a near future where they would be moving the cells around on their Excel spreadsheet by waving their hands, or finally getting quality motion controls for PC games that have never been ported to the Xbox 360. But neither of these situations is really what Kinect for Windows is about.

TOSY SketRobo draws what it 'sees'
In the Robotics area at the Consumer Electronics Show, one little automaton caught our attention: The SketRobo (seemingly also named the Sketch Master), from TOSY Robotics, sat quietly creating tiny, perfect drawings as the hubbub of the show swirled around it.

Behind the wheel with the $15,000 VRX/Nvidia racing simulator
Nvidia is using its CES booth to showcase some things that go beyond the computer graphics cards that the company has built its name on. One especially cool toy is this racing simulator, built by VRX, and powered by Nvidia's GeForce GTX 580 SLI card, 3D glasses and 3D Lightboost technology. The rig, which really feels like being behind the wheel of a race car, can be yours, for a mere $15,000.

Discovery Bay "appcessory" games extend iPad play
At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, it's a trend that seems ready to blow up this year: "Appcessories" are toys you connect up in some way with your mobile device, marrying virtual and real-world play. Discovery Bay is one of the pioneers of this category and showed up at CES with several of its iPad toys.

WowWee AppGear
, a company that made its name with innovative robotic toys, will be showing off a new kind of tech toy at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (which starts next Monday, January 9): The AppGear toys will interact with free downloadable apps to combine virtual play with real-world fun. Costing from $9.99 to $19.99, the AppGear toys (for ages 4 to 8) will be compatible with the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and Android devices.

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