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February 2012
February 2012

Special Section

Bank accounts
More fees are coming. How to fight back–or flee.
Where to put your money
We judge advice and brokerage service at major financial companies


Home workouts: Ellipticals and treadmills
How to choose a machine you’ll use without breaking your budget
Pedometer reviews
Accuracy and cool features for $3 and up
Dental care
How to keep your teeth healthy without going broke

Lab Tests

Best lightbulbs
But some replacements don’t measure up
Water filter reviews
Our latest tests reveal many picks for cleaner, tastier water


Family sedans
Toyota’s revamped Camry tops Volkswagen’s redesigned Passat
Small sporty sedans
Volkswagen’s Jetta GLI outscores Honda’s Civic Si
Car costs

Up Front

Coors outscores Bud
Computer virus warning
Best chocolate
Home warranty: What's in it for you?
Best airfare
Time-worn habits to break
Kitchen gadgets

CR Health

How can you get HPV?


A monthly perspective on the latest challenges facing consumers
Ask our experts
From our president

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