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August 2013
August 2013

Cover Story

8 trends in mobile devices
What you need to know to make great choices in smart phones, tablets, cameras, and e-book readers


Save big on eyewear
You can find deep discounts if you know how to shop
The nurse practitioner will see you now
As health reform kicks in, more of our health care is likely to come from non-M.D.s. Here's a guide to who's who.
Tips on how to bargain and save money
89 percent of those who haggled were rewarded at least once

Lab Tests

Best laundry detergents
Wisk and Kirkland rival Tide for value
The High Cost of Wasted Printer Ink
It’s pricey, yet tests show much of it may never hit the page


Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid & Toyota Prius Plug-in
One delivers economical fun, the other underdelivers
Small and Midsized SUV Reviews
The Jeep Grand Cherokee shines in a group of fresh models
Why You Might Not Be Getting the Efficiency Promised
Some window stickers promise too much

Up Front

Best tissues
Find out which tissues to ah-choose
Bison: An alternative to Beef
This meat can be leaner than beef—and it's also pricier
Half-full pill bottles for sale
Why are so many pill bottles only half full?
These frozen waffle brands are almost as good as fresh
Plus, reviews of the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker and Rollie EggMaster
The Best Craft Beer
Find the top ales and lagers from our experts' blind taste tests

CR Health

Making sense of food labels
Some to look for and others to ignore

CR Money

Reverse mortgage fraud and other new scams target seniors
Seniors lose several billion dollars a year to financial chicanery


From our president: Basic rights for all
This page highlights efforts of Consumers Union to improve the marketplace
Selling It
Goofs, glitches, and gotchas spotted by our readers

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