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June 2015

Cover Story

In the privacy of your own home
That smart TV, your connected thermostat, even your washing machine—they’re all tracking your daily habits. Why you need to know who’s watching.

Special Section

The lowdown on shrimp labels
Consumer Reports' guide to labels you can trust


Ultimate frequent-flyer guide
Consumer Reports reveals what the airlines won’t tell you so you can get the flight you want
The ultimate guide to outdoor entertaining
How to create a backyard retreat for fun with friends and family

Lab Tests

Find the best bike helmet for you
The bottom line on protecting your brain
4 reasons to get a camera instead of using a smartphone
Here's why standalone point-and-shoots still matter


Can your car get hacked?
Your driving data is at risk. Someday, your car’s controls could be as well.
Get your car to 200,000 miles
How to squeeze the most durability and reliability out of your vehicle
10 great used cars for teens under $10,000
Reliable, safe wheels that won’t crush the college fund

Up Front

Upgraded Verizon cell phone plan comes with a hefty first bill
One customer thought she had a great deal—but then the bill came

CR Money

Unit price labels can be confusing
No basis for comparison: Unit pricing can be misleading when labels are inconsistent or unclear


Selling It
Goofs, glitches, and gotchas spotted by our readers

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