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April 2016

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10 Top Picks of 2016: Best Cars of the Year
The best cars on the market in America across 10 popular categories
All-New Toyota Prius and Its Hybrid Legacy
After almost two decades and 3.5 million cars sold globally, Toyota ushers in a new hybrid that promises to be quicker, more nimble, and even more fuel-efficient
Coming Soon: 10 New Cars Worth the Wait
We help you see the future with this list of promising new vehicles
Best Tires for Cars, SUVs, and Trucks
Buying tires is a serious decision. Our intensive testing does the research for you.


10 Ways to Avoid a Car Crash
Proven safety technologies that you'll want in your next car
Best Used Cars for $25,000 and Less
These cars, SUVs and minivans performed well when new and have excellent reliability records
Car Safety Technology at Any Price
Consumer Reports calls for two critical safety technologies to be made standard in all new vehicles
Putting More Muscle Into Car Safety
We have the tools to make cars safer. Now we need the will to make it happen.
The Most and Least Reliable Cars by Class
Data from car owners gathered over multiple years reveal which models skip the repair shops—and which practically live in them
Used Cars You Should Avoid Buying
Steer clear of these clunker used cars, which have below-average reliability

What Goes Into CR's Overall Score for Cars
The score factors in road-test performance, reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety


Building a Better World, Together
Join with us to make a safer, healthier marketplace
From Our President: Ready for the Road Ahead
Cars that come equipped with the latest safety technologies as standard features get bonus points in our brand new Overall Score

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