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May 2019

Cover Story

How to Protect Yourself From Robocalls
As the robocall epidemic continues to grow, you have a few options to help deal with the deluge
Mad About Robocalls?
So are we! CR explains how things got so bad and what carriers and the government should do more of to protect consumers.

A Rogues’ Gallery of Robocallers
The FTC and FCC regularly crack down on scammers. Here are some of their recent catches.

Special Report

Can We Save More Lives on America's Roads?
Advances in safety technology are reshaping the auto industry. So why is the highway death toll still so stubbornly high?

Anatomy of the Modern Seat Belt
How seat belts work, and a timeline of this key safety device
The Neglected Car Backseat Is in Need of a Safety Makeover
Improvements are needed for rear passenger safety


CBD Goes Mainstream
CR surveyed more than one thousand CBD users nationwide to find out whether it’s changing their lives—and how

Lab Tests

What to Look for When Buying Replacement Windows
To help you see your way clearly to a new set of replacement windows, check CR's expert insights and test results
Can Ice Cream Ever Be Healthy?
We tested ‘light’ and low-calorie frozen desserts to see whether a healthier treat can taste like traditional ice cream

Making Sense of a Window Label
CR decodes the NFRC label that you'll see on most replacement windows
Beyond Milk & Sugar: What Else Is in Your Ice Cream?
How to read the ingredients list


Easy Ways to Cut the Amount of Sodium in Your Snacks
Chips, salsa, guacamole, and more can be packed with sodium, so look for foods with less


From Our President: Robocalls, CBD
Consumer Reports has consumers' backs by continuing the fight against robocallers and by taking a closer look at CBD
Building a Better World, Together
Join with us to make a safer, fairer, healthier marketplace
Selling It
Goofs, glitches, and gotchas spotted by our readers

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