Will you buy the Apple iPhone 6?

The smart phone wars heat up again, with the new Apple iPhone 6 competing with the Samsung Galaxy S 5, LG G3, and more

Published: September 10, 2014 02:00 PM

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The tech-gadget world focused on Cupertino, Calif., yesterday as Apple introduced its new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Those phones regained any technical ground the company had given up to its Android competitors. And they reasserted Apple’s supremacy in another key Silicon Valley metric—hype. No other company gets as much attention for its hardware introductions.

Now that everyone has seen the new iPhones, we wanted to know whether people were impressed. We asked our Facebook community to compare them to other new phones on the market. And we primed the pump by tossing out a few high-profile names: the Samsung Note Edge, Moto X, LG G3, and Amazon Fire Phone.

The result was good news for Apple and for Samsung, the only two brands repeatedly mentioned by brand.

For some Apple fans, the specs of the new devices didn’t much matter. Brenda Eisele Olexa is the kind of consumer that Steve Jobs built the company on. She wrote: “Gonna have to get the iPhone 6 Plus because I am an iPhone geek, have had ‘em all, why stop now?”

A number of people commented that they were locked into their contracts and were unwilling to pay for an early upgrade, but would consider an iPhone 6 next time they were choosing a phone.

Get all the details on Apple's other big introduction, the Apple Watch. 

But which to choose? The iPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch screen, and the iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5-inch screen. “I think it's going to be a question of getting into the Apple store and actually using the larger iPhone 6,” Allen St. John wrote. “Size matters, but bigger isn't always better.”

The larger phone is more expensive, and that’s important, too. Peter Maurer, another iPhone user, said, “I want the 5.5-inch, but I’d also want more memory, which means shelling out $500. I think I’ll pass this time.”

The Android OS is more popular than Apple iOS, but there’s never been a single Android model with the name recognition of the iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy S 5 comes close, though. Several of our roughly three-dozen commenters mentioned it by name, and cited the features they liked.

Lynda Bowers Sadler wrote, simply: “Galaxy S 5. Great display, removable battery, fingerprint unlock. What’s not to like?” Bev Lawrence Kennedy went further: “Samsung Galaxy S 5. My last one was an S 3. Love the features and ease of use. The battery life on the S 5 is fantastic. Like the screen capture feature so I can save recipes, addresses, or how-to hints with a quick swipe of the screen.” A number of people mentioned other Samsung models by name.

But those were just the results of one Facebook post. Take the poll at the upper right corner of this screen (or here) to provide your opinion. You’ll also see what others think. And if you’re shopping for a phone, keep an open mind and check out our smart phone Ratings. The LG G3, for instance, may not have the name recognition of the Galaxy S 5, but it is one of our top-rated models, out-performing previous iPhones along with just about every other phone on the market.

Unless, of course, you are resisting that whole smart phone thing, like our Facebook buddy George Smed, Jr. We're told that Mr. Smed is proudly waving his Luddite flag by sticking with his old rotary-dial phone. Kids, if you’re not familiar with those, they were once a hot tech innovation. Here’s how the rotary phone launch was promoted.

—Jerry Beilinson

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