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America’s attention this month will be focused on the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, and Presidents Day. While you may not find discounts on chocolate or flowers, big-screen TV sales that started in January will continue at least until the New England Patriots take on the Los Angeles Rams.

It’s also a month when retailers drop prices on consumer goods over Presidents Day weekend as they try to move old inventory.

Here’s what you’ll find on deep discount in February, according to Consumer Reports analysts, who track prices all year.


Sleeplessness is a serious problem in the U.S., with 80 percent of U.S. adults saying that they have trouble sleeping at least one night a week, according to a nationally representative 2018 Consumer Reports survey of 1,767 U.S. adults.

A new mattress could help solve the problem, and February is when they’re often on deep discount.

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If you’re in the market for a mattress, you can find out more about them by reviewing our mattress ratings. You may also want to read the results of our tests of new mattresses from Casper.

When shopping for a mattress, keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to buy a new box spring as well, though the sales staff may try to talk you into it.

If you plan to comparison shop, it could be a futile effort. That’s because each retailer has exclusive deals with mattress makers. Save yourself the aggravation and go to the stores armed with Consumer Reports ratings in hand.


Creating a cozy environment at home that protects you from winter’s cold can come with unintended consequences. Radiators, forced heat from air ducts, and fireplaces can lead to chapped lips, dry skin, itchy eyes, and sore throats.

Humidifiers can offer relief by replacing moisture in the air, and February is a good time to find them on sale.

When shopping for a new humidifier, you should know what to look for. The three main types—tabletop, console, and in-duct—involve trade-offs in efficiency, noise, and convenience.

In-duct humidifiers require professional installation, and Consumer Reports doesn’t rate them. 

Tabletop and console humidifiers—which we do test—come in two types: warm mist and cool mist. Choosing between them is largely a matter of personal preference. Make sure to check out our ratings and buying guide to help you determine which one suits you best.

Also, check that the model you choose is easy to clean. Humidifiers can harbor bacteria if not cleaned regularly. 

Check out our 
calendar of deals to maximize your savings year-round.

Snow Blowers

Just in time for that end-of-winter blizzard, snow blowers tend to go on sale in February.

They come in as many varieties as there are flakes, or so it may seem. There are electric ones and gas-powered ones. Some have powered wheels that help move the machine. Snow blowers come with one-stroke, two-stroke, and three-stroke engines and from big name brands as well as smaller, lesser-known makers.

You can spend as little as $200 for one that will handle light dustings or well over $1,000 for a model that removes heavier snow.

Although some sellers will push machines with bigger, more powerful engines, Consumer Reports’ testing has found that size doesn’t always matter. Some smaller machines with better designs are able to outperform more powerful ones.

When choosing a snow blower, look for one that blends competent clearing ability with a smooth, single-lever chute control that sends snow in any direction you want it to go.

When shopping, check out floor samples to be sure you’re comfortable with the height of the handle and the chute-adjustment controls, which you’ll be using frequently. 

For more details, check out our buying guide and recommendations.  

Interior Paint

Winter may not seem like the ideal time to paint your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, but it’s a good time to find deals on paint.

There’s a lot to consider in addition to color when choosing the right paint, and keep in mind that the best-performing paints aren’t always the most expensive. 

Overall, the best interior paints hide the original wall color with as little as one coat. They also claim to have low or no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which are linked to air pollution and respiratory problems.

To figure out which color works best, choose a few and try them out by painting portions of a wall with the various colors. You can also stick paint chips, which you can get from the retailer, on a wall and look at them for a few days. Consider how the color appears at different times of the day; lighting can make a big difference.

To make the selection process easier, check out Consumer Reports’ recommendations.