Finally, a nonstick skillet that’s not a flash in the pan. Consumer Reports recently tested the Cuisinart CastLite Nonstick ClL22-26RN frying pan, and it’s a keeper. In our tests, fried eggs easily slid out of the frying pan one after another. Cleanup was a cinch, but the clincher was the price: about $35.

Made of lightweight cast iron covered in porcelain enamel, the 10-inch Cuisinart frying pan scored very good overall in our cookware tests and is one of our top picks. Food cooked evenly, and the handle stayed cool to the touch. Even after we roughed it up in our tests, eggs slid out with just a nudge.

Frying pans take a lot of punishment, and regardless of what a cookware manual says, some people scrape their nonstick pans with metal utensils and scrub them with abrasive cleansers.

That’s why we test nonstick durability with a machine that rubs steel wool over the nonstick coating until it has worn through or up to 2,000 strokes, whichever comes first. The Cuisinart skillet withstood all 2,000 strokes, and though it came away with scratches, the coating appeared to remain intact. The only less-than-stellar aspect is that the handle isn’t as sturdy as handles of other pans in our tests.

What to Know About the Cuisinart Frying Pan

  • The Cuisinart frying pan comes in red or blue. The outside is colored, and the inside has a black nonstick coating. The Cookware Manufacturers Association cautions that any frying pan with a colored bottom can fuse with a ceramic-glass cooktop if the pan overheats. Cuisinart says this skillet can be used on ceramic-glass smoothtops but that you shouldn't preheat the pan and should cook on medium-high heat.
  • This frying pan contains magnetic material and can be used on electric induction rangetops.
  • It’s safe to use in an oven up to 500° F and is also dishwasher-safe, although it's best to wash your cookware by hand because the dishwasher’s high-heat drying wears down nonstick finishes over time.
  • It has a lifetime warranty.

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