With heart disease responsible for about one in seven deaths—and with almost 800,000 Americans suffering a heart attack each year—chances are you or someone you love has been touched by heart disease. When it comes to heart health, it's easy to feel powerless: Symptoms can be hard to spot, risk levels can be difficult to gauge, and the advice you get can be confusing. And though it's true that there are elements of heart health that are outside of our control, many of us don't appreciate just how much can be done to improve our own well-being.

As debates over the future of health coverage heat up, our Consumer Voices Survey revealed that most Americans are deeply concerned about their ability to receive the care they need. That's why CR is working tirelessly in Washington to make our health insurance system reflect your needs around cost, quality, and access to care.

It's also why we're offering insight on how to seize control of your health in our article "Take Charge of Your Heart Health." We're sharing our latest work to bring greater transparency to hospital performance. We're offering guidance on simple lifestyle changes that can reduce your chances of a cardiac event. We'll equip you to know when drugs are necessary and when the side effects create more problems than they solve. On everything from heart-healthy diets to choosing the most appropriate screening tests, we do the homework for you.

CR is committed to empowering you when it comes to the issues that matter most—and that starts with having the trusted knowledge you need to ensure your good health and the health of your family.

Editor's Note: This article also appeared in the May 2017 issue of Consumer Reports magazine.