Best Matching Kitchen Appliance Suites of 2021

Three hand-picked bundles that deliver on performance in CR's tests

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You can’t expect every team member of a matching kitchen appliance suite to pull its own weight. Consumer Reports has found this again and again in our test labs, and it’s why we suggest that if top performance is your top priority, you should mix models from different product lines—maybe even across brands—to outfit an entire kitchen.

That said, we get that you may not want your appliances to clash. According to a survey of CR members, 70 percent want their kitchen appliances from a matching suite. And, of course, that's often how they're sold.

Where to start? The key is to focus first on the range or cooktop, not only because your choices will be limited by whether you have gas or electricity, but also because a range that performs poorly will ruin your roast, whereas a stinker of a microwave can still nuke your coffee. It’s also important to look for a refrigerator with good energy efficiency because it runs continuously.

More on Top Appliances

We’ve done the calculus on the trade-offs and assembled three great kitchen appliance suites with some of CR’s top-rated ranges and refrigerators. None of the teams are made up solely of all-stars, but they’re very impressive overall—especially in their matching stainless steel uniforms.

If you want to dig deeper into the types of major appliances here, start with our buying guides for ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwaves. CR members can also jump right to our ratings of ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwaves to design their own appliance suite. If you do, drop us a note in the comments below or on CR's Facebook page to tell us what you chose and why.

Best Suite With an Electric Smoothtop Range: LG

This handsome suite features a range and refrigerator that are true standouts. The range is among the best models in our ratings, and even outperforms our best induction model. The refrigerator is equally stellar with Excellent temperature performance. The dishwasher isn't top-of-the-pack but is plenty effective for most households, with ratings of Very Good for both washing and drying. And the microwave is an unusually strong performer in its category, with ratings of Very Good for both speed and evenness.

Best Suite With a Gas Range: Samsung

This suite from Samsung is built around the superb gas range. The range is packed with features, with a convection oven, a grill, and front-mounted controls. It's also a strong performer, with ratings of Very Good in nearly every single test. The refrigerator is a four-door, meaning the bottom-mounted freezer is divided in halves, with smaller drawers that can make it easier to access frozen foods. Temperature management is stellar. The dishwasher is reasonably priced and a solid performer, with a rating of Excellent for washing. And the microwave pulls its own weight, like the LG above, with a rating of Excellent for evenness.

Best Pro-Style Suite: KitchenAid

Pro-style appliances often lag behind regular models in performance, but KitchenAid hits the sweet spot with stellar looks and strong performance. The range is dual-fuel, meaning it has a gas cooktop and electric oven. It sits near the top of our ratings, with strong marks, particularly the oven—it earns a rating of Excellent for broiling. The refrigerator, a built-in French-door model, is the biggest splurge here, but it's also one of the very best built-in models in our ratings. The premium dishwasher is a stellar performer, with a rating of Very Good for washing, and it features digital controls on the front panel. The microwave is also among the best, with a rating of Excellent for evenness.

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