Mattress Face-Off: Avocado vs. Casper

Which of these innerspring mattresses comes out on top in CR’s tests?

The Avocado Green mattress (left) and the Casper The Casper Hybrid mattress (right)

When you think of mattress-in-a-box beds, you probably think of rolled foam. But Avocado and Casper make hybrid innerspring mattresses that have the same easy delivery, and they’re some of the best innersprings in our tests.

“It’s clear that Avocado and Casper both know how to make mattresses for a wide variety of body types and sleep styles,” says Chris Regan, the project leader at Consumer Reports who oversees our mattress testing.

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Both the Avocado Green and the new Casper The Casper Hybrid mattresses are CR recommended models. The Avocado offers a 1-year sleep trial so that you can return the mattress for a full refund if you end up not liking it; Casper offers a 100-night sleep trial. But which one are you more likely to be happy with? Here’s a close look at how they match up in each of our extensive mattress tests. (At CR we buy and test queen-size mattresses because that’s the most widely sold size.)

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Avocado: This mattress weighs 97 pounds and has a cover made of Global Organic Textile Standard-certified organic cotton and wool. (You can read about organic labels on mattresses in our report “Organic Mattress Labels You Can Trust.”) It also has two layers of latex padding on top of a bed of pocket coils. This mattress is fairly firm, earning a 7 out of 10 on our firmness scale, with 10 being the firmest. Our testers measured this mattress to be 79 inches long by 59 inches wide by 12 inches tall.

Quick Take

Avocado Green

Price: $1,400

Average back sleeper
Average side sleeper
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Casper: Casper is known for its foam mattresses of the same name, but this is the company’s first hybrid innerspring. It’s made of several layers, including a layer of breathable open-cell foam—what Casper calls a “zoned support layer”—and a layer of high-density memory foam that pads a bed of pocket coils. This Casper is on the soft side, earning a 3 in our firmness test. Our testers measured this mattress to be 80 inches long by 59 inches wide by 12 inches tall.

Quick Take

Casper The Casper Hybrid 2019

Price: $1,295

Average back sleeper
Average side sleeper
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CR members can read on for the blow-by-blow details of how these two mattresses perform in our tests where we assess mattresses' support, stability, durability, and features.

Test by Test

Support: The Avocado is one of the best performers in our tests where we assess how well a mattress keeps the spine aligned for both side and back sleepers. For petite side sleepers (as a benchmark, we use a woman 4 feet, 11½ inches to 5 feet, 1½ inches tall and weighing 110 to 128 pounds), it earns a Very Good rating for support. For those who are large and tall, or average, who sleep on their sides or backs, the Avocado does even better, earning an Excellent rating in this test. (A large/tall sleeper is a man 6 feet, 2 inches to 6 feet, 4 inches tall and weighing 220 to 242 pounds; and an average size sleeper is between out petite and large/tall sizes.) Last, for petite back sleepers, this mattress earns an Excellent rating.

But the Casper is not far behind. It earns ratings of Very Good across the board for all types of sleepers except petite back sleepers, for whom it earns an Excellent rating. Although it’s a close match, in this, our most crucial test for mattresses, the Avocado beats Casper.

Stabilization: In this test, we measure how much bouncing or vibration transfers when there is movement on a mattress. We also note how easy it is to move around and change positions. The less bounce and the easier it is to shift positions, the better. 

With the Avocado, you might feel your partner shifting in his or her sleep—it earns a Good rating in our stability test. Our testing shows slightly more vibration traveling between the sensors we place on the Avocado than on the Casper, which is better at minimizing vibrations. It earns a Very Good rating here. For stability, the Casper edges out the Avocado.

Durability: To see how well a mattress holds up over time, we use a machine that pushes and pulls a 308-pound wood roller across each mattress 30,000 times to simulate eight to 10 years of use. Both the Avocado and the Casper earn Excellent ratings in our durability tests, so you probably won't see any change in support in these mattresses before a decade has passed. Both are winners here.

Features: Both are compatible with an adjustable bed frame, and both companies offer free shipping. Concerned about moving the mattress? The Avocado has four grips for easy handling; the Casper has none. The Avocado has a slight advantage in terms of features.

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