Pizza with a cauliflower crust
Illustration: Rodrigo Damati

There’s a healthy-sounding trend in the supermarket: pizza crusts made of cauliflower. Claims include “only 3 net carbs per serving” and “just 80 calories per slice.” It’s true that a crust made with a healthy veggie might be a better choice than one of refined white flour. But CR’s experts found that the ingredients and nutrition of cauliflower crusts vary widely among these three cauliflower pizza crusts: Cali’flour Foods Plain Pizza Crust, Caulipower Cauliflower Pizza Crust, and Realgood Pizza Co. Cauliflower Crust.

Consider calories. We saw calorie counts range from 120 to 600 for one crust. That’s due to their very different ingredients: Some have refined grains, eggs and cheese, or bean or nut flours, which add calories. For comparison, a refined flour 12-inch Boboli Thin Pizza Crust has 850 calories.

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Keep an eye on carbs. A single slice could have anywhere from 2 to 29 grams. That’s a huge range, especially because cauliflower isn’t carb-heavy (a cup has 5 grams). Why the difference? Crusts may include rice or brown rice flour, sugar, tapioca starch, and corn starch, which supply carbs. Even if cauliflower is listed as the first ingredient, many crusts don’t list an amount—but a lower carb count and fewer starches may mean a crust has more cauliflower.

Focus on fat. Cauliflower has virtually no fat, but added ingredients like cheese and oil certainly do. The Realgood crust (below) packs 15 grams of fat per serving, probably because it contains mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses and coconut flour.

Suspect sodium. We saw a range from 180 to 500 mg per slice. Adults shouldn’t have more than 2,300 mg of sodium daily.

Our breakdowns here are for one whole crust, but the suggested serving size is one-third of the pizza.

Cali’flour Foods
Plain Pizza Crust
$12 for a pack of two

  • Size    9 inch
  • Calories    270
  • Carbohydrates    6 g
  • Total fat    18 g
  • Saturated fat    9 g
  • Sodium   540 mg
  • Fiber    3 g

Caulipower Cauliflower
Pizza Crust
$11 for a pack of two

  • Size    10 inch
  • Calories    510
  • Carbohydrates    87 g
  • Total fat    15 g
  • Saturated fat    1.5 g
  • Sodium   540 mg
  • Fiber    3 g

Realgood Pizza Co.
Cauliflower Crust
$10 for a pack of two

  • Size    10 inch
  • Calories    600
  • Carbohydrates    21 g
  • Total fat    45 g
  • Saturated fat    9 g
  • Sodium   1500 mg
  • Fiber    12 g

Editor’s Note: This article also appeared in the July 2020 issue of Consumer Reports magazine.