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One of the best ranges of 2018.

Best Ranges of 2018

The best gas, electric, and pro-style ranges from Consumer Reports' test labs

The range aisle is crowded with options, from basic freestanding ranges to double-ovens and souped-up slide-ins. You might come across more than 40 models on a Lowe’s showroom floor or nearly 60 at a typical Sears—but CR’s got you covered, with more than 150 models in our current range ratings.

Consumer Reports’ appliance pros test ranges year-round. They use a combination of calibrated temperature measurements, as well as real food, including chocolate to test simmering and hamburger patties to test the broiling function. In a year, our test engineers bake more than 2,400 cookies and 400 cakes.

You’ll find more than 150 models in our range ratings, from brands such as Amana, GE, Kenmore, KitchenAid, LG, Maytag, Samsung, Viking, Whirlpool, and Wolf, and prices range from $400 to nearly $8,000.

“But we often find that price is really no indicator of performance,” says Tara Casaregola, who heads up CR’s testing of ranges, cooktops, and wall ovens. “We have some in the mix for $1,000 that perform better than models costing $5,000.”

Start with our range buying guide for the best advice on what kind of range you need, then read on for reviews of the very best ranges you can buy right now.

Best Electric Smoothtop Range
Kenmore Elite 95052

Kenmore Elite 95052

Electric smoothtops are the most popular type of range, and the Kenmore Elite 95052 performed well in our tests overall. Sears’ house brand, it’s worth noting, routinely makes a strong showing in our ratings. Available in white, black, and stainless, this model has a large oven with convection, and a warming drawer to boot. (Some of these features often aren’t available on pricier pro-style ranges.) The stovetop has four burners, including two high-power elements that deliver heat fast.

This model is superb at simmering, self-cleaning, and baking. When we baked two racks of cookies simultaneously, they came out evenly browned and properly cooked. The same is true for cakes. For searing burgers and steaks, and browning casseroles quickly, a broiler is just the thing. This model’s broiler does a great job in our broiler test, in which we sear a pan of nine hamburgers and inspect how evenly they turn out.

    Best Gas Range
    Samsung NX58F5700WS

    Samsung NX58F5700WS

    The stylish, stainless Samsung NX58F5700WS gas range offers fast cooktop heating and, unlike most gas ranges we’ve tested, superb baking. Simmering is steady, and broiling is exceptionally good for a gas range—also a pretty rare feat, in our experience. This model boasts five burners—two are high-powered elements—and a large oven with convection, gliding oven racks, and a warming drawer.

      Best Induction Range
      Kenmore Elite 95073

      Kenmore Elite 95073

      Another stellar Kenmore range, the stainless induction Kenmore Elite 95073 has four burners (two that are high-powered), convection, and a warming drawer. As with all the induction ranges we’ve tested, the Kenmore delivers fast cooktop heat and precise simmering. The ovens in induction ranges vary in size and performance, even though they generally rely on the same old technology used in electric smoothtop ranges. This large oven did a nice job baking and broiling, and aced our self-cleaning tests. See our range ratings for more induction options.

        Best Pro-Style Range
        KitchenAid KDRU763VSS

        KitchenAid KDRU763VSS

        The 36-inch-wide KitchenAid KDRU763VSS has the hefty good looks of a commercial range. Keep in mind that it’s a dual-fuel range, meaning the burners use gas and the oven is electric, so you’ll need both a gas line and a 220-volt receptacle and electric line in your kitchen. Going to that extra trouble gets you the best of both worlds in terms of cooking performance.

        Three of the four burners are high-powered and deliver heat fast. This range gets solid marks across the board in CR’s tests, thanks in part to superb simmering and even baking. The large oven has a convection option. See our range ratings for more pro-range models, including 30-inch-wide pro-style ranges.

          Best Electric Coil Range
          Kenmore 94142

          Kenmore 94142

          A basic range that delivers top-notch performance at a low price, the Kenmore 94142 comes in white, bisque, black, and stainless. There are four burners, including two high-powered elements that quickly bring a large pot of water to a boil. Simmering is superb, and the large oven bakes well, though not quite as evenly as the very best models in our ratings. Self-cleaning is solid. Our range ratings include coil models from Amana, Frigidaire, GE, Hotpoint, Premier, and Whirlpool.

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