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A woman inspecting a refrigerator during a sale.

When you think of Black Friday shopping, you might think about nabbing a new TV, laptop, or smartphone. But don't overlook the kitchen: This is the best time of year for refrigerator deals.

Sale prices are at their lowest in November, even when compared with major appliance sale holidays like Presidents Day and Memorial Day.

And a CR market analysis has found that of all kitchen appliances, refrigerators see the biggest discounts at this time of year, compared with dishwashers and ranges.

To help you score the best deal on a refrigerator this Black Friday, we’ve combed through hundreds of deals from major retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Home Depot, JCPenney, Lowe’s, and Sears. (If you're debating whether to shop at Sears, check out our guide to the company's bankruptcy filing.)

We'll keep this list updated as more ads and sale announcements drop in the weeks ahead.

This year, all of the major retailers started their sales early. Home Depot and Lowe’s led the charge, announcing their Black Friday sales on Halloween. Amazon, Best Buy, and Sears followed with their own sale announcements.

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More on Refrigerators

“Some of the discounts might look impressive, but they can be deceiving,” says Debra Mednick, CR’s associate director of market trends and analysis. “The list price of models can vary by retailer and change over time, making it hard to know whether you’re really getting a good deal.”

As we examined the appliance ads, we kept tabs on the deepest discounts, then compared models with the best discounts with our refrigerator ratings. We also compared the deals with average, maximum, and minimum sale prices from the past year, using pricing data from market analysis firm Gap Intelligence.

In general, we found that the best deals are on French-door refrigerators, specifically models from Kenmore and Samsung. But we included plenty of other styles and brands, too. Most of the deals we found are on offer at multiple retailers, so be sure to consider other details (delivery fees and haul-away costs, for example) when choosing where to shop.

Below, our picks for the best Black Friday refrigerator deals, organized in alphabetical order by fridge configuration. CR members can click each model name to see detailed ratings and reviews.

Best Top-Freezer Deals

We haven't found many top-freezer deals, and none were discounted as heavily as higher-end models.

Frigidaire FFTR1821TD
The deal:
 $595 at JCPenney
Savings: $274
Top-freezers aren’t the prettiest of refrigerators, but this Frigidaire bucks the norm with its slick, black stainless steel finish. Though this isn't the lowest price we’ve seen this year, this model is on sale for about $50 below its average sale price. It doesn’t have many features, but thanks to its combination of affordability and strong performance, it earns a spot as a CR Best Buy.

The deal:
 $930 at Costco
Savings: $251
This LG top-freezer gives you stainless steel looks and an icemaker, as well as an Excellent rating for reliability based on our annual member surveys. The savings aren’t huge—Costco is selling this model for about $90 below its average sale price—but it's an all-around good choice.

Samsung RT21M6213SG
The deal:
 $848 at Home Depot
Savings: $351
Here's the best top-freezer deal we found—and on an unusual Samsung top-freezer. It comes in black stainless steel and features a flexible freezer compartment that can be converted to extra fridge space with the flick of a switch. At just $50 more than its lowest price this year, the Samsung RT21M6213SG will give you solid performance at a solid discount.

Kenmore 60412
The deal:
 $480 at Sears
Savings: $140
Budget-conscious shoppers looking for a decent top-freezer should consider the Kenmore 60412, on sale at Sears. It earns a Very Good rating overall—a rare feat for a fridge at this price.

Best Bottom-Freezer Deals

Bottom-freezer deals are more prevalent than top-freezer deals and often see discounts greater than 30 percent off the list price. Here are two rock-solid bottom-freezer deals.

Kenmore Elite 79043
The deal:
$1,400 at Sears
Savings: $700
The savings on this Kenmore Elite bottom-freezer are a bit deceptive (our pricing data shows it was never priced above $1,600 this year), but it’s still one of the best bottom-freezers we’ve tested, which makes it worth your consideration at just $1,400. It comes in a stainless steel finish with an icemaker, spillproof shelving, and digital controls, all of which help sweeten this deal.

The deal:
$1,098 at Home Depot
Savings: $501
This LG option offers impressive performance, earning an Excellent rating in our thermostat control test, as well as an icemaker and half shelving for better organization. On average over the course of the year it went for around $1,300, so you're still snagging it at its lowest price.

Best Side-by-Side Deals

Similar to top-freezers, side-by-sides aren’t receiving very steep discounts compared with their French-door cousins.

Whirlpool WRS325SDHZ
The deal: $998 at Home Depot
Savings: $401
At just under $1,000, this Whirlpool side-by-side is worth consideration. We've seen it priced lower in the past year (reaching $700 at one point), but its combination of performance and features, which include a stainless steel finish and through-the-door water/ice dispenser, make it a great choice that’s easy on the wallet.

Whirlpool WRS588FIHZ
The deal:
$1,299 at Lowe’s
Savings: $400
For a few hundred dollars more, this Whirlpool side-by-side offers better performance and a few nicer features, such as a measured-fill water dispenser (it dispenses precise amounts of water for cooking) and digital controls. This deal is also priced a bit below the fridge’s average sale price, making now a good time to buy.

Best Three-Door French-Door Deals

There are hundreds of three-door French-door refrigerators on sale this season, but only a handful combine value with top performance. Here are seven models that meet both criteria.

The deal:
$1,698 at Home Depot
Savings: $1,201
This GE French-door is a terrific deal, just $50 shy of its lowest sale price this year. It does very well in our performance tests, but GE French-doors in general offer less-than-stellar reliability and owner satisfaction. This model comes with dual evaporators (to prevent air and odors from mixing between compartments), two icemakers, and uniquely adjustable shelves.

Kenmore Elite 73153
The deal:
$2,000 at Sears
Savings: $1,700
One of the best models in our French-door ratings, this Kenmore Elite model receives strong scores in all of our lab tests. In general, Kenmore French-doors also earn a Good rating for predicted reliability in our member surveys. This model is about $200 below its average sale price (in truth, not a huge savings), but it's worth it for the performance alone, not to mention an external water/ice dispenser and uniquely adjustable shelves.

Kenmore 70343
The deal:
$1,400 at Sears
Savings: $1,100
This is French-door styling without the premium price. This model does well in our tests, earning a Very Good Overall Score, and comes in a stainless steel finish with an external water/ice dispenser and spillproof shelves. 

The deal:
$995 at JCPenney
Savings: $704
Looking for a French-door fridge for less than a grand? This LG model comes in under $1,000 on sale and gives you solid performance and a Good rating for predicted reliability. It comes with spillproof shelving, an icemaker, and a stainless steel finish, but at this price you’ll have to forgo a water or ice dispenser.

The deal:
$1,296 at Sears
Savings: $504
A CR Best Buy pick due to its combination of terrific performance (it receives an Excellent overall score) and value, this LG French-door is on sale for about $100 below its usual sale price. You'll have to forgo a water/ice dispenser, but you'll still get an icemaker, half shelving, spillproof shelving and digital controls. With all those features, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better fridge for the money.

The deal:
$2,498 at Home Depot
Savings: $1,301
At about $400 less than its average sale price, this LG French-door gives you rock-solid performance and a bevy of features. It comes with an external water/ice dispenser, door-in-door design, half shelves, uniquely adjustable shelves, and more. At this price, you deserve everything but the kitchen sink, and this LG comes close to giving you just that.

Samsung RF220NCTASR
The deal:
$998 at Home Depot
Savings: $666
Not to be outdone, Samsung has its own French-door for less than $1,000. It, too, lacks an external water/ice dispenser, but its performance is a hair worse, running a bit louder in our noise tests. Still, this model is at a great price (about $300 below average) and makes for a worthy addition to your kitchen.

Samsung RF263TEAESG
The deal:
$1,398 at Lowe’s
Savings: $1,251
At $300 below its average sale price, this Samsung French-door is a great buy. It offers dependable reliability and good performance, earning an Excellent rating for temperature uniformity in our tests. It’s also packed with features, including a through-the-door water/ice dispenser, two icemakers, half shelves, uniquely adjustable shelves, and spillproof shelves.

Best Four-Door French-Door Deals

This year, more doors equate to more savings—we found one model in this category at almost 60 percent off its list price.

Haier HRQ16N3BGS
The deal:
$795 at JCPenney
Savings: $604
You won’t find another four-door French-door priced this low, and this Haier is a great refrigerator. It’s bare-bones, with digital controls and a stainless steel finish, but it does well in our performance tests. Where it falls behind? Ease of use, earning only a Fair rating.

Kenmore 72595
The deal:
$1,600 at Sears
Savings: $2,300
Though a solid deal, the savings are a bit deceiving—this model’s average sale price is around $2,000. Still, this Kenmore French-door offers terrific performance, with a Good rating for predicted reliability. Then there’s its laundry list of features, giving you an external water/ice dispenser, uniquely adjustable shelves, digital controls, and even voice control via Amazon Alexa.

Samsung RF23M8070SR
The deal:
$2,000 at Best Buy
Savings: $900
This Samsung French-door is on sale at its lowest price of the year. It performs tremendously well in our lab tests but isn’t the most energy-efficient fridge out there (it gets a middling Good rating). If that’s a concern for you though, this fridge might still win you over with its vast array of features, which include an external water/ice dispenser, dual evaporators, and a convertible middle drawer with four different temperature settings.

The deal:
$1,899 at Lowe’s
Savings: $1,600
We've seen this Samsung French-door priced slightly lower, but throughout the year it typically sells for around $2,500. It comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect (external water/ice dispenser, half shelves, spillproof shelves, etc.), as well as a flexible middle drawer with four different temperature settings. This Samsung also performs fairly well in our tests, receiving a Very Good rating for ease of use.

The deal:
$1,798 at Home Depot
Savings: $1,088
Priced well below its average sale price, now is a great time to buy this Samsung French-door. Our testers give it high marks across the board, with an Excellent rating for noise, thanks to how quietly it runs. It won’t leave you wanting for features either: Digital controls, dual evaporators, spillproof shelves, interior metal accents, and a temperature-adjustable middle drawer all come with this fridge.

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