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An open refrigerator in a dark kitchen

Though you won't see Black Friday–level discounts, you can still find some great refrigerators marked down.

“The best time to buy a refrigerator is always in late November,” says Min Kim Bryant, a Consumer Reports market analyst. “But if you need a refrigerator now, there are plenty of deals to be had.”

To help you shop wisely and save time, we combed through dozens of refrigerators on sale at Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Sears and highlighted models near the top of our refrigerator ratings. Most of the deals are on French-door refrigerators, but we also found a few top-freezer, bottom-freezer, and side-by-side models with decent markdowns.

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More on Refrigerators

Most of these deals should stick around. Sales at Best Buy and Lowe’s end on Dec. 12, Home Depot’s sale ends Dec. 19, and Sears’ sale ends Dec. 25. We'll update this list as we find new deals in the weeks ahead.

Below, you’ll find some of the best holiday refrigerator deals available on models from Consumer Reports' exhaustive refrigerator ratings. They include picks from popular brands including Kenmore, LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool.

We've organized this list by refrigerator configuration, and the models are listed alphabetically (not in CR rank order). CR members can click each model name to see detailed ratings and reviews.

Best Top-Freezer Deals

We haven't found many top-freezer deals. None were discounted as heavily as higher-end models, but Sears had the best offers.

Kenmore 60412
The deal: $510 at Sears
Savings: $110
Budget-conscious shoppers looking for a decent top-freezer should consider the Kenmore 60412, on sale at Sears. While it’s not a huge discount, this model earns a Very Good rating overall, a rare feat for a fridge at this price.

Kenmore 79433
The deal: $1,170 at Sears
Savings: $610
As top-freezers go, you might think the Kenmore 79433 is a bit pricey. But that’s because it comes in stainless steel with a few features that are hard to find on a top-freezer: an internal water dispenser and an icemaker. This Kenmore doesn’t offer great temperature uniformity (it receives a Fair rating in that test), so it will be more susceptible to warm and cold spots. But our surveys show that Kenmore top-freezers are extremely reliable.

Best Bottom-Freezer Deals

The four major national retailers have relatively few bottom-freezers on sale right now, but once again Sears is offering a couple of deals that are surprisingly good.

Kenmore 69313
The deal: $900 at Sears
Savings: $400
It’s rare to find a bottom-freezer that costs less than $1,000, which makes this deal on the Kenmore 69313 a steal. It receives a CR Best Buy designation thanks to its combination of stellar performance and value. Even at its sub-$1,000 price, you’ll get a stainless-steel finish, an icemaker, and digital controls.

Kenmore Elite 79043
The deal: $1,380 at Sears
Savings: $720
The savings on this Kenmore Elite bottom-freezer are a bit deceptive (our pricing data show it was never for sale above $1,600 this year), but it’s still one of the best bottom-freezers we’ve tested. It comes in a stainless steel finish with an icemaker, spillproof shelving, and digital controls, all of which sweeten this deal.

Best Side-by-Side Deal

We found one side-by-side deal, at Home Depot, that stood out.

Whirlpool WRS325SDHZ
The deal: $998 at Home Depot
Savings: $401
At just under $1,000, this Whirlpool side-by-side is worth consideration. We've seen it priced lower in the past year (dipping to $700 at one point), but its combination of performance and features, which includes a stainless steel finish and through-the-door water/ice dispenser, make it a great choice that’s easy on the wallet.

Best Three-Door French-Door Deals

There are dozens of three-door French-door refrigerators on sale this season, but only a handful combine value with top performance. Here are four models that meet both.

Kenmore Elite 73153
The deal: $2,220 at Sears
Savings: $1,480
One of the top models in our French-door ratings, this Kenmore Elite receives strong scores in all of our lab tests. In general, Kenmore French-doors also earn a Good rating for predicted reliability in our member surveys. This model is selling for about its average sale price. While it’s not a steal by any means, it's worth it for the performance alone, not to mention an external water/ice dispenser and uniquely adjustable shelves.

Kenmore 70343
The deal: $1,520 at Sears
Savings: $980
This is French-door styling without the premium price. This model does well in our tests, earning a Very Good score overall, and comes in a stainless steel finish with an external water/ice dispenser and spillproof shelves.

The deal: $898 at Home Depot
Savings: $801
Looking for a French-door fridge for less than a grand? This LG model comes in under $1,000 on sale and gives you solid performance and a Good rating for predicted reliability. It comes with spillproof shelving, an icemaker, and a stainless steel finish, but at this price you’ll have to forgo a water or ice dispenser.

The deal: $2,498 at Home Depot
Savings: $1,301
At about $400 less than its average sale price, this LG French-door gives you rock-solid performance and a bevy of features. It comes with an external water/ice dispenser, door-in-door design, half shelves, uniquely adjustable shelves, and more. At this price, you deserve everything but the kitchen sink, and this LG comes close to giving you just that.

Best Four-Door French-Door Deal

For Black Friday, more doors equated to more savings. While we're not finding that to be the case this month, we did found one deal with solid savings.

The deal: $2,499 at Lowe’s
Savings: $1,100
At almost 30 percent off, this Samsung delivers a lot of features for the price. It comes with a black stainless steel finish, digital controls, a door-in-door design (which makes your most-used items easy to grab), a temperature-adjustable middle drawer, and an external water/ice dispenser. This model performs quite well in our tests, too. It earns an Excellent rating for thermostat control and runs very quietly.

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