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Best French-Door Refrigerators From Consumer Reports' Tests

This group of stellar performers includes great picks for value, capacity, aesthetics, and more

About 60 percent of new refrigerators purchased by CR members are French-door models.

If your heart skips a beat when you see a French-door refrigerator, you’re not alone. Consumer Reports’ latest product survey reveals that French-door refrigerators account for a whopping 60 percent of new fridges purchased by CR members. No other fridge configuration comes close. (Side-by-sides get the next largest share, at only 18 percent.)

“French-door refrigerators have become popular with consumers because they offer the best organization options for storing a family’s worth of food,” says CR market analyst Mark Allwood.

Consumer Reports tests French-door refrigerators from more than 20 appliance makers, in both three- and four-door configurations. Our regularly updated ratings include more than 150 French-door models. 

A handful of brands have been in tight competition for the mantle of top performer.

“In recent years, manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, and Whirlpool have dominated the top spots in our French-door refrigerator ratings,” says CR test engineer Joseph Pacella, who oversees the refrigerator labs.

There are also strong performers from GE and Kenmore.

How We Rate Refrigerators

After a refrigerator gets wired up with thermocouples, we monitor it for more than a month in a climate-controlled chamber to evaluate thermostat control and temperature uniformity. CR’s test engineers collect more than 5.4 million temperature readings for each model to detect warm and cold spots and to determine which refrigerators will keep your food fresh longer.

More on Refrigerators

The results reveal that many refrigerators simply don’t do well at their primary function, and that could mean more wasted food and bigger grocery bills.

To help you maximize your refrigerator storage, we measure usable storage capacity, which doesn’t always match what manufacturers claim. We also measure energy efficiency, noise, and how long food will stay frozen during a power outage. Finally, Consumer Reports’ new Overall Score incorporates ratings for predicted reliability and owner satisfaction taken from our annual refrigerator member survey.

All this data appears in our refrigerator ratings charts, which include about 400 models.

Below, we’ve selected three of the top French-door refrigerators in both the three- and four-door categories—the best value, the best cabinet-depth model, and the best large-capacity model. CR members can read on for ratings and reviews of each.

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Best 3-Door French-Door Refrigerators

CR Best Buy

Overall Score: 83 (Excellent)
CR’s take: If you have a French-door appetite on a bottom-freezer budget, check out this LG model, which comes in at well under $2,000.

It’s a bit smaller than our other top picks, with 17.4 cubic feet of usable space, according to CR’s measurements. But even with the space sacrifice, you don’t lose a thing in terms of performance.

This LG earns an Excellent rating in every test except ease of use, where it still rates a Very Good. The only thing to watch out for is the crisper drawer, which could cause produce to spoil faster compared with the competition.

In our surveys, LG French-doors receive a Good rating for predicted reliability and a Very Good rating for owner satisfaction, which is the highest satisfaction rating of any brand in this configuration.

This model also comes with plenty of features, including an icemaker, split shelving (for better organization), and digital controls.

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