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The Google Home Max has arrived just in time for Christmas.

Google said earlier this week that its much-anticipated, high-end smart speaker had finally hit the market. But, although you’re probably not going to get a discount on a Home Max, you can get a good deal on other widely sold smart speakers.

And while Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be long in the past, these smart-speaker deals aren’t a whole lot different from the ones retailers offered back then.

Here’s a look at some of the best last-minute smart-speaker deals we’ve found. 

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Google Home

Google Home Max, $399
Did you happen to get on the waitlist for one of these? If that’s the case, Google will send you a promotional code for a free Google Home if you order a Max through the Google Store by Dec. 17. But be warned, your Max probably won’t be hitching a ride on Santa’s sleigh. Orders are currently shipping in three to four weeks.

But if you absolutely have to have one of these under your tree come Christmas morning, other retailers will be happy to sell it to you. As of Thursday, Best Buy and Walmart had the Google Max in stock online and in stores.

Google Home, $79
The Google Store’s discount amounts to $50 off the regular price of $129. Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and others are offering similar deals. And Walmart will give you up to $25 off a future purchase made through Google Express.

Best Buy also will throw one of these smart speakers in free if you buy certain Chromebook computers.

Google Home Mini, $29
Several retailers are offering about $20 off these cute doughnut-shaped and -sized speakers. For shoppers who are not in a rush, the Google Store’s offer is good through New Year’s Eve.

Best Buy and Target are selling the Mini for about $30, and both retailers will also give you one free with certain Nest products. And, as it does with the Google Home, Walmart will throw in up to $25 off a future Walmart order made through Google Express.

Best Buy is bundling Minis with Google Chromecast streaming players for $55, in a deal that saves you a combined $29.


Echo (Second Generation), $79
Amazon has cut the price of the new version of its flagship Alexa-enabled device by $20; so have Best Buy and Target.

Echo Dot, $30
This discount, which amounts to $20, is available not just through Amazon but also at walk-in retailers such as Best Buy and Target.

Amazon Tap, $80
This amounts to a $50 discount, one you can get through Amazon, Best Buy, and Target.

Echo Plus, $120
This is a $45 discount, and you can get it at Amazon, Best Buy, and Target. All these retailers will also throw in a free Philips Hue lightbulb.

Echo Show, $150
Amazon, Best Buy, and Target have cut the price of this video-enabled device by $80.