The Onn sound bar with a built-in Roku streaming player.
Photo: Roku

Just a month after Roku announced its first smart sound bar, the company says it's teaming up with Walmart for another smart sound bar and wireless subwoofer that will be sold under the retailer's Onn electronics brand.

The sound bar speaker, which features an integrated 4K Roku streaming player, and the subwoofer will sell for $129 each, or about $50 less than Roku's own similar products.

Called the Onn Roku Smart Soundbar, the speaker will be sold exclusively in Walmart stores and on With the built-in Roku 4K streaming player, you can access any streaming services available via the Roku platform right from the sound bar.

More on TV Sound

The smart sound bar appears to be the item mentioned in a recent financial report that suggested Roku would be making a streaming device under the Onn brand for Walmart.

Unlike Roku's first attempt at TV sound—the Roku Wireless Speakers, which worked only with Roku TVs—the Onn Roku Soundbar will work with just about any TV set. That's also true of the new Roku Smart Soundbar, the company's own system.

Those looking for a bit more bass can add the Onn Roku Wireless Subwoofer as an option.

Onn vs. Roku Sound Bars

Because both the Roku and Onn systems are expected to be available this month, it's logical to ask why someone would opt for the pricier Roku Smart Soundbar over the Onn system.

According to Roku, the Roku Smart Soundbar—available at Best Buy and—is more powerful (60 watts vs. 40 watts) and has different speaker drivers. And the device comes with an enhanced voice remote; the Onn comes with a more basic IR (infrared) remote.

In terms of the subwoofer, the Roku model also boasts a more powerful amplifier (250 vs. 150 peak watts) and a slightly larger enclosure, though both use a 10-inch speaker.

Photo of the Onn Roku Smart Soundbar.
Like the Onn Roku Soundbar, the Onn Roku Smart Subwoofer will sell for $129.
Photo: Roku

The Onn Roku Smart Soundbar, like the Roku model, supports 4K video, along with high dynamic range (HDR) technology, which can produce brighter, more vibrant images with heightened contrast when done well. You can add the sound bar to a TV using a single cable via HDMI-ARC or via its HDMI or optical audio outputs. The sound bar includes Bluetooth for streaming from a mobile device.

The sound bar comes with a basic Roku remote control that has TV power and channel shortcut buttons; it can also be controlled by a smartphone loaded with the free Roku mobile app.

Adding the wireless sub simply involves plugging the subwoofer into an AC power outlet, then wirelessly pairing it to the sound bar.