Best Tire Values Based on Consumer Reports' Tests

From all-season to all-terrain, these tires deliver the most performance for the money

Lincoln Aviator going through the accident avoidance maneuver test at the Consumer Reports test track

Replacement tires are expensive. By the time you add up the cost for four tires, plus mounting and balancing, it is common to spend $800 or more. For that money, shoppers want all-weather grip, a long tread wear warranty, good handling, and short braking, based on a recent Consumer Reports survey. Getting these key attributes for a good price spells value.

But there are so many considerations when choosing replacement tires that it can be difficult to find the best ones for your car, while considering how long they are expected to last and ultimately cost. It is easy to be swayed by the asking price, or available discounts, and consequently lose sight of the full picture.

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“Replacing tires is costly, but our analysis shows that taking the time to consult tire test results can identify the models that excel in the areas that matter most to you and present a good value,” says Gene Petersen, Consumer Reports' tire program manager. He adds that it is common to find rebates available from tire manufacturers, often around $100 off per set, just by visiting their websites.

To identify the best tire values, the CR tire team reviewed the scores for hundreds of tested tires. We also reviewed the tested tread life and price paid for the tires so that we could calculate the cost per mile for each tire. From this, we have identified a dozen standout tires across several popular categories. They are presented below, with their Overall Score, select ratings, and the cost per 10,000 miles, based on the price we paid for the tested tires and the results from our treadwear tests.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, many tire retailers are open for business. Discount Tire, a major tire retailer, told CR that most of its more than 1,000 stores are open for business and focused on essential services. (Learn more about how to determine whether you need tires and how to address car maintenance during the pandemic.) There are also online options, such as Tire Rack, a large national retailer.

Because of the pandemic, shoppers might want to consider mobile installation—when technicians come to your home or business to replace tires. Tire Rack’s website lists mobile install services among its independent recommended installers.

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