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A man using a canister vacuum while doing house work

If you have your eye on a vacuum from Shark—a brand that shines in our ratings—you’ll find several top picks on sale over the three-day weekend. You’ll also find some deep discounts on CR-rated vacuums from Dyson, Kenmore, and Samsung.

Many of the deals are from Amazon, but we’ve also spotted some of our better-performing upright, canister, stick, and robotic vacuums on sale at Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, and Lowe’s.

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We’ve combed retailer’s websites to find the best deals.

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Take a look at how Consumer Reports tests vacuums for details on how our expert engineers test each type of vacuum in our ratings—upright, canister, stick, handheld, and robotic vacuums.

Below, we round up models that perform well in CR’s vacuum tests that are on sale over Presidents Day weekend. They’re grouped by type and listed alphabetically. (Please note that prices may fluctuate.)

Upright Vacuum Deals

Dyson Ball Animal 2
The deal: $469 at Amazon
The 17-pound Dyson earns an excellent rating for pet hair, which is a good thing, considering its name. It’s also a beast on bare floors and almost as good at carpet. Emissions are clean, although emptying the bin can stir up some dust. It comes with attachments that help you get into tight spaces.

Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2
The deal: $311 at Amazon
Savings: $89
This Dyson is aces at cleaning bare floors and picking up pet hair and rates a Very Good for cleaning carpet. At 16 pounds it’s easy to maneuver around a room, although it’s noisier than some vacuums. It comes with some handy attachments, including an upholstery brush and a crevice tool. It’s a bagless design, so emptying the bin can be a bit messy. Of the two Dysons featured here, at 22 percent off, this is the better deal.

Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly CrossOver Ultra 31230
The deal: $265 at Amazon
Savings: $75
The pet hair removing capability of this Kenmore is befitting of its name, it earns an Excellent on that test. It’s also top-notch at cleaning bare floors and almost as good at carpet. It weighs in at 18 pounds and is easy to push, pull, and carry from one room to another. And at 22 percent off, it’s a good deal.

Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away NV831
The deal: $300 at Lowe’s
Savings: $70
This is a good candidate if you have a mixture of bare floors and carpeting in your home. It’s not the best bet for pet hair, earning only a Good on that test, so if you have a dog that sheds, look elsewhere. Emissions are clean on this 18-pound bagless model, but emptying the dustbin can stir up debris.

Shark Apex DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed AX912
The deal: $300 at Bed Bath & Beyond
This 16-pound Shark shares the same strengths as its brandmate above and is a good choice if you have mixed flooring and no pets, because it rates only a Good on our pet hair removal test. It handles well and doesn’t spew dust back into the room, but you have to empty the dustbin.

Canister Vacuum Deals

Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly CrossOver 21814
The deal: $320 at Amazon
Savings: $180
For those who prefer canisters, this Kenmore rates an Excellent for cleaning bare floors and is quite capable at carpet. It’s not as good as the upright featured above at picking up pet hair, but it’s not terrible, either. At 26 pounds, it’s heavier than many uprights, but you probably won’t mind because the weight is distributed between the power head and the canister. This vacuum usually lists for $500, so you’re saving 36 percent.

Kenmore 81614
The deal: $202 at Amazon
Savings: $78
While this Kenmore isn’t touted as a pet vacuum, it’s better at picking up pet hair than the Pet Friendly model above and earns an Excellent on that test. It can also capably tackle bare floors and carpet, making it an all-around utility player. It weighs 23 pounds and comes with a full complement of attachments. At 28 percent off, it’s almost as good a deal as its brandmate and, at this low price, almost a steal.

Stick Vacuum Deals

Shark SharkFlex DuoClean Ultra-Light Corded HV391
The deal: $250 at Amazon
Savings: $49
Unlike the other Sharks featured here, this one has a cord. But at 30 feet long, it won’t hamper your cleaning ability and you don’t have to wait for a battery to recharge. It’s aces at cleaning carpet, bare floors, and pet hair, and does so quietly. It rates an Excellent at cleaning along edges and, at 9.8 pounds, is easy to maneuver.

Shark IonFlex 2X DuoClean Ultra-Light Cordless IF251
The deal:
$285 at Amazon
Savings: $164
This colorful 8.8-pound Shark works as good as it looks, earning top-notch scores for bare floors and pet hair, and a Very Good for carpet. It zips along edges, clearing debris as it goes, and rates well for clean emissions. Run time is 16 minutes, and recharging the battery takes 4 hours, so make sure you get those messes in one shot. This Shark normally lists for $450, so the savings are considerable—37 percent.

Shark IonFlex DuoClean Ultra-Light Cordless IF201
The deal: $285 at Amazon
Savings: $84
This cordless Shark is a good bet if you have a pet, because it aces that test and also earns an Excellent for cleaning bare floors. Carpet cleaning is almost as good, and it capably removes the debris scattered along the edges of a room. Run time is 15 minutes and recharging the battery takes 4 hours, so plan ahead.

Shark Ion F80 Cord-Free MultiFlex IF281
The deal: $294 at Amazon
Savings: $156
This 8.8-pound Shark runs a lot longer on one charge than its brandmates featured here, a full 24 minutes, and charging time is the same—4 hours. It tackles pet hair and bare floors with abandon but struggles on carpet, so look elsewhere if that’s the type of flooring you have. This model also normally lists for $450, so you’re saving 35 percent.

Robotic Vacuum Deals

Samsung Powerbot R7040
The deal: $348 at Home Depot
Savings: $151
The Powerbot R7040 is one of the best robotics on the market. It aces our carpet and bare-floors tests, and rates an Excellent for ease of use. It quietly scoots under low furniture and stops at the top of the stairs. It can be programmed using the Samsung Smart Home app on a smartphone. Of the two Samsungs featured here, this one is the better deal at 30 percent off.

Samsung Powerbot R7070
The deal: $549 at Amazon
Savings: $150
The Samsung Powerbot R7070 is impressive in our carpet and edge-cleaning tests and almost perfect on our bare-floors test, earning an Excellent. It picks up most of the debris on the first pass and is gentle with our test furniture. The front of the machine is square, which allows it to get into corners better, something that circular models struggle with. This model usually lists for $700, so you’re saving 22 percent.

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