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One of the washers for $800 or less.

Best Washers for $800 or Less

These workhorses of the laundry room handle loads for less

How much should you spend on a washer? You don’t have to pay $1,000 or more to get a washer that cleans well. Consumer Reports' tests found impressive washers that get the job done and cost $800 or less.

"Not only will these washers clean well, but many are water and energy efficient, especially the front-loaders," says Emilio Gonzalez, the engineer who oversees CR's tests of laundry appliances. "Many have detergent dispensers and an extra-rinse option, maybe even quick cycles." So what's the catch? The capacities aren't in the jumbo category, but should be big enough for most families, and some of the washers are noisy.

A Load of Brands

There are more than 120 full-size washers in our washing machine ratings from a dozen brands. We buy and test washers from long-familiar brands such as Amana, Electrolux, Frigidaire, GE, Hotpoint, Kenmore, Maytag, and Whirlpool, and lesser known ones, such as Fisher & Paykel.

More on Washers

LG and Samsung often lead the pack with innovative features, so our engineers work to find out whether these innovations solve a laundry woe. Speed Queen, which is big in the commercial laundry appliance market, takes a different strategy, and focuses on longevity. If you're tight on space, consider one of the compact washers in our compact washing machine ratings, where you'll find some of these brands and others, including Asko, Bosch, and Blomberg.

Best HE Top-Loaders for $800 or Less

Compared with agitator washers, high-efficiency top-loaders typically clean better, use less water, and spin at higher speeds so more water is extracted from the load and dryer time is shortened. But the high-speed spin can tangle and wrinkle clothing and normal wash time using the heavy-soil setting is often 60 to 80 minutes. Save time by using the normal wash on normal-soil setting. It’s also known as the medium-soil or mid-soil setting.

The washers highlighted here have large capacities, are impressive at cleaning, and most are relatively quiet as you’ll see in our washing machine ratings. But like most top-loaders they aren't so gentle on fabrics. Check our ratings for other models under $800. The washers appear in alphabetical order.

• Kenmore 26132, $550
• Kenmore 27132, $600
• Kenmore 29132, $800
• LG WT1150CW, $630
• LG WT7500CW, $800
• Whirlpool WTW8000DW, $800

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