If a car equipped with automatic emergency braking (AEB) senses a potential collision, and you don’t react in time, it starts braking for you. IIHS data show rear-end collisions are cut by 50 percent on vehicles with AEB and FCW.

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Which Brands Do AEB Best?

Most Satisfying: Infiniti, Tesla, and Subaru owners were the happiest with AEB, with more than 74 percent of vehicles rated at very satisfied. One owner of a 2014 Infiniti Q50 said, “It is much faster than me reacting to emergency situations. The brakes are already applied before my foot hits the pedal and I take control.”

Least Satisfying: Mazda and Acura, near the bottom, were the least satisfying, with only 52 percent and 59 percent of vehicles, respectively, rated at very satisfied. Owners were mostly irked by the feature’s oversensitivity, as the owner of a 2015 Mazda6 told us: “It is abrupt and takes me by surprise at times that I don’t need it—like when I am approaching my automatic garage door before it goes up very far.”

False Alerts: Owners of vehicles with AEB reported only 18 percent had at least one false alert. Hyundai owners reported false alerts the least, at just 11 percent, with Mercedes-Benz at 12 percent. Jeeps registered the highest level of false alerts, at 40 percent.

CR’s Take: FCW and AEB are often packaged together, but as a $1,000 to $2,500 option or trim line upgrade. Keep in mind there are low- and high-speed systems. CR testers have experienced AEB on the road and believe it’s worth the extra expense.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Brand Names for AEB

MakeAEB Name/Package

Collision mitigation braking system/AcuraWatch Plus

Alfa RomeoForward collision warning
Alfa RomeoForward collision warning plus
AudiPre sense front
AudiPre sense city
BMWFrontal collision warning with city collision mitigation
BMWCollision warning with city braking function
BuickFront automatic braking
CadillacFront automatic braking
CadillacFront and rear automatic braking
CadillacLow speed forward automatic braking
CadillacAutomatic collision preparation
ChevroletFront automatic braking
ChevroletLow speed forward automatic braking and front pedestrian braking
ChevroletLow speed front automatic braking
ChryslerFull speed forward collision warning with active braking
ChryslerFull speed forward collision warning plus
FiatFull speed forward collision warning with active braking
FordPre-collision assist with pedestrian detection
GenesisAutomatic emergency braking
GMCLow speed foward automatic braking
GMCFront automatic braking
GMCForward automatic braking

Collision mitigation braking system/ Honda Sensing

HyundaiAutomatic emergency braking
InfinitiForward emergency braking
InfinitiIntelligent brake assist
InfinitiForward emergency braking with pedestrian detection
JeepFull speed forward collision warning with active braking
KiaAutonomous emergency braking

Pre-collision system/Lexus Safety System+


Pre-collision system with pedestrian detection/Lexus Safety System+


Pre-collision system with advanced driver attention monitor/Lexus Safety System+

LincolnPre-collision assist with pedestrian protection
MazdaSmart city brake support/ smart brake support


Collision prevention assist plus


Active braking assist
MiniFrontal collision warning with city collision mitigation
MitsubishiForward collision mitigation system
NissanForward emergency braking
NissanForward emergency braking with pedestrian detection
PorscheAdaptive Cruise Control + PAS Porsche Active Safe
SubaruPre-collision braking- Eyesight
ToyotaPre-collision system with pedestrian detection-TSS-P
ToyotaPre-collision system-TSS-C
VolkswagenFront assist with autonomous emergency braking
VolvoCollision warning with full auto brake and pedestrian detection

City Safety

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