Main theme: Our panelists discuss summer gas prices: why they rise and what consumers can do to save money at the pump. They also offer advice about how to avoid getting sucked into a long-term auto loan, and why it’s a good idea to shop around for your own financing instead of just accepting a car dealer’s offer.

At the track: We rented two all-new Genesis G70 compact luxury sedans from Hyundai for a sneak peek. The G70 is based on the Kia Stinger that we found to be sporty and capable. We’ll buy our own for testing when the G70 goes on sale in late July.

Viewer questions: What is a good midsized SUV to replace a Hyundai Santa Fe Sport? Should eight, nine, and 10-speed automatic transmissions operate more smoothly than five- and six-speed automatics because they have more gears? Which is the better choice: a top-rated winter/snow tire or a studded tire?

Panelists Mike Quincy, Mike Monticello, and Keith Barry
Panelists: Mike Quincy, Mike Monticello, and Keith Barry.

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