Main themes: The $7,500 federal tax credit will soon start to be phased out on Tesla models since the electric automaker has officially sold more than 200,000 qualifying cars. General Motors is likely to reach that same number by the end of this year. The podcast panel discusses how the phasing-out process of the federal electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid tax credits will work, which cars it affects, and what it could mean for future EV buyers.

Driven this week: 2018 Lexus LS 500.

Audience questions: How much do auto stop/start systems affect the reliability of a car’s starter? How can a car’s Overall Score drop dramatically in CR’s ratings from one year to the next without it being retested? Are all all-wheel-drive systems created equal? What’s with the strange shifters from automakers these days?  

Panelists Gabe Shenhar, Mike Monticello, and Ryan Pszczolkowski
Panelists: Gabe Shenhar, Mike Monticello, and Ryan Pszczolkowski

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