Main theme: We talk about the Toyota Supra, a name that has been resurrected with an all-new sports coupe. One interesting thing about the Supra: It’s a near-twin of the redesigned BMW Z4.

Driven this week: 2020 BMW Z4

Audience questions:

  • Why are auto manufacturers ditching manual parking brakes in favor of electronic ones?
  • How did Jen Stockburger get into the automotive field, and how have women contributed to the field?
  • Will CR be testing the newest generation of heavy-duty pickup trucks?
  • Should owners be worried about their Hyundai’s panoramic sunroof shattering?
Panelists Gabe Shenhar, Jon Linkov, and Jen Stockburger
Panelists: Gabe Shenhar, Jon Linkov, and Jen Stockburger

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