Main theme: Tesla Navigate on Autopilot

We tried out an updated setting on Tesla’s Navigate on Autopilot that allows the vehicle to automatically make lane changes without any approval from the driver. Our panelists share their experiences behind the wheel—including when our Tesla Model 3 cut off other cars and passed on the right.

A Tesla spokesperson told CR in response that “it is the driver’s responsibility to remain in control of the car at all times, including safely executing lane changes.”

The CR panel talks about how the system compares with other partially automated driving systems on the market and discusses the emerging issues of automotive automation.

Then we answer viewer questions—including ones about 85 octane gasoline, black boxes, and the best cars for carrying kayaks around Kentucky.

Panelists Jake Fisher, Keith Barry, and Kelly Funkhouser.
Panelists: Jake Fisher, Keith Barry, and Kelly Funkhouser

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