Talking Cars 330: EV Resale Value, All Weather Tires, and Do-It-All SUVs

We discuss CR’s owner satisfaction ratings, Alfa Romeo reliability, and cars not sold in the U.S. in this all-questions episode

Main theme: We get a lot of questions about finding a “Goldilocks car.” That’s a vehicle that isn’t too big, isn’t too small, isn’t too expensive, isn’t too bare-bones but is “just right” overall. So we decided to tackle a few such questions in this episode. We also help a would-be Alfa Romeo owner decide if it’s a good idea to throw car-buying caution to the wind and buy one. And we explain why tests from the U.S. don’t translate for other countries, make some predictions about electric-vehicle depreciation, and discuss tires and transmissions.

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Audience Questions

  • When calculating owner satisfaction scores, how does CR take into account drivers who like their car but still buy a different type of car?
  • Will my 200-mile-range EV still be worth anything in a few years?
  • We need an SUV that fits two child car seats and an adult in the second row.
  • Are all-weather tires as good as swapping out for winter tires?
  • Would CR’s reliability ratings still apply in other countries?
  • Are four-speed transmissions more reliable than transmissions with twice as many gears?
  • I need a car for camping and commuting, and I don’t want to spend more than $35,000. What should I get?
Talking Cars 330
‘Talking Cars’ panelists: Emily Thomas, Keith Barry, and Ryan Pszczolkowski.

Photo: Consumer Reports Photo: Consumer Reports

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Despite my love for quirky, old European sedans like the Renault Medallion, it's my passion to help others find a safe, reliable car that still puts a smile on their face—even if they're stuck in traffic. When I'm not behind the wheel or the keyboard, you can find me exploring a new city on foot or planning my next trip.