Main theme: Our three panelists discuss Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s recent comments about problems with building the Model 3, and how too much automation may be playing a problem. They then pivot to talk about Ford’s plans to redesign the Focus compact car.

Driven this week: The 2018 BMW X2. We recently added this brand-new luxury subcompact SUV to our fleet, and Jen Stockburger, Ryan Pszczolkowski, and Jon Linkov discuss their initial driving impressions.

Viewer questions: Does the Ford Focus have different reliability scores for the manual and automatic transmission versions? Why do manufacturers put paddle shifters in mainstream, nonsporty cars, and does the staff actually use them?

Panelists Jon Linkov, Jen Stockburger, and Ryan Pszczolkowski discuss Tesla Model 3 production and Ford Focus reliability
Panelists: Jon Linkov, Jen Stockburger, and Ryan Pszczolkowski.

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