Among Consumer Reports’ subscribers, the Honda CR-V ranks as one of the most popular compact SUVs—if not one of the most popular vehicles, period. So we’ve been getting a lot of requests for information about what version we bought and what we think about the Honda CR-V so far.

We ended up buying two versions of the Honda—you’ve got to watch to see which ones—and have put considerable mileage on each. And you might be surprised what we think about each one.

In addition, we discuss the test results of the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack, which has garnered a lot of viewer comments and emails. The verdict is mixed on the Alltrack—the innate VW feel is appreciated, but VW reliability is a worry. 

After that, we turn to viewer questions, and focus on a core part of the Consumer Reports mission: safety. One viewer asks about our choices for affordable vehicles (under $25,000) that include advanced safety gear, such as automatic emergency braking and blind-spot warning. Our panel talks about the freshened BMW 3 Series, and if it is enough to unseat the Audi A4 among compact sports sedans. And we hash out a shoppers’ buying conundrum, choosing between a late-model Mazda3 or an older BMW 3 Series in the quest for a sporty car.

Talking Cars Gabe Shenhar, Jon Linkov, and Mike Quincy
Gabe Shenhar, Jon Linkov, and Mike Quincy

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