Subarus have long appealed to buyers who emphasize practicality and safety, even if their products have been somewhat plain. As competitors become increasingly refined and better equipped, Subaru is pressured to keep improvements coming and broaden its appeal to sunny states in order to maintain its impressive sales growth.

These goals and challenges are all reflected in the redesigned Impreza. This new sedan and hatchback introduce a new global platform that will be the foundation of all upcoming Subarus. After driving the car extensively, it's obvious to the Consumer Reports Cars team that Subaru doubled down on brand strengths while also making the Impreza more appealing to drive. (See our extensive Subaru Impreza first drive.)

In our latest video podcast, the Cars team also addresses viewer comments about the Chevrolet Bolt featured in the previous episode. Opinions are decidedly mixed among our fans, especially given the uncertainty around electric car subsidies under a new president. Viewers also clarify a complaint we had with the Bolt's unintuitive electronic shift lever.

We find that certain cars come up often in the "Talking Cars" YouTube comments. One is the Mazda6, which appeals to driving enthusiasts shopping for an efficient, reliable, and affordable midsized sedan. Mazda seems to make updates every single year to reduce interior noise, a big shortcoming of the car. We happened to have a rented 2017 Mazda6 Grand Touring in our fleet, so we can answer if the changes worked. (Spoiler: They did, a bit.) Look for a full first drive soon.

Mike Monticello, Tom Mutchler, and Gabe Shenhar
Mike Monticello, Tom Mutchler, and Gabe Shenhar

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