After four years and 100 episodes of "Talking Cars With Consumer Reports," we wanted to thank our loyal fans who made this success possible. To do that, over 60 fans attended the recording of the centennial episode, toured our test facilities, and talked and met with the Auto Test Center staff. Despite the sweltering August heat, the celebration was a blast, with attendees traveling from as far away as Minnesota and Florida. Fans who only knew each other through the YouTube comments got to see each other and talk cars.

Even though we love talking about the new cars in the Consumer Reports test fleet, our favorite part of each podcast is answering viewer questions. That's why this special episode consists solely of questions, each asked in person by our fans. They included a 13-year-old superfan whose encyclopedic car knowledge, we joked, could put each of us out of a job.

As you'd expect, we had a wide variety of questions. Several asked about our work here at the track, including how each of us got our job. Some touched on essential and current issues, including what safety equipment we recommend, if there is too much technology in cars, and the future of fuel economy. We discussed the impending demise of manual transmissions, which test cars we hated the most, and why we seem to have such a fascination for "soft-touch plastics."

Check out all this and more in our expanded-length video.  

Talking Cars 100 audience

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