The Edge is a car-based SUV with a 3.5-liter V6 engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. All-wheel drive is available, but the Ford crossover SUV doesn't offer a third-row seat. Ride is good and the powertrain is quite strong, but lacks refinement. The Edge isn't particularly agile, though its handling is ultimately secure. Interior fit and finish are unimpressive. IIHS crash-test results are commendable.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"We were used to the Ford Taurus 3.6 engine which is what the 2010 engine has but the transmission in Taurus had funky shifting noise and the Edge doesn't have that. It also seems to accelerate better than the Taurus and so far, has no shifting problems"

Anonymous, UT (2010 Ford Edge)

"It feels like driving a truck after driving the Fusion"

Anonymous, DE (2010 Ford Edge)

"My Ford Edge has no problem in the acceleration area and has no problems in the handling area. I really enjoy my Edge and will purchase another one when it comes time. Ford did something right with this vehicle."

Anonymous, MI (2010 Ford Edge)

"Great handling,acceleration braking"

Fredrick Z., NJ (2010 Ford Edge)

"When I test drive a car, I check the acceleration when getting on the highway. This car passed. Great handling."

Anonymous, OK (2010 Ford Edge)

"When you are driving very good to control and when you accelerate it goes"

William S., AZ (2010 Ford Edge)

"To me the Edge more like a truck than a car. It feels much heavier than the Fusion, and its fuel economy is very noticeably worse. It feels like the car has to really labor to accelerate."

Anonymous, MI (2010 Ford Edge)

"Have been very satisfied with this vehicle as it is driven in snow, ice, mud etc. The only bad thing I find is that on grid roads the dust gets in the back of the auto."

Anonymous, SK (2010 Ford Edge)

"Drives very smoothly. quiet as well."

Chris C., CA (2010 Ford Edge)

"drives well enough but I feel it is underpowered"

JIM A., SD (2010 Ford Edge)

"This car responds immediately when accelerating. It responds powerfully when needed, and has moved me away quickly and safely from some dangerous situations in the past 6 years. I love my car!"

VALERIE M., CA (2010 Ford Edge)

"It is very secure with good acceleration and handling for an SUV."

GARY G., SC (2010 Ford Edge)

"Handles fine, but does not respond quickly to slight increase in gas pedal. Feels to be other than direct connection from pedal to gas."

JOHN W., CA (2010 Ford Edge)

"Excellent acceleration and best handling of any vehicle I've owned. Handles very well in icy and snowy conditions. Interior can be a little noisy at freeway speeds."

ROBERT B., OH (2010 Ford Edge)

"Because of size and maneuverability, my wife does not care to drive this car As I get older, I prefer to drive a smaller car.."

R P., WI (2010 Ford Edge)

"Very comfortable seats! I like that the seat move all the way back when exciting the SUV. Lots of room to get in and out! Runs extremely well. Shifts well and has a great ride. Controls are very logical and easy to use. Very good looking vehicle."

DUANE L., PA (2010 Ford Edge)

"I wish the car had a little more acceleration power. Later models do have increased power. Handling is good"

LEO M., CA (2010 Ford Edge)

"It is the best handling car I ever own. My previous cars were Ford Explorers and Nissan Pathfinders - The Edge out handles them easily - hugging the extremely well."

FRANK F., NJ (2010 Ford Edge)

"This vehicle has been been great to own it has driven, great the whole time we have had it. Great acceleration and handling. There are no empty spots in the the power band and it is responsive."

RON H., CO (2010 Ford Edge)

"Very sure footed on icy or snowy roads - love the handling!"

KIM R., ND (2010 Ford Edge)

"Very responsive."

Moe M., AB (2010 Ford Edge)

"Love the way it accelerates when needing to pass. I feel the handling is very good and quick response in the winter."

Anonymous, MN (2010 Ford Edge)

"The car is seven years old now but it still handles well. The acceleration is nothing quick but your not really looking for that in this type of vehicle."

John C., NY (2010 Ford Edge)

"The Edge is a great handling SUV. It has excellent acceleration and we get 33MPG on trips. That is Imperial gallon."

Anonymous, ON (2010 Ford Edge)

"For a relatively heavy SUV the Edge handles and accelerates very well. It is very sure footed in snow with the AWD system. Both my wife and I are very please with it."

Michael S., NY (2010 Ford Edge)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Rides well, quiet and confortable"

Anonymous, UT (2010 Ford Edge)

"very comfortable ride, our main road trip car"

Alan R., NY (2010 Ford Edge)

"Seats are very comfortable for long rides."

Anonymous, VA (2010 Ford Edge)

"Very comfortable and smooth ride. I wish there was a little less road noise."

Anonymous, OK (2010 Ford Edge)

"To me the Edge more like a truck than a car. It is quite noisy. My wife likes the added height of the drivers seat and the better road view that it provides her. It is "her" car."

Anonymous, MI (2010 Ford Edge)

"this is one of the most comfortable cars I have ridden in. road noise is quiet especially for the number of miles on the car"

Anonymous, MI (2010 Ford Edge)

"Does not have lumbar support system. I need to use a pillow."

Joseph H., MO (2010 Ford Edge)

"Love the ease to get in and out. Back seat is actually comfortable on trips. Rides very smooth and quiet."

Anonymous, MN (2010 Ford Edge)

"Seats have warmers for winter and seem to be a good fit."

Chris C., CA (2010 Ford Edge)

"The seating is like you are sitting in your favorite chair."

Bernard M., FL (2010 Ford Edge)

"Seats have enough control to find the best driving position for me being short. Noise is less than the Ford Taurus AWD we had for 6 years. Ride is stiffer than the Taurus but then it is an SUV so just getting used to it"

Anonymous, UT (2010 Ford Edge)

"Ample room for four adults and very quiet on the highway."

Michael S., NY (2010 Ford Edge)

"I have a Nero-stimulator implanted in my back so I have a difficult to find vehicle comfortable to drive. The Ford Edge is so comfortable and the ride is so smooth. I drove many different vehicles before finding the Ford Edge and I have never regretted purchasing it. Very little noise with this vehicle either and I had to have leather seats in my vehicle because I cannot have even a static shock or it will create a problem with my implant. If this vehicle gives out, I will look at the Ford Edge again."

Anonymous, MI (2010 Ford Edge)

"The front seats are very comfortable and easy to find the best driving position. I can drive hours and can get out of the car and not be sore. The car allows a little more noise in than I like. There is very little engine noise but road and wind noise are evident there is also more suspension noise than most cars. The ride is very good all about the biggest bumps are smoothed out."

Jacob K., PA (2010 Ford Edge)

"Seats are big and comfortable however the A/C failed twice in the 1st 40 months"

FRED S., NJ (2010 Ford Edge)

"Our Ford Edge has a very smooth ride and is quite quiet. Very nice for road trips."

ALLEN M., MN (2010 Ford Edge)

"Ride is loud and seats uncomfortable for long trips."

JAYNE H., IA (2010 Ford Edge)

"The seats don't have a head adjustment and I feel on long drives that I am stooped over"

CHRIS C., CA (2010 Ford Edge)

"Touch screen is difficult to use. Front seat head rests are angled forward and uncomfortable for some passengers."

J T., TX (2010 Ford Edge)

"a/c compressor problems"

STEPHEN M., NB (2010 Ford Edge)

"Don't like cloth seats"

Anonymous, KS (2010 Ford Edge)

"My F150 rides quieter than the Edge.....Edge could have been quieter than it is!"

JAMES W., NC (2010 Ford Edge)

"Very comfortable seats! I like that the seat move all the way back when exciting the SUV. Lots of room to get in and out! Runs extremely well. Shifts well and has a great ride. Controls are very logical and easy to use. Much better than the Subaru!!!"

DUANE L., PA (2010 Ford Edge)

"It works"

MAURICE G., IL (2010 Ford Edge)

"The leather seats, gages and finish are great. The engine has offered no problems. The side mirrors are too large and a little too much road noise."

Anonymous, IN (2010 Ford Edge)

"I take many long drives every year (over 350 miles) and always feel relaxed with seat positioning and safety view."

DAVID P., CO (2010 Ford Edge)

"The seats are highly adjustable with padding shapes just right. It's very easy to find a perfect driving position. The noise is a little higher than I would like but still pretty quiet. The ride is the best of any SUV that I have ever owned."

Jacob K., PA (2010 Ford Edge)

"smooth ride and comfortable seats"

Anonymous, TX (2010 Ford Edge)

"Very comfortable seats. Good lumbar and leg support. However, front passenger seat is too low and is not height adjustable."

Anonymous, OH (2010 Ford Edge)

"Love the smooth ride in a quiet interior. Very spacious 2nd row seats with tall ceiling."

Anonymous, MN (2010 Ford Edge)

"Seat squeak, drivers side"

Anonymous, IL (2010 Ford Edge)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Airbag recall on this vehicle nearly three years ago. Have not driven for a year. 2 months ago Ford finally approved a rental. FINALLY. Not satisfied with Ford in the way they handled the recall."

Anonymous, FL (2010 Ford Edge)

"The ford Edge Limited is a very nice car. Many were made and sole meaning the resale is not great. The car has offered no problems"

Anonymous, IN (2010 Ford Edge)

"Great deal 1/2 the price of a new SUV, 22,000 miles, 2 years old, cost with 4 year warranty $24,000."

ARTHUR C., NH (2010 Ford Edge)

"Love it very good"

MAURICE G., IL (2010 Ford Edge)

"I was pleased with the adequate options and car for $30k"

James W., NC (2010 Ford Edge)

"Very stable and great valuefor long trips."

Moe M., AB (2010 Ford Edge)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"A real eye catching style"

ARTHUR C., NH (2010 Ford Edge)

"The exterior lines and the overall fit and finish of the this vehicle is great."

RON H., CO (2010 Ford Edge)

"I like the bold chrome grill and wheels"

ALAN W., CA (2010 Ford Edge)

"I still get people asking how I like my car and also how beautiful it is. It has the style and look of the newest cars on the road. I love it and many others have purchased one because of my comments and the look of the car."

Anonymous, UT (2010 Ford Edge)
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