The Edge has good interior space, easy access, and sprightly engines in either its V6 or turbocharged four-cylinder versions. The overall package falls short though, due to so-so refinement and driving dynamics. The MyFord Touch controls force you to take your eyes off the road far too much. Even simpler controls in lower-level models are distracting.
There are 3 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Handles very well."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Ford Edge)

"lacks power"

John W., KY (2012 Ford Edge)

"Car is 6 years old and handles wonderfully. I hope to keep this vehicle a few years more."

Moira J., DE (2012 Ford Edge)

"Extremely quick acceleration with large V6. Handles well and still comfortable."

Warner H., TX (2012 Ford Edge)

"Good power to merge or pass. Handles well."

Anonymous, MI (2012 Ford Edge)

"Great rod car."

Tim B., KS (2012 Ford Edge)

"it is difficult to judge the width of the vehicle"

Anonymous, MS (2012 Ford Edge)

"shifting is not always smooth"

Anonymous, PA (2012 Ford Edge)

"Handling and comfort make this vehicle so fun to drive."

Anonymous, BC (2012 Ford Edge)

"very sluggish had to get a major repair to engine (not transmission)"

Anonymous, WI (2012 Ford Edge)

"This is a very comfortable car to drive. It handles quite well on the highway, on local streets and in all kinds of weather. The engine/ transmission is very adequate for the vehicle and I have never been in a situation that I felt I needed more power or better handling. My car is garage kept and looks as good, inside and out, as it did when it was new. Ford definitely built a quality vehicle that I fully expect to last to at least 150,000 miles. With the exception of Ford's abandonment of support for their vastly over priced infotainment and navigation systems, this is the best car I have ever owned. Sadly they ruined it all by shafting their customers with the electronics package."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Ford Edge)

"Very strong torque steer under full acceleration to the point where on a wet road you could lose control."

Anonymous, ON (2012 Ford Edge)

"Pleasure to drive, great on trips, could use more engine power, transmission shifts are not always smooth"

DENNIS L., MI (2012 Ford Edge)

"The car has pep for an suv and we have experienced very good handling, acceleration and braking in our 5 years of usage."

H K., MD (2012 Ford Edge)

"hesitation causes missshift at times when in traffic and hitting gas. When taking foot off gas- feels like engine brake is engaged, instead of coasting down a hill it maintains the speed."

Anonymous, MA (2012 Ford Edge)


Anonymous, BC (2012 Ford Edge)

"I chose the 2.0L, 4cyl., Turbocharged engine over the standard 6cyl. engine. I have never owned a car with a 4cyl engine in over 50 years of driving. From the start I have been thoroughly impressed with the performance of this engine, especially in a rather heavy SUV. My Edge handles quite well on the highway and around town. It is nimble, quiet, comfortable and has a solid feel. It is simply fun to drive."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Ford Edge)

"lack of knowledgeable service people"

MICHAEL R., FL (2012 Ford Edge)

"Transmission unreliable, changing from "park to drive, a noise is heard. Steering wheel made of a non leather material, deterioration observed after third year."

Anonymous, PR (2012 Ford Edge)

"Smooth, quiet and for a 3.5 liter motor, powerful with excellent around town mileage (21/22). My wife loves the styling and overall looks of the car. Easy to drive with good all-around vision. Excellent brakes and transmission. A nice car to drive."

Richard T., MA (2012 Ford Edge)

"Very peppy. Great passing. Great fuel mileage"

Anonymous, AB (2012 Ford Edge)

"Just great handling and acceleration ."

Anonymous, TN (2012 Ford Edge)

"Handles well for SUV, not real excited about 6 speed transmission."

Dick H., FL (2012 Ford Edge)

"This Edge accelerates quickly. There is no lag time from when you hit the gas and actually start to moving. This is my favorite part of this car."

Anonymous, VA (2012 Ford Edge)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Most fun to drive vehicle I have ever owned. Very pleased with this vehicle. LOVE it."

Anonymous, BC (2012 Ford Edge)

"Very comfortable on long trips, rear room is spacious and seats recline in the back."

Anonymous, MA (2012 Ford Edge)

"Too noisy, needs a more comfortable ride."

Ron G., IN (2012 Ford Edge)

"roomy, very comfortable back seat"

Whitney H., GA (2012 Ford Edge)

"the front seats are very comfortable on short or long trips (two trips to South Carolina from Michigan)"

Anonymous, MI (2012 Ford Edge)

"very uncomfortable seats, worse than riding in an old truck. Hard ride, feel all the bumps in the road"

K W., NC (2012 Ford Edge)

"Very comfortable ride."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Ford Edge)

"Best seats i’vE had in a car. Very comfortable."

Anonymous, MI (2012 Ford Edge)

"Very comfortable seats, quiet ride."

Robert H., SD (2012 Ford Edge)

"quiet ride"

Anonymous, PA (2012 Ford Edge)

"I consider way above average undesireable road noise coming through body from tires contact with roadway"

Anonymous, TX (2012 Ford Edge)

"very comfortable ride for a pick up truck. (or any vehicle!) Lots of room both front and back and love being up a bit higher while on the highways."

Moira J., DE (2012 Ford Edge)

"It has a truck-like ride. Not as smooth as I would like"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Edge)

"Like the WEIGHT and VISIBILITY all around for secure handling of the Edge. It would be good if the ride were quieter...cannot converse with people in back seat. Navigation communication system is JUNK."

Anonymous, MI (2012 Ford Edge)

"Very quiet and comfortable ride and cools down quickly"

Anonymous, FL (2012 Ford Edge)

"Good fuel economy, VERY nice to drive, well appointed"

Anonymous, BC (2012 Ford Edge)

"Short, non-supportive front seats. Noisier than expected for the price. Front headrests are poorly positioned and force one's head into a non-natural and very uncomfortable position."

Anonymous, CT (2012 Ford Edge)

"This is my second Ford Edge. Before this I had a 2002 RAV4. The Ford Edge gives me much better support for my thighs on long rides. The vehicle is also much quieter than the RAV4 as far as the wind goes."

DANIELLE B., AL (2012 Ford Edge)

"Seems to be more road noise than I'd expect."

Anonymous, WI (2012 Ford Edge)

"Nice ride"

MICHAEL M., WI (2012 Ford Edge)

"comfortable seats, well padded and can adjust to drivers needs. Climate control is easy to understand and set Noise - very limited sounds when windows are up enter the vehicle."

Anonymous, MA (2012 Ford Edge)

"Car is not as quiet as I would like in some driving situations"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Edge)

"A lot of road noise. Edge definitely need some kind of insulation to cut down noise."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Ford Edge)

"Seating extremely comfortable, climate control works well for both driver & passenger. Ride is smooth with the exception of steering has not been smooth for the last 40,000 miles but we're told there's nothing wrong."

PATRICK D., MT (2012 Ford Edge)


JOE G., FL (2012 Ford Edge)

"The driver's seat leans in and uncomfortable manner which I am unable to fix even with the many setting options"

Lisa F., GA (2012 Ford Edge)

"I'm a tall driver. Driver compartment uncomfortable. Probably a function of my size and not design"

Anonymous, AB (2012 Ford Edge)

"Answered in an earlier question"

Michael W., IN (2012 Ford Edge)

"Seats are comfortable but this vehicle does seem to sway somewhat on the road."

Watts K., VA (2012 Ford Edge)

"good visibility quiet ride"

Dave S., MI (2012 Ford Edge)

"There is a greater degree of road noise than I would prefer."

Anonymous, KS (2012 Ford Edge)

"Comparing to other suv's of similar size, Edge beats all that I have ridden in ride quality, is quieter and more comfortable."

Dick H., FL (2012 Ford Edge)

"over the years the ride has gotten unsmooth and a little rough, road noise has increased considerably"

Anonymous, TX (2012 Ford Edge)

"Very comfortable and sits you high enough off the ground to be easily able to see around you."

Bill B., VA (2012 Ford Edge)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"While I was able to negotiate an acceptable price when I purchased this vehicle new, the final price was still quite high. I assumed Ford would stand behind this product and they have with the exception the terribly over priced infotainment/navigation system. The Ford Sync My Touch system received fairly regular software updates for the first three years I owned this car. After that, software support became scarce and the last update was in August of 2015. Ford appears to have totally abandoned those of us who still own these cars after only a few years. I intend to keep this car for at least another 5 years and I am increasingly angry that Ford has failed to continue support for the costly system. The navigation system was also very over priced and does not work any better than a cheap hand held GPS. My android smart phone has a far superior mapping/ GPS system than my Ford in dash system. The navigation system gets map updates via a thumb drive sold by a third party vendor that are issued annually. These USB drives cost $150.00 each which is patently obscene. To make matters worse, the "update" drives contain map data that is at least 3 years old. The last drive I purchased lacked information on newer roads in my area that were nearly four years old. Complaints to Ford fall on deaf ears and customers are referred to the map update vendor who couldn't care less about the issue and advised me to buy a newer car if I was unhappy with their map data. I really like my Ford Edge but I will probably not buy another Ford because of their failure to mitigate these problems."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Ford Edge)

"Value depreciated Much for and faster than I anticipated."

Susan E., VA (2012 Ford Edge)

"I don’t like the Navigation system. Electronics are questionable. When a electronic door lock fails that’s a safety issue and s/b be fixed by the mfg at no cost to the customer."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Edge)

"I am a careful driver but I've not gotten the advertised mpgs. Fuel-wise, it's an expensive car to drive. Other than that it's been quite satisfactory."

JERE J., CO (2012 Ford Edge)

"We feel that almost 5 years and 55000 miles with no problems for a comfortable loaded suv is a bargain for 35k."

H K., MD (2012 Ford Edge)

"Navigation system could be better."

PAUL C., OH (2012 Ford Edge)

"It has been a very reliable car that hasn't required any major repairs only ordinary maintenance. When there has been any safety recall issues it was easily dealt with by our dealer."

Josef L., NY (2012 Ford Edge)

"It was a great value for the money. It looks good handles well. It holds everything I use it for. The 3.5 v6 is very peppy."

Anonymous, TN (2012 Ford Edge)

"I think you get a great performing vehicle for not too much money."

N W., MI (2012 Ford Edge)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Just the computer system, they changed it but now it doesn't have the sync syster"

Anonymous, NY (2012 Ford Edge)

Would you buy this car again?

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