The Edge has good interior space, easy access, and sprightly engines in either its V6 or turbocharged four-cylinder versions. The overall package falls short though, due to so-so refinement and driving dynamics. The MyFord Touch controls force you to take your eyes off the road far too much. Even simpler controls in lower-level models are distracting.
There are 3 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"It is a fun vehicle to drive."

W R., OH (2011 Ford Edge)

"Acceleration, ,fuel economy (V6 ENGINE) ,and visibility (especially since I am tall) are all excellent."

Anonymous, ON (2011 Ford Edge)

"I am told that to improve mileage, which does not work, the acceleration on the highway feels inadequate. The vehicle often labors on hills, especially for a 285? engine. The ride and handling are good. The noise level needs improvement, both wind noise and tire rumble."

David B., NJ (2011 Ford Edge)

"The V6 gets up and moves. I have found myself doing 90plus before I realized it because it drives and handles so smoothly and quietly."

James B., SC (2011 Ford Edge)

"Ride is hard but tight. Poor acceleration, transmission is lacking !"

John Z., MI (2011 Ford Edge)

"To me it is a very nice highway car. Quiet on the road, good gas mileage. When you enter a highway you have enough power to accelerate into traffic without any problem."

Francis D., IL (2011 Ford Edge)

"good power solid ride very comfortable"

Anonymous, IA (2011 Ford Edge)

"After 8 years of driving I still receive positive comments on the looks of the automobile. I have the Sport model that is low slung to the ground on skinny tires. The paint looks almost as good as the day I picked up the car."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Ford Edge)

"Occasionally we experience uneven shifts. Typically happens when slowing down and then accelerating. Transmission hesitates and the roughly engages."

D M., ON (2011 Ford Edge)

"powerful engine, excellent transmission, agile handling, fun to drive"

William L., CT (2011 Ford Edge)

"Good acceleration and handling."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Ford Edge)

"The has very good acceleration. It is very stable in directional changes and gives you a feeling of stability"

Anonymous, MI (2011 Ford Edge)

"Handles well for an all-wheel drive SUV."

Laurie H., NY (2011 Ford Edge)

"I enjoy how it looks and feels when it drives"

Anonymous, CA (2011 Ford Edge)

"Winter traction is amazing, we live on a steep hill and have driven around many stuck vehicles ( They had to back out. )"

Mike S., VT (2011 Ford Edge)

"it has a rough ride. hit a small hole and it feels like its a big hole."

Anonymous, TN (2011 Ford Edge)

"great engine for merging into highway traffic great comfortable ride handles very well in traffic."

Francis D., IL (2011 Ford Edge)

"Strong acceleration from the V6 with reasonable fuel economy. It is a comfortable and substantial well built vehicle which has served us well with virtually no maintenance."

Gary M., CA (2011 Ford Edge)

"Good acceleration and great handling especially in bad weather and would love to buy a new one but my wife can't see out of the vehicle very well because the body was changed"

Anonymous, IN (2011 Ford Edge)

"For its size, it has quick acceleration response off the line"

John S., ON (2011 Ford Edge)

"Love the avoidance feature for trafic"

Anonymous, WA (2011 Ford Edge)

"Easy to drive.."

Anonymous, NM (2011 Ford Edge)

"Acceleration could be better. Doesn't stall, but takes longer to get up to speed."

Anonymous, FL (2011 Ford Edge)

"Responsive, smooth"

MARK F., WA (2011 Ford Edge)

"The V6 engine has excellent power and 21 mpg."

DAVID B., WA (2011 Ford Edge)

"I have nothing but praise for my Edge and I had to buy this car site unseen after an accident destroyed my Explorer and I had special ordered my Escape(a 4 month wait) and sold my 2nd car.Like I said previously stated this is a road car I have had no problems with anything in or about this vehicle."

FRANK D., IL (2011 Ford Edge)

"Vehicle has a hesitation when accelerating and the computer cannot understand what I say. I speak English, just from the South."

JAMES B., NM (2011 Ford Edge)

"At nearly 6 years old, I have only had one problem with the Edge (bad myfordtouch) in year 1. The car is solid, dependable, well styled, comfortable, practice, and enjoyable to drive."

GARY M., CA (2011 Ford Edge)

"The ford sync program and there silly screen system is a real piece of work. I got an extra 5 year warranty from ford. The dealers were told to never bad mouth it but to play dumb. Also, twicw ive had the car in to find my problem was on recall. Funny ford never told us. There new mantra, say nothing but cover it if they come in. Tranmission and batteries."

C F., MN (2011 Ford Edge)

"It can sometimes have sluggish acceleration"

Anonymous, NY (2011 Ford Edge)


RICHARD F., IL (2011 Ford Edge)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Panoramic sunroof has constant rattle"

Jonathan T., AZ (2011 Ford Edge)

"seat has torn"

Anonymous, IL (2011 Ford Edge)

"The seats are wide enough to be comfortable. Plus, ther heated seat feature is great in winter."

Anonymous, FL (2011 Ford Edge)

"The Ride is nice on long trips"

Anonymous, ON (2011 Ford Edge)

"comfortable and quiet ride with good acceleration with a sporty look."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Ford Edge)

"Very good comfort. Ford makes the best car seats in the industry."

Dave A., OH (2011 Ford Edge)

"Road noise is very audible, head rests are at an odd angle and makes the seating somewhat uncomfortable."

Mary G., TX (2011 Ford Edge)

"I find the seats in the Edge to be quite hard. They are fine for short jaunts but for longer distance I have had a much more comfortable ride in GM products"

Anonymous, ON (2011 Ford Edge)

"seats are comfortable for short rides, but deteriorate over time. noise level acceptable, but not as quiet as buick enclave"

Martin C., FL (2011 Ford Edge)

"The seats are too short for people who have long legs. Very uncomfortable on trips more than 2 hours long. I feel like I am sitting on a stool. The head rest is too far forward. No natural head position."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Ford Edge)

"Front seats are very adjustable and comfortable. The noise level from wind and road are minimual compared to other vehicles we have owned."

James B., SC (2011 Ford Edge)

"I like how all I have to do is push 1 button and the seats and mirrors adjust to my position."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Ford Edge)

"The passenger seat is unconformable."

Mark D., TX (2011 Ford Edge)

"the electric driver seat has many adj. points so that long drives are less fatiguing on your body. I use this vehicle for vacation transportation and enjoy driving it for hours at a time."

Anonymous, NJ (2011 Ford Edge)

"I have a bad back. The lumbar support is outstanding. The ride is relatively smooth considering it's an SUV. Seats are easily adjustable. Unfortunately, the rear seat doesn't fold down flat."

Anonymous, PA (2011 Ford Edge)

"Seats are very comfortable, a little noisy and the ride is more sport car like."

Fritz K., FL (2011 Ford Edge)

"Availability of lumbar support on driver and passenger side."

Anonymous, PA (2011 Ford Edge)

"VERY comfortable, even after a long day's drive. Easy to get in and out of. Smooth ride, good handling. Pretty quiet, considering its age."

David G., AR (2011 Ford Edge)

"Comfortable and quite ride"

Anonymous, IN (2011 Ford Edge)

"It is very comfortable to drive, seating, heat and air, vision to see traffic, etc."

Anonymous, GA (2011 Ford Edge)

"Ride is great for a SUV with 20" rims and low profile tires. The leather is holding up to a dog and new baby."

Mike S., VT (2011 Ford Edge)

"A bit too much road noise, but otherwise satisfied."

JACK A., AR (2011 Ford Edge)

"Very comfortable ride. Lowe noise. Climate control is good."

ROB M., OH (2011 Ford Edge)

"Solid handling and control, never feel weary after a long trip, smooth ride"

ALFRED V., AZ (2011 Ford Edge)

"Head rest have very limited adjustment. Only move up and down."

LEROY R., MN (2011 Ford Edge)

"I am totally comfortable in this car like it was personally made for me. Comfort & ride are superb. Sound system is fantastic! Best ride I've ever had."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Ford Edge)

"It'seems QUIET. Even with snow tires, we get a quiet ride."

SCOTT W., AK (2011 Ford Edge)

"Outside noise is somewhat loud"

ROBERT G., MA (2011 Ford Edge)

"the most comforting vehicle have ever driven on long drives , 9/10 hours on the road"

GLENN K., FL (2011 Ford Edge)

"The forward pointing headrests, although a safety feature, pointed so far forward that it actually caused muscle issues in my wife's neck and shoulders. She had multiple chiropractor appointments to fix the issues. Once she stopped riding in the Edge and took over driving our Dodge Ram, the issues went away. We traded the Edge on a Subaru Forester a few days ago and the comfort is infinitely better."

Anonymous, OK (2011 Ford Edge)

"Comfort,ride,handling,performance,good climate control, Good navigation system,easy to program.nice interior. I would like it more if it was quieter inside when on then road."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Ford Edge)

"The climate control and volume is hard to fine tune. You either have full blast or you can turn it off. I haven't been able to figure out how to get my car to maintain a certain temperature without freezing or burning my feet or face. You have the ability to select the numeric temperature you want, but the temperature of the air never really changes. The volume is either too low or the next notch up is way too loud."

NICOLE C., MO (2011 Ford Edge)

"Dashboard controls are a pain. I like to "feel" without having to look for buttons/switches. These electronic displays are very disconcerting when driving."

Anonymous, AZ (2011 Ford Edge)

"Works for local short trips. Over the road city to city driving very uncomfortable. (I am 6' tall)"

J K., IL (2011 Ford Edge)

"The driver's compartment doesn't have as much room as my F 150 pickup"

W R., OH (2011 Ford Edge)

"Rough ride. If you are sleeping in the passenger seat, the car will bounce your head off the seat."

JOHN C., MI (2011 Ford Edge)


Anonymous, AZ (2011 Ford Edge)

"I am 69 yo and this IS the best highway driving car I have ever had.If I forget to put the cruse on I find myself doing over 80mph the ride is so smooth and quiet."

FRANK D., IL (2011 Ford Edge)

"Road noise is a bit annoying. Radio or a CD playing helps muff it. Also rides a bit rough."

Anonymous, IN (2011 Ford Edge)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I like the ride that the car has. The seats are a good height and are high enough that it is easy to get out of the car."

W R., OH (2011 Ford Edge)

"Overall the SUV still looks stylish after 7 years of usage."

Anonymous, FL (2011 Ford Edge)

"Lots of cargo space, smooth engine and transmission."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Ford Edge)

"The vehicle has been mostly faultless since we bought it new. The only repair required later became a vehicle recall and we got reimbursed for our previous repair expense."

Stephen S., MO (2011 Ford Edge)

"You can pick this car up at a great price(without the gadgets) for a good price.Use your I phone instead of paying extra for gadgets! Fits five comfortable, drives great on the highway and good gas mileage.Enough room in the rear for a lot of things"

Francis D., IL (2011 Ford Edge)

"Given the weight, design, and features the auto is over priced."

Anonymous, TN (2011 Ford Edge)

"This car is the Limited version with all of the bells and whistles. Even though it is 6 years old, I have adaptive cruise control, BLISS, and the emergency braking warning system, along with the great Sync system. Once they got the initial bugs out of the software, it is my favorite feature."

Gary M., CA (2011 Ford Edge)

"Probably the best vehicle we have ever owned.Other than strut bearings { a minor thing} we have spent no money on this vehicle,it still has the original tires at 93000 K.!!! The sync system is a little cumbersome,but that is greatly improved in 2016 with sync 3."

Herbert H., SK (2011 Ford Edge)

"An excellent SUV"

Sam G., IL (2011 Ford Edge)

"great highway car. at 65mph I get 27 mpg ride very smooth fits 4 adults very comfortable enough room for luggage also"

Francis D., IL (2011 Ford Edge)

"The Edge is a good multi-use vehicle. Plenty of room for 4-5 passengers. good cargo space, acceptable fuel economy. AC/heat work well, phone and sound systems are good. Lots of well-thought out features that are standard in the SEL (mid) level package."

David G., AR (2011 Ford Edge)

"For what I paid it has been a real value!"

Anonymous, CA (2011 Ford Edge)

"We got good value, but Ford said the SUV was able to be towed behind an RV. It is not. The battery dies. We have had to add wiring to stop the dying. In hindsight, we would have bought a Chevy Traverse, which does not require modification."

Anonymous, FL (2011 Ford Edge)

"Cost too much compared to other vehicles of same size and features."

J M., MI (2011 Ford Edge)

"Great used car value, especially when purchased loaded with options."

MARTIN C., FL (2011 Ford Edge)


Anonymous, MN (2011 Ford Edge)


Anonymous, CA (2011 Ford Edge)

"great car over the last 5 years with nothing other than regular maint"

ED A., AZ (2011 Ford Edge)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Style still seems up to date."

ALFRED V., AZ (2011 Ford Edge)

"Sporty looking"

MARK F., WA (2011 Ford Edge)

"Very comfortable car"

Anonymous, NM (2011 Ford Edge)

Would you buy this car again?

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