The Edge has good interior space, easy access, and sprightly engines in either its V6 or turbocharged four-cylinder versions. The overall package falls short though, due to so-so refinement and driving dynamics. The MyFord Touch controls force you to take your eyes off the road far too much. Even simpler controls in lower-level models are distracting.
There are 2 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Drives like a truck, hard to handle for a woman."

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Ford Edge)

"The car handles great in all types of weather. It has great acceleration and braking as well."

PAN G., FL (2013 Ford Edge)


RICHARD E., GA (2013 Ford Edge)

"Acceleration is good but the engine growls too loud. I don't like that. Too much wind noise. Too much noise from warning beeps when backing up. Braking is good."

JERRY G., MN (2013 Ford Edge)

"I love the roomy ness of the driver/passenger compartments. Very confortable to ride in."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Ford Edge)

"Since the vehicle was new, there has occasionally been a pronounced hesitation in the acceleration if I am driving at a lower speed and need to accelerate quickly. The dealer service department denies being able to identify a problem, but it is there and I must be prepared to compensate for it when I drive."

CECILIA L., MI (2013 Ford Edge)

"Acceleration handling very good"

Anonymous, ON (2013 Ford Edge)

"the 3.6L motor makes this vehicle a rocket when accelerating. It is surprisingly fast."

TERESA K., NC (2013 Ford Edge)

"Acceleration lags ie. when entering expressway doesnt have good power."

DONALD D., MI (2013 Ford Edge)

"Cabin is not as quiet as I would like"

Anonymous, IL (2013 Ford Edge)

"All wheel drive is great when you live in a northern climate."

Anonymous, WI (2013 Ford Edge)

"For its class, it's a fun car to drive and handles very well. However the transmission has a very harsh 2-3 upshift and is reluctant to downshift 3-2. Ford has deemed these issues to be normal. This one issue is the only negative I can really give."

THOMAS S., MB (2013 Ford Edge)

"Good for a road trip car with ample cargo space and every safety known to man, but it accelerates and whines like a tiny 4 cylinder huffing up a mountain, even on fairly gradual inclines. It isn't fun to drive by any means."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Ford Edge)

"Sluggish or slow acceleration. Doesn't respond when I yell at it to go faster !! Handles nicely"

Anonymous, KY (2013 Ford Edge)

"It's very fun to drive but there is a "dead spot" in the acceleration. Not bad but it does take the fun down a notch."

Anonymous, OK (2013 Ford Edge)

"sufficient except for poor gas mileage"

JOAN M., MA (2013 Ford Edge)

"This smaller Ford SUV has surprising and dependable spunk for those times when unexpected and sudden additional power is needed."

LOUANDA K., IN (2013 Ford Edge)

"Just got back from a 2000 mile trip and averaged for the trip26 MPG, one tank at 29.1 MPG."

D G., SC (2013 Ford Edge)

"AWD is great, engine responsiveness, handling"

Craig O., FL (2013 Ford Edge)

"Acceleration is horrible because of the Ecoboost system. I get only 20.1 mpg instead of the advertised 30 mpg."

Kathi V., KS (2013 Ford Edge)

"Handless well in all kinds of weather."

David C., NY (2013 Ford Edge)

"We like this car and it handles well - smooth acceleration and braking. Not a sports car, but not meant to be. Not loud or draggy."

Anonymous, IA (2013 Ford Edge)

"easy to drive and handle"

Anonymous, NE (2013 Ford Edge)

"Fun to drive with turbo 4cyl and the extra torque. Fuel mileage leaves something to be desired when compared to similar sized and equipped vehicles."

Shaun M., IA (2013 Ford Edge)

"Outstanding handling over Detroit areas pot-holed roads, great acceleration for highway merging, highly capable all wheel drive to drive with confidence in the snow, drives like a car with the capabilities of a truck!"

John S., MI (2013 Ford Edge)

"This edge Has more precise handling Compared to other SUVs we have owned, And the 3.5 L V6 Accelerates like a rocket While at the same time providing decent fuel economy."

Anonymous, NC (2013 Ford Edge)

"Got great deal when buying the vehicle so it has been a great value. Rides very comfortably. Seats are a little firm. Has good acceleration at any speed and handles great. Good off road and snow vehicle."

Anonymous, OR (2013 Ford Edge)

"A very comfortable vehicle."

Edward S., IL (2013 Ford Edge)

"Drives handling so well and firm"

Anonymous, LA (2013 Ford Edge)

"Love the V6, it provides the right amount of power to accelerate on the freeway, passing, and climbing inclines. Handles nicely around bends."

Daniel D., VA (2013 Ford Edge)

"The handling is good. Somewhat slower acceleration but I personally like that."

Anonymous, SD (2013 Ford Edge)

"Good acceleration"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Ford Edge)

"Large blinds spots. Must check both mirrors and look over shoulder"

Anonymous, FL (2013 Ford Edge)

"Great and more than sufficient power, still handles great, still comfortable on long trips, could not ask for better"

Anonymous, CO (2013 Ford Edge)

"It is responsive when I need it to be. It is very easy to handle and feels like it is glued to the road when taking high speed curves"

Anonymous, MN (2013 Ford Edge)

"Under powered"

Jeffrey M., MN (2013 Ford Edge)

"It has good acceleration and handling for a SUV"

Lewis H., CA (2013 Ford Edge)

"very good acceleration from stopped or moving locations, corners well and handles well in traffic"

Ross K., WA (2013 Ford Edge)

"is comfortable to drive and has good power. i dxon't like the play in the transmission in stop & go."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Ford Edge)

"very good on long trips and mosstly wife can drive it well"

Gerald W., MI (2013 Ford Edge)

"Acceleration and handling is very good."

Michael R., CA (2013 Ford Edge)

"Very happy with acceleration and handling, ride could be a little smoother."

Robert H., GA (2013 Ford Edge)

"This vehicle has a nice balances ride comfort with hugging the road. It is a pleasure to drive and is great on wet and snowy roads."

Timothy S., MI (2013 Ford Edge)

"fast as a bullet, easy handling"

David F., FL (2013 Ford Edge)

"The car handles just as I need it to. I bought it new in Sept 2013 it has done everything I have asked of it. No mechanical problems at all. If there is a problem it would be road noise, I have to turn radio up to hear it when driving on the interstate."

Robert W., TX (2013 Ford Edge)

"EcoBoost provides great acceleration with fine economy. Very good confident handling & brakes, The quiet ride and performance of a quality product."

Anonymous, MD (2013 Ford Edge)

"The 3.5 ltr V6 is a real gem of an engine and 285 hp is more than enough power. The FWD SEL Edge handles much better than some sedans and is very poised on any road surface. With the 20 inch wheels it feels well planted and predictable, I feel that it is a very underrated SUV WHEN COMPARED to its market position"

Anonymous, NC (2013 Ford Edge)

"overall happy with vehicle"

Anonymous, MI (2013 Ford Edge)

"Our Edge saved our lives. On a very foggy night, 01/26/2015, we were struck headon by a unlicened, uninsured 66 year old woman in a Pontiac G6. The fog was so thick that I was reduced to 42mph. I saw her head lights with just enough time to crank the steering wheel and apply the brakes. She struck the Edge on the driver's side of the front end, at 55+mph, and sent us airbourne. My wife was in the passenger seat with her right leg extended. She suffered five fractures in her foot that required three surgerys -an infection-very limited articulation of the ankle-permanent limp-and a limitation on how many steps she can take, a gash in her left arm from the center council that required nine stiches and multiple contusions. My ankle and the lower inch of my Tibia & Fibula were reduced to corn flakes. After four surgies my right foot is still attached! The ankle area is not frozen, no ankle really, I have about five degrees of articulation and basically can't walk downhill. But we are alive! If you looked pass the airbags and the driver's door you almost couldn't it had been in a horric crash by the looks of the interior. The front end collapsed just as it was designed to. After sending us airbourne the other driver still had enough momentum to strike, and total, my son's Mazda 8. The Edge was responsive in it's handling, a comfort to drive and it acceleration was great."

Richard O., OR (2013 Ford Edge)

"This vehicle has plenty of power. Easy on tires and handles well when passing. No sway nor lean, very solid."

D G., SC (2013 Ford Edge)

"Comfortable, nice ride, goo milage"

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Ford Edge)

"Good pickup, and plenty of power. I would get all wheel drive next time. Handling is very good, with good visibility. A lot of road noise in hwy driving."

Stanley R., MI (2013 Ford Edge)

"The 3.5 liter v-6 is like a rocket. It has power to go up hill in the mountains without lagging."

Anonymous, NC (2013 Ford Edge)

"Absolute pleasure to drive, handles like a dream, acceleration great when you need to pass"

Robt L., NY (2013 Ford Edge)

"Handles well and was well around corners"

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Ford Edge)

"I'd say The acceleration is fine for my needs.. But maybe a bit sluggish for others. It handles nicely in traffic.. Very responsive. But probably my favorite feature is "Gap". I hope to never have another vehicle without it. When using cruise it senses the speed/distance of the vehicle you're following or approaching and slows down if necessary without having to bit The brake. It's fantastic!"

Anonymous, NC (2013 Ford Edge)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The seats would be better if they were perforated to allow airflow on the back."

JOE B., CA (2013 Ford Edge)

"Quiet interior, solid feel even on rough roads"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Ford Edge)

"Handling is great. The seats aren't adjustable enough for me. I have a bad knee and the front edge of the seat puts pressure under it. Road noise is a minor problem. Just enough to force you to turn the radio or stereo up."

DAVID T., AL (2013 Ford Edge)

"Love range of seat positions. Little noise, smooth ride."

CONNIE B., FL (2013 Ford Edge)

"Being tall, the drivers seat is not as roomy as I would like. Overal comfort is very good"

JASON M., OH (2013 Ford Edge)

"The drivers seat does not lower enough to keep my head from hitting the roof. My left butt cheek gets un comfortable when driving a short distance, and really uncomfortable on long drives. I have to adjust my self in my seat to get comfortable. This has caused the seat to squeak. When I sit in any of the other seats including the back seat I am fine."

PAUL G., VA (2013 Ford Edge)

"EXTREME Pressure by salesman, including taking the keys. Over priced. Seats NOT comfortable and had to be augmented by foam pillows. Electronic display overly complicated and distracting from driving. Too duplicative, and uses too many different ways to accomplish the same thing. Hard to see dash in direct sunlight. Dealer chintzes out on new wipers. Last time at dealer, got charged $44 for cleaning, vacuuming which had to be repeated 3 times before we left in disgust. If they can't do that what"

Anonymous, FL (2013 Ford Edge)

"I recently took this car on a 1000 mile trip during a very hot summer. This car was so comfortable while driving and being a passenger. The car made the trip easy and enjoyable."

CLAUDIA B., OH (2013 Ford Edge)

"Lack of leg room for driver, especially left leg and foot"

Anonymous, NC (2013 Ford Edge)

"The Eco-Boost is great. Outperforms the old engines hands-down."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Ford Edge)

"I am 5'0" tall and weigh 220#. I searched for an SUV with front seat structure and controls that allowed comfort, positioning, and total visibility. The Ford Edge Limited Edition has electronic seat controls that permit the seat to move upward and forward, allow the thigh resting area to tilt upward or downward, and enable the lumbar area to increase or decrease curve support. With the addition of power control side view mirrors and seat/mirror position memory for two drivers, I am able to e"

LOUANDA K., IN (2013 Ford Edge)

"Good/smooth road car, not so hot in town due to pumpy suspension."

KEN W., TX (2013 Ford Edge)

"I have back issues and the lumbar support is very good; power seats. Temp control seems very accurate."

LINDA F., KS (2013 Ford Edge)

"Road noise from tires has gotten louder over time"

RICHARD W., AZ (2013 Ford Edge)

"When i turn on the Max cooling level and then want to return to regular A/C, I turn off Max but then I have to manually increase the temperature from the Max of 60 to where I want it (usually 75). This is VERY annoying. I hate that I can't control how high or low the rear hatch door opens. It keeps getting caught AND scratched by my open garage door. I would like to have a warning sound if I accidentally drive with the rear hatch door up."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Ford Edge)

"It's to small for me to fit comfortly in."

GERALD B., SC (2013 Ford Edge)


RICHARD E., GA (2013 Ford Edge)

"oh those heated leather seats...LOVE THEM!"

MARY B., IL (2013 Ford Edge)

"Fairly comfortable ride"

RAYMOND L., PA (2013 Ford Edge)


Anonymous, PA (2013 Ford Edge)

"The back of the seat could be flatter. It is too contoured."

ROBERT T., MO (2013 Ford Edge)

"Extremely satisfied. My Edge is the best SUV I have even owned. Hss plenty of power when needed and Is very comfortable on long trips."

DAVID M., TX (2013 Ford Edge)

"Rear seats should slide for extra leg room."

WILLIE T., SC (2013 Ford Edge)

"Excellent driving, quiet, comfortable"

MICHAEL P., DE (2013 Ford Edge)

"The steering requires a lot of effort on the part of the driver compared to other vehicles within this price range."

BRYAN F., KY (2013 Ford Edge)

"the ease of entering and exiting vehicle for my body frame. For me, extremely non tiring to drive long distance."

PAUL C., OH (2013 Ford Edge)

"seat is just average in comfort,"

Anonymous, AL (2013 Ford Edge)

"Great comfort for long trips."

ROBERT B., WI (2013 Ford Edge)

"Best seating ever. Very comfortable and spacious for all seats. Good firm handeli g and response. Love panoramic sun roof. Very quiet."

Anonymous, OR (2013 Ford Edge)

"I swear there is an empty plastic water bottle rolling around inside a door panel or space I can't get to. I hear it when I stop or start quickly."

Laurel L., CA (2013 Ford Edge)

"very comfortable seats, good vision in all directions, quiet and smooth ride, easy handling"

Ross K., WA (2013 Ford Edge)

"Nice quiet ride"

Raymond L., PA (2013 Ford Edge)

"Quiet, Comfortable seats with adjustments"

John H., NY (2013 Ford Edge)

"Seating is more comfortable and relaxing"

Anonymous, LA (2013 Ford Edge)

"Nice ride and quiet. Good performance. Wish gas mileage was better."

Edward S., IL (2013 Ford Edge)

"The seats in the 2013 edge are great, very comfortable and adjust to what I like. They are especially comfortable on a long drive."

Elizabeth K., AZ (2013 Ford Edge)

"passenger seat very uncomfortable compared to drivers seat."

Anonymous, TN (2013 Ford Edge)

"still quite comfortable- seats, handling, etc; noise low- barely hear engine even with windows down and in quiet area"

Anonymous, CO (2013 Ford Edge)

"car is very quiet at most of all speed ranges. The all wheel drive is fantastic in the snow, and the front seats are super warm on cold days."

John P., MD (2013 Ford Edge)

"Very comfortable seating and modest exterior noise."

Ron K., MO (2013 Ford Edge)

"Extremely comfortable and luxurious vehicle for midsize suv."

Shaun M., IA (2013 Ford Edge)

"passenger seating comfort, ride smoothness"

Craig O., FL (2013 Ford Edge)

"I truly enjoy my Ford Edge, but I think there is more work to be done on creating a comfortable space. Seats could be softer, space enlarged especially around knew (and I'm a small person) and noise level could be lessened (for that I blame the tires and being so much closer to the road level (I'm used to big 4WD's)...but all in all the ride is a very good one and the car handles quite fact it's got a rather sporty drive to it. I find all the control functional and extremely useful."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Ford Edge)

"Ford seats of this generation are church pew hard but not all that supportive."

Anonymous, MD (2013 Ford Edge)

"Extremely comfortable seats. Quiet, smooth ride."

Edmond M., VA (2013 Ford Edge)

"very smooth, comfortable riding"

Marc L., AB (2013 Ford Edge)

"Seats are very comfortable and cabin and ride are also comfortable. We take longer trips, about 8 hours numerous times a year and are very comfortable in the vehicle on those trips."

Daniel D., VA (2013 Ford Edge)

"This is a comfortable vehicle to drive/ride in. It is also very easy to get into and out of."

Timothy S., MI (2013 Ford Edge)

"Very comfortable ride and power seats"

Anonymous, MN (2013 Ford Edge)

"The ride is smooth and comfortable. I love the heated seats. There is some what of a limited view when parking or backing up."

Anonymous, SD (2013 Ford Edge)

"The Edge seats are hard and really not built for comfort. Driving noise is significant and when the rear windows are down it makes an unbearable sound."

Anonymous, TN (2013 Ford Edge)

"Comfortable seats"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Ford Edge)

"Steady handling, tight.stromg feel to the body. Seats are very comfortable."

Anonymous, NC (2013 Ford Edge)

"it feels good , the noise level is low."

Willie T., SC (2013 Ford Edge)

"Extremely comfortable ride."

Patrick S., MN (2013 Ford Edge)

"There's nothing bad that I have experienced about the comfort of this Edge. It's a very quiet ride, the seats are very comfortable, there's plenty of room, and easy to get in and out. The quality is also apparent since it is showing no wear on the leather. Also, the seat/back warmer is The Best I've experienced."

Anonymous, NC (2013 Ford Edge)

"Very comfortable vehicle even on longer drives."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Ford Edge)

"Leather seats are very comfortable"

Jack S., FL (2013 Ford Edge)

"The seats are rather flat, feel like a bench seat more than a bucket seat with very little shaping or side support."

Scott H., MA (2013 Ford Edge)

"Great deal @ $32,000"

Alan H., BC (2013 Ford Edge)

"Milage is good, seats are comfortable, nice ride"

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Ford Edge)

"That's Easter comfortable accelerate 12"

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Ford Edge)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"All facets of this car are excellent. It the best vehicle we have owned."

DONALD F., TX (2013 Ford Edge)

"It's Been A Very Good Car From Day One."

KENNETH B., MI (2013 Ford Edge)

"pleased with the purchase"

Anonymous, MI (2013 Ford Edge)

"more interior color choices"

STEVE F., TX (2013 Ford Edge)

"Poor paint. Chips very easily. Gas mileage sub-par"

JOAN M., MA (2013 Ford Edge)

"Final price was WAY over the top,because of add on for maintenance, etc. The issues with the car might be able to be rectified.The Dealer? Not so much."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Ford Edge)

"22"tires noisy"

Anonymous, ON (2013 Ford Edge)

"The cost of the Edge seems higher than competitors."

JASON M., OH (2013 Ford Edge)

"paid for the eco-boost expecting mpg of 23-30 but getting only 17 on average, 22 at most"

KIMBERLEY C., CA (2013 Ford Edge)

"Reliable and dependable! Good value!"

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Ford Edge)

"Car was totaled. Hit in the drivers door. Air bag deployed, three persons in the car no one hurt. I will buy an Edge again."

THOMAS K., MI (2013 Ford Edge)

"We just Love everything about this vehicle except we wish it would get better gas mileage."

HENRY B., MD (2013 Ford Edge)

"My front wheel drive vehicle is very economical given the size and ability of this vehicle. I routinely tow about 1500 lbs with no problems."

Anonymous, MA (2013 Ford Edge)

"good price for a sweet ride"

William A., NY (2013 Ford Edge)

"Personally, I think the Edge is overpriced...but all AWD's seem to be grossly overpriced."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Ford Edge)

"Overpriced. Engineering flaws, i.e. air vent direction levers, location of door handle too close to door hinge, no flat surfaces inside the vehicle"

Anonymous, FL (2013 Ford Edge)

"Has been very reliable, getss reasonible mileage, and is comfortable"

Anonymous, PA (2013 Ford Edge)

"Great car for older people. Great amooth ride and excellent audio. Very roomy and comfortable."

Garry-Marilyn R., AZ (2013 Ford Edge)

"The rear seats fold down and have come in very handy over the years. Every thing in the car works well and makes the driving more pleasant than most vehicles I have driven over the years. I have not had the car in the shop for any reason except for normal wear and tear, i.e. tires, oil, etc."

John P., MD (2013 Ford Edge)

"The Ford Edge is a great value. It rides well, gets good gas mileage and it extremely reliable."

Anonymous, GA (2013 Ford Edge)

"Fabulous deal"

Alan H., BC (2013 Ford Edge)

"Price was right when we bought it and it has held up well. My wife loves it because it is easy for her to put in and remove the golf clubs. Interior is comfortable and shows no sign of wear."

D G., SC (2013 Ford Edge)

"This is a great vehicle. You can take it out on the town or pick up lumber or garden supplies. It gets good gas mileage and is reasonable to service."

Mark S., MI (2013 Ford Edge)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Very attractive interior with easy to read gauges. Trim fits very well. Easy to reach controls."

ED M., VA (2013 Ford Edge)

"It's a very sharp looking car. It remains stylish over the years."

GARRY-MARILYN R., AZ (2013 Ford Edge)

"The Ford Edge is a well built vehicle."

DALLAS J., TN (2013 Ford Edge)

"Still looks new and current"

MICHAEL P., DE (2013 Ford Edge)

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