The Edge has good interior space, easy access, and sprightly engines in either its V6 or turbocharged four-cylinder versions. The overall package falls short though, due to so-so refinement and driving dynamics. The MyFord Touch controls force you to take your eyes off the road far too much. Even simpler controls in lower-level models are distracting.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"I find the Edge very responsive. Acceleration for passing is good and it handles well on gravel or snow, icy conditions."

Anonymous, AB (2014 Ford Edge)

"hard to handle in some conditions very bad acting transmission."

Charlotte G., MS (2014 Ford Edge)

"Love the acceleration especially when passing vehicles."

Anonymous, AR (2014 Ford Edge)

"This vehicle handles well."

Robert O., NV (2014 Ford Edge)

"Fantastic driving vehicle"

Anonymous, TX (2014 Ford Edge)

"It feels solid. The car is comfortable to drive, it handles well and is responsive when I need to accelerate quickly."

Anonymous, KS (2014 Ford Edge)

"Sporty performer"

K H., OH (2014 Ford Edge)

"Great handling, good strong engine coupled with paddle shifter gives great driving sarisfactoon"

Ronald B., FL (2014 Ford Edge)

"Acceleration is good at any speed. Handling is very good in inclement weather - rain, sleet, snow, icey road conditions."

Anonymous, MI (2014 Ford Edge)

"Very comfortable, an absolute pleasure to drive on long trips"

Anonymous, DE (2014 Ford Edge)

"Not under powered. Not over powered. Just right."

Matthew B., WA (2014 Ford Edge)

"Peppy response from the 3.6L. Feels very secure on snow and ice."

Bradley C., IL (2014 Ford Edge)

"Surprising power and handling. Solid, stable platform in all conditions, notable good in severe weather."

Anonymous, WA (2014 Ford Edge)

"Synch system is a little clunky, but I've operated the next generation (Synch 3) and it's much better."

Mark W., VA (2014 Ford Edge)

"Very good acceleration"

Pam L., SC (2014 Ford Edge)

"As previously stated, ride is smooth and handles very well. Headlights are terrible. Cannot see objects on the side of the road while turning a corner. Car should have fog lights."

Carl L., NY (2014 Ford Edge)

"regarding handling, it has an incredible short turning radius, which is especially handy in tight places."

GENE K., NC (2014 Ford Edge)

"It handles great in the winter months. I feel secure on the road as long as I drive sensible. Great view all around the car and backup cam is handy."

DALE B., ME (2014 Ford Edge)

"My Edge is a smoother riding and more comfortable riding vehicle than the Toyota or Chevy SUVs that I have ridden in this past year. It handles very well especially on snow."

CARL L., NY (2014 Ford Edge)

"It is close in feel and handling to a Mustang - fun and relaxing to drive"

Anonymous, TX (2014 Ford Edge)

"This is the single largest issue we have with this vehicle. The torque-steer is horrendous. Smash the gas and you'd better be holding on with both hands, at any speed. Making a U-Turn is the worst. Other than this we love this vehicle. Great acceleration and comfort."

KARL P., TX (2014 Ford Edge)

"Turning radius should be tighter"

RANDOLPH W., NC (2014 Ford Edge)

"I don't like that it is not AWD"

BARBARA A., OH (2014 Ford Edge)


MARCIA J., FL (2014 Ford Edge)

"Difficult to turn when parking as the turning radius is not easy to enter into parking lanes. Also hard to determine the width of the front end when turning to fit into parking space."

RONALD P., MI (2014 Ford Edge)

"Adaptive cruise control is really great. It works well and make driving much easier"

Anonymous, VA (2014 Ford Edge)

"Handling is good in a variety of weather conditions, including snow and ice and dirt roads. Gets fairly good mileage and still has the power to accelerate quickly and maintains speed while driving uphill in the mountains."

KATHY O., CO (2014 Ford Edge)

"The handling is very sluggish"

Anonymous, WA (2014 Ford Edge)

"This car has been very easy to drive. Handling on the highway is very comfortable. Getting in and out of tight places is very easy. Back seat comfort for the grandkids is great."

RONALD P., OH (2014 Ford Edge)

"great driving"

Anonymous, MB (2014 Ford Edge)

"The collision avoidance system works great and I love the adaptive cruise control!"

Anonymous, FL (2014 Ford Edge)

"Very quick with the engine transmission combination, and when we take out with the motor home and I drive up to 9000 feet to my favorite lake to fish it performs wonderfully."

Robert D., CA (2014 Ford Edge)

"Good power and very nimble"

Anonymous, OR (2014 Ford Edge)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Being a larger man the 2014 version still had wide seats, makes for a very comfortable ride."

David H., PA (2014 Ford Edge)

"Gentle controlled ride. Good visiblity."

Mark W., VA (2014 Ford Edge)

"Seats are extremely comfortable, very sedan like quiet, ride is smooth and the sight lines on all sides of the vehicle is great."

Anonymous, MI (2014 Ford Edge)

"Should have purchased a higher level model for greater comfort during long trips."

Mike M., TX (2014 Ford Edge)

"Seats do not allow legs to stretch , very short seats I’m only 5’9‿ and legs get cramped after an hour of driving"

Don T., NC (2014 Ford Edge)

"t is very comfortable for long trips"

Anonymous, TN (2014 Ford Edge)

"Seats are comfortable for a long drive. Cabin is quiet. Ride is comfortable."

Michael G., MI (2014 Ford Edge)

"Easy to get in and to exit. Seat adjustment can be made to allow a 16 hour trip without major discomfort."

Anonymous, MO (2014 Ford Edge)

"The road noise is annoying. Difficult to hear conversations I’m back seat."

Anonymous, OR (2014 Ford Edge)

"Love my seats, especially when I use the heat setting in winter! My ride is smooth & sturdy, & my Edge is quiet & does not sound like a lawnmower. I leased this car for 3 years, then, bought it because I could not find another SUV that was better than my beautiful red Edge!"

Maria L., NY (2014 Ford Edge)

"Seat comfort"

Anonymous, MN (2014 Ford Edge)

"very quiet to outside noises. The seating is very comfortable."

Robert G., MI (2014 Ford Edge)

"Very comfortable but has a few interior noises"

Anonymous, TX (2014 Ford Edge)

"The ride is very stiff and rough at times. The outside noise level is much more than expected from this vehicle."

Anonymous, GA (2014 Ford Edge)

"Not enough leg room."

Ronald O., MN (2014 Ford Edge)

"Quiet and smooth ride. Love the heated leather seats."

Tommy L., TX (2014 Ford Edge)

"A very comfortable, smooth driving experience."

Robert O., NV (2014 Ford Edge)

"Feels very smooth and stable for an suv"

Matthew B., WA (2014 Ford Edge)

"It is difficult for me to get comfortable in a lot of cars but the edge is easy to find a comfortable position. Very little noise and ride is smotth"

Anonymous, AR (2014 Ford Edge)

"The Edge transmits more road noise that I like, and I am disappointed that the rear seat does not fold completely flat to make a level cargo area."

Tom S., OR (2014 Ford Edge)

"Drivers seat is terrible. Back hurts in less than an hour when driving."

Anonymous, MT (2014 Ford Edge)

"The seats are very comfortable even on long trips. The fit is good and the right firmness."

Glen D., FL (2014 Ford Edge)

"seats. rode"

Anonymous, WI (2014 Ford Edge)


Anonymous, OH (2014 Ford Edge)

"Great road car, very comfortable ride for long trips."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Ford Edge)

"When I bought the car and test driving it, I saw a handle above the passenger door to assist in entry or exit of the vehicle. I did not look at the driver's side assuming that side had a handle above the driver's door too. Dumb Mistake, there is no handle above the driver's door. I miss it tremendously. Ford dealership and after market guys tell me that the car was not constructed to add a door handle above the driver's door so they cannot install one. That is particularly bad for me because I now use the roof to assist me and my arm has water running down my arm every time I have to use the roof assist in the rain."

Donald A., WA (2014 Ford Edge)

"Seats are comfortable, noise is minimal and ride is perfect. Everyone comments on the comfort and smooth ride."

Carl L., NY (2014 Ford Edge)

"this is my 3rd and it's one of the most, if not the most, comfortable seat in the history of cars... 18 hour drives for work NO PROBLEM! i'd say it's the best ever (car and driver did) ...but the explorer platinum we bought is like sitting in a brookstone massage chair"

Douglas S., CA (2014 Ford Edge)

"hard to get in for a 6'3" 250 lb, person, this is my wifes car"

ROBERT D., CA (2014 Ford Edge)

"Very comfortable fit for my body."

GARY C., ON (2014 Ford Edge)

"Styling, performance function"

Anonymous, MI (2014 Ford Edge)

"I bought the Edge to drive it across the US, from Washington DC to Seattle. I took three passengers and two dogs. It was perfect for that. Comfortable seats, smooth ride. It's a great long-distance, cruising car. On the other hand, it's a little stiff in big city traffic, not as nimble as a sedan."

LEE H., WA (2014 Ford Edge)

"Rear seats should fold flat. Grab handles in back should be above middle of door, not on door pillar."

RANDOLPH W., NC (2014 Ford Edge)

"the ride is a little stiff."

JAMES P., PA (2014 Ford Edge)

"car rides very smooth, is quiet and handles great"

DAVID K., NJ (2014 Ford Edge)

"Not as comfortable on long trips as the CX-9."

MIKE M., TX (2014 Ford Edge)

"Seat adjustments are comforting, Easy to use controls."

T M., KY (2014 Ford Edge)

"I wish it had just a little bit more driver leg room. Great for my wife, I could use a little more. But a comfortable car for travel."

JIM Y., SC (2014 Ford Edge)

"Complex climate control. It almost obliges one to use the complex voice controls. My 2009 RAV4 had two very simple dials that did it all, very easy to do without taking eyes off the road. I really miss that"

Anonymous, ON (2014 Ford Edge)

"Power, especially in acceleration for passing, is truly exceptional. Beautiful interior. Love the "heavy" feel of the vehicle = makes me feel safe, as though I'm driving a Sherman Tank."

MARCIA J., FL (2014 Ford Edge)

"Seats, climate control, and ride are satisfactory, but road noise is annoying on highways. I do a lot of highway traveling between FL and PA so road noise is a big problem for me."

JOYCE W., FL (2014 Ford Edge)

"Quiet, smooth ride even on dirt roads, comfortable seats, heated seats work well. Climate control works well except that the fan automatically comes on at the highest level when climate control is first turned on, and it is annoying to always have to turn it down to a lower fan speed."

KATHY O., CO (2014 Ford Edge)

"Adjustable seats,climate control system,nicely put together interior leather seats.Has quite a bit of room inside to carry items"

SHANE F., CA (2014 Ford Edge)

"very quiet and comfortable"

IAN C., FL (2014 Ford Edge)

"Very comfortable - easy to drive on extended trips"

Robert C., MI (2014 Ford Edge)

"The seats are very comfortable and can be adjusted to my height and the distance I prefer from the steering wheel and the pedals. The ride is very quiet which keeps me from being distracted."

Judy C., MS (2014 Ford Edge)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Very good value; very pleased with this vehicle."

Tommy L., TX (2014 Ford Edge)

"Fits our needs perfectly"

Anonymous, IL (2014 Ford Edge)

"Used car value drops quickly."

Bradley C., IL (2014 Ford Edge)

"Way overpriced"

Terrence C., AZ (2014 Ford Edge)

"excellent suv"

Anonymous, MB (2014 Ford Edge)

"Large rebates at year end made the Edge a good consideration over more affordable models."

G E., OH (2014 Ford Edge)

"It is basically a commodity. Value of it drops like a rock and so the lease is too much I realize after I have been in it a while. Not a bad vehicle but over priced."

JOHN H., SD (2014 Ford Edge)

"The road noise is terrible considering the price they ask for this vehicle. The carpet in the storage area is cheap to say the least. Acceleration is not smooth when I need extra power for passing etc. The touch system is confused and slow when entering addresses."

JUDI S., WA (2014 Ford Edge)

"It was a tremendous buy, very good price for a very well equipped vehicle."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Ford Edge)

"The car is simply not worth the sticker price, they are not built very well."

Anonymous, OH (2014 Ford Edge)

"Purchased as a tow vehicle for behind our motor home. The transmission allows for "flat" towing, and we had a Blue Ox tow package installed. I can not express what a wonderful system it is, I cannot feel any difference in the way the motor home handles nor in the miles per gallon I get,"

Robert D., CA (2014 Ford Edge)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Overall exterior appearance"

Anonymous, MI (2014 Ford Edge)

"bad-area to store things in or on center console and doors"

Anonymous, FL (2014 Ford Edge)

"Easy to look at. Not easy to find in the parking lot as there are so many that look like it."

T M., KY (2014 Ford Edge)

"Ford Sport is is one of the best looking SUV on the road. It has lots of style and class.."

ANTHONY S., CT (2014 Ford Edge)

"Compared several different manufacturers and Ford Edge offered best overall value, styling and safety features"

JAMES B., MD (2014 Ford Edge)

Would you buy this car again?

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