The F-150 SuperCrew has a large and versatile cab, but feels ungainly and uncomfortable compared with newer trucks. The powertrain performs well, although it isn't as smooth and quiet as some competing models, such as the Chevrolet Avalanche. However, it got a poor in the IIHS offset crash-test result.
There are 19 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Excellent get u[ and go."

J L., OK (2001 Ford F-150)

"For a full-size truck, this vehicle handles well and accelerates decent, especially considering its age and mileage."

Anonymous, TX (2001 Ford F-150)

"It has good acceleration and pulling power. The ride is good, and it is very maneuverable."

Anonymous, LA (2001 Ford F-150)

"great acceleration, great handling, comfortable seats, trouble free since new."

Karl J., WA (2001 Ford F-150)

"I like my Ford very much and it's been a great work truck. Few problems; it's a work house and very dependable. It has great acceleration and handles great on the flat or in the mountains. It's good at towing and hauling heavy loads."

James R., TX (2001 Ford F-150)

"The Triton 5.4 V8 is a workhouse and handles well for a truck build in 2001. Newer models have a softer ride but it is a truck so I'm fine with it."

Grant H., TX (2001 Ford F-150)

"It is simply a very comfortable vehicle to drive. We take it on all the trips instead of the other two cars. Even though it has 180,000 mile on it."

Anonymous, CA (2001 Ford F-150)

"This pick-up is responsive in acceleration and has good smooth ride, and is easy to drive. Very good truck to be 18 years old."

William J., TX (2001 Ford F-150)

"This truck is very stable and easy to drive at slow and fast speeds (highway). Mine has 172,000 miles on it and it is a vehicle I would buy for a kid in high school or college."

Anonymous, CA (2001 Ford F-150)

"Handling and acceleration are perfect at all speeds."

Anonymous, MT (2001 Ford F-150)

"Both are good"

Linton D., NY (2001 Ford F-150)

"Handles well in traffic. Comfortable ride, excellent acceleration."

Anonymous, KS (2001 Ford F-150)

"Fabulous acceleration and handling. 400 hp in a truck is very fun to drive. Road holding ability is wonderful."

Anonymous, WA (2001 Ford F-150)

"I have towed our Jayco Ultra-lite 29 ft travel trailer from the Canadian border to San Diego and back twice with no problem. My F150 has the small 4.6L V8 engine and it gets 12 mpg while towing and 17 mpg normally."

Barb J., WA (2001 Ford F-150)

"as good as it gets."

Fred L., AL (2001 Ford F-150)

"Has all the power and acceleration I need, and handing is great."

Herbert G., GA (2001 Ford F-150)

"handles very well, very responsive acceleration, very satisfactory pick-up"

Anonymous, TX (2001 Ford F-150)

"has good acceleration (V8 ) engine. good handling"

D M., AB (2001 Ford F-150)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The King Ranch leather trim seats are very comfortable and still look good after 17 years. The ride is as good as can be expected for a truck, without feeling soft and less responsive like a similar sized SUV."

Anonymous, NM (2001 Ford F-150)

"For an old truck this is a great ride and I love driving this vehicle."

Anonymous, CA (2001 Ford F-150)

"Rides nice. No noise. Truck feels solid."

Anonymous, AZ (2001 Ford F-150)

"I can drive all day in these bench seats and never be sore."

Gerald L., TN (2001 Ford F-150)

"There is a lot of cabin noise."

Anonymous, TN (2001 Ford F-150)

"comfortable quiet ride"

Anonymous, WI (2001 Ford F-150)

"I never get tired driving this truck. Even after 17 years, the truck is rattle free, low maintenance, quiet, comfortable, and quick. My main complaints about it are (1) the paint has peeled off the dashboard and (2) the driver's seat leatrher has disintegrated (foam remains OK). I thin k this is my fault for driving while sweating, dirty, etc., and not maintaining/protecting the leather."

E S., TX (2001 Ford F-150)

"Very comfortable but the ride is not as good as today's new trucks."

Anonymous, WA (2001 Ford F-150)

"comfortable ride"

Anonymous, MO (2001 Ford F-150)

"A fair number of rattles within the cab."

Anonymous, CA (2001 Ford F-150)

"Smooth riding and quiet very little inside noise from the road or wind."

Anonymous, UT (2001 Ford F-150)

"Have enjoyed everything about this truck since bought new in 2000."

Herbert G., GA (2001 Ford F-150)

"Plenty of room. The adjustable pedals accommodate a wide variety of drivers. Even with the seat nearly all the way back there is plenty of room for the passengers in the back seat."

James G., IN (2001 Ford F-150)

"Seats are comfortable the ride is fairly comfortable there is some outside noise but all in all it's a good experience"

Linton D., NY (2001 Ford F-150)

"There frankly is no bad. This vehicle has been great from day one. The seats are very comfortable, little outside noise, this truck rides like a car."

Angela R., FL (2001 Ford F-150)

"Ride is great, seats still comfortable? Good acceleration"

Anonymous, NC (2001 Ford F-150)

"The seats are prefect for long drives. I often do round trips of 500km in one day. They are the second best seats I have ever had (Focus Leather being the best). Supportive with little long term stress."

Frank K., ON (2001 Ford F-150)

"The foam deteriorated quickly in the bottom seat for the driver. Awkward seating position leads to discomfort."

Christian F., AZ (2001 Ford F-150)

"What a Fantastic truck. 17 years old, over 125 thousand miles and still running and looking like a champ. Besides one or two recalls the only warranty work it had was to wires for the cruise control and A injector. I replaced two spark plugs coils for failure. At 115,000 I replaced the remaining sparks plug coils as well as the spark plugs and basic items and got 20 MPG going down to Florida with far less than a quart of oil consumed for the entire trip. Still very comfortable ride for 4 adults..."

George S., IL (2001 Ford F-150)

"Nice to be above most of the traffic. Comfortable seats, leg room for the driver and passenger. Adjustable pedals is good for us (I'm 13 inches shorter than my husband)"

Theresa G., CA (2001 Ford F-150)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"extremely good value for the money, great handling and acceleration, trouble free since new."

Karl J., WA (2001 Ford F-150)

"Gas milage is low but have added computer chip and intake mods.. Power output is adequate but trouble cursing interstate a 70mph..It is 4x4 but lacks atop end power"

Anonymous, FL (2001 Ford F-150)

"Quality built, durable pick-up New pick-ups pricing skyrocketed"

Anonymous, IL (2001 Ford F-150)

"Had this truck since new and still enjoy it, but paint is starting to crack. But it is 18 years old"

Keith L., TN (2001 Ford F-150)

"I feel that we got the vehicle initially for a very reasonable price for the features it has. In addition, operating costs have not been excessive despite the age of and mileage on the truck."

Anonymous, TX (2001 Ford F-150)

"Good luck in finding a one owner 2001 with the original everything on it."

Anonymous, AZ (2001 Ford F-150)

"We have had no major work on this truck. Over the years we have had work on the air conditioning and the spark plugs. Since retired we don’t use this vehicle every day. We also have a 93 Mercedes."

Anonymous, WA (2001 Ford F-150)

"It was worth the money at the time I purchased it and it proved to exceed my expectations."

J L., OK (2001 Ford F-150)


Alan V., AZ (2001 Ford F-150)

"The XLT is a solid no-frills truck, does what a truck needs to do. My 2001 was before trucks became luxury family vehicles. It still does the job and I'll probably have it for another 10 years."

Grant H., TX (2001 Ford F-150)

"One of the best vehicles we've owned. Very few costly repairs outside of normal wear and tear."

Angela R., FL (2001 Ford F-150)

"It's a hangs in there with a minimum of routine maintenance. We've not had it 16 years. So dependable. Gas mileage...not so good."

Theresa G., CA (2001 Ford F-150)

"Great value because we have not put much money into upkeep. Very reliable truck."

Anonymous, WA (2001 Ford F-150)

"I love my Ford F-150. Can't find anything I dislike about the vehicle."

Dennis A., OH (2001 Ford F-150)

"It has held up well with few problems over 16 years. It has consistently been able to tow over 4,000 pounds loads for distances in excess of 500 miles. I particularly like the fact that it has adjustable height brake pedals and an electronic rear window opener. Unfortunately back in 2001 GPS and car phone connections were not an option."

David B., CA (2001 Ford F-150)

"I bought this truck 16 years ago and commuted two hours a day in it for over 5 years. It's a 1/2 ton truck and I was able to pull a 3-horse trailer with it, up steep hills. It is the most mechanically reliable vehicle I have ever owned. I've driven my Camry about the same number of miles, it's 10 years newer, but i've had at least double the repairs on it. It's still running great at almost 17 years old-not many cars will do that."

Ronda R., MO (2001 Ford F-150)

"The truck has performed well over the years. I have replaced the fuel pump 2 times from the original. Both times outside of the warranty at the cost of $750 and $ $900 respectively. Good that I had discounts on parts from Costco. The radio & display went blank about 4 years ago. The letters do not display completely or not at all. Radio still plays but no display to see time or stations. Ford says it's either a electrical problem or radio is malfunctioning, too expensive to fix. Now electrical w..."

Deberoh P., CA (2001 Ford F-150)

"Other than a cracked hose from aging that is very good only thing I've had to do was to put on new brakes and new tires after a few years of use."

Anonymous, UT (2001 Ford F-150)

"Based on the fact that I have owned it for nearly 17 years and it has given me no trouble, this is some of the best money I ever spent. The pickup has been trouble free."

David L., CA (2001 Ford F-150)

"A fantastic vehicle for me for all the years."

George S., IL (2001 Ford F-150)

"Can't buy a new truck today for what I paid for this truck. Worth every penny."

Anonymous, CA (2001 Ford F-150)

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