The F-250 is a heavy duty truck with a 3/4 ton capacity as opposed to the 1/2 ton of the F-150. The Super Duty line was redesigned for 2005 with new exterior and revised engines. The ride is stiff and bouncy, especially compared to the F-150. Ford's 6.0-liter turbodiesel packs some real punch and is fairly quiet and free of vibration. Stepping into the cabin is more difficult because of the high floor.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"It is a very large vehicle which I have to consider when parking. ( Long bed, crew cab, 21 feet total length bumper to bumper ). With the diesel engine the power and acceleration are good considering the weight of the truck. Handles well."

Anonymous, AZ (2005 Ford F-250)

"Laggy acceleration especially after a short drive when it is turned off and restarted. It tends to surge or jump along. very hard to drive slowly and evenly at speed less than 5 mph."

Donnie S., VA (2005 Ford F-250)

"since i have (Bullet proofed the engine) and rebuilt the turbo charger. this truck is awesome. the downside is i have $8,000 in repair costs."

Henry H., WA (2005 Ford F-250)

"Wheel bounce and shaking on some roads"

Randy S., MI (2005 Ford F-250)

"The Ford does well on the interstate. It takes longer to stop than our other car."

Anonymous, LA (2005 Ford F-250)

"Very powerful to tow easily our fifthwheel and fun to drive."

Anonymous, QC (2005 Ford F-250)

"Truck handles well in all weather conditions"

Anonymous, WA (2005 Ford F-250)

"diesel engine has good pulling power and acceleration ( once in motion )."

Anonymous, AZ (2005 Ford F-250)

"Handles well for it's size. Acceleration is impressive if you mash it."

ROBERT R., TX (2005 Ford F-250)

"Front wheel bounce from bumps in road at highway speeds causes a severe loss of control."

Anonymous, ME (2005 Ford F-250)

"Nice truck, crummy engine which blew up at 145000 miles"

Anonymous, AZ (2005 Ford F-250)

"I ordered the F-250 4x4 with the 5-speed automatic transmission and the 4.10 ratio limited slip differential axle...great acceleration from a stop position when necessary in summer driving. Excellent handling in winter driving using studded snow tires Optional equipment package included a 9000# GVWR camper package with a rear stabilizer bar. Great for handling with or without extra weight in the bed compartment."

John F., CT (2005 Ford F-250)

"Handles well, crisp steering, rides smooth for a 3/4 ton pickup. Very quiet interior noise and comfortable to ride in for short or long distances."

Daun P., CA (2005 Ford F-250)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"for a large diesel rig the seating is extremely roomy and comfortable and on long trips it doesn't make you feel as if you were beat up on the trip. for a diesel it is quiet"

M F., MO (2005 Ford F-250)

"This is not our first pick-up but certainly the most confortable we ever owned in terms of seats and ride. The diesel noise is present though."

Anonymous, QC (2005 Ford F-250)

"The front seats are comfortable but the ride is extremely rough."

Linda K., SC (2005 Ford F-250)

"The truck is great to drive, my wife feels very safe. And again long trips in this truck do not fatigue."

Tom B., OK (2005 Ford F-250)

"This truck is a diesel so there is more noise in the cab than a similar gas truck. but the seating comfort is great. i can do long trips towing a heavy load and still be comfortable."

Henry H., WA (2005 Ford F-250)

"Drivers side leather seat cushion self destructed (King Ranch Edition)"

STEPHEN T., MT (2005 Ford F-250)

"Very comfortable seats and driving position for a full size truck. I can drive this vehicle all day without fatigue."

JOE M., PA (2005 Ford F-250)

"Seat cover quality low"

Anonymous, FL (2005 Ford F-250)

"Love the truck"

J B., OK (2005 Ford F-250)

"Large, well padded front seats that are still comfortable after 13 years. The vehicle is built like a tank."

John A., AR (2005 Ford F-250)

"rock solid body and chassis"

Anonymous, IN (2005 Ford F-250)

"Seats: Very comfortable. Noise: Some noise during driving. Ride: Somewhat rough, and it is a truck."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Ford F-250)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I bought the truck new had a few issues under warranty and lost the FICUM twice in 12 years but not bad overall and I would jump in and drive it to California today."

M F., MO (2005 Ford F-250)

"Truck does everything I need, and the price was good"

Anonymous, WA (2005 Ford F-250)

"High cost of maintenance when it comes to the engine. Has been reliable since head gasket and stud rebuild, but was a costly repair when done with no manufacturer support."

TRAVIS M., PA (2005 Ford F-250)

"Repairs have been very expensive. Fuel mileage has been poor compared to Dodge ram pickup that had before."

Anonymous, NV (2005 Ford F-250)

"Good truck, 6.0L diesel is not good"

JOHN M., AZ (2005 Ford F-250)

"For the expense of a diesel - the engine should have been more reliable and Ford should have stood behind the issues better. I have paid $5k for engine repairs (EGR Cooler, Turbo, FICM) and expect I will need to spend another $4k on injectors soon. The truck just turned 100K - so even though it is old - it has low mileage. Even though these are expensive repairs - it is better than a car payment."

JACQUES G., NC (2005 Ford F-250)

"Dissappointed in quality of diesel engine. Had to repair blown head gaskets at 70K miles."

Anonymous, NC (2005 Ford F-250)

"F250 diesel was the truck we wanted and we are really pleased."

J B., OK (2005 Ford F-250)

"I ordered the truck based on my personal specs through the online process and paid for the vehicle at the dealership."

John F., CT (2005 Ford F-250)

"For a diesel with 125K on it - I am incredibly disappointed in the amount of money I have had to spend on engine work."

Jacques G., NC (2005 Ford F-250)

"Very reliable. Have only had issues with injectors going bad. Comfortable to drive in and relatively easy to work on."

Daun P., CA (2005 Ford F-250)

"It is a hard working ranch truck - the 4 wheel drive is exceptional and the diesel engine has terrific torque."

Anonymous, NV (2005 Ford F-250)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"nice looking, functional"

JOHN M., AZ (2005 Ford F-250)

"Looks unique, different than most trucks on the road"

PAUL B., WA (2005 Ford F-250)

"Classic truck"

Anonymous, CO (2005 Ford F-250)

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