The F-250 Super Duty is based on Ford's commercial truck platform. It's a work truck with moderate payload capacity, great towing capability and little else to recommend it, thanks to a lousy ride and mediocre brakes. Uncomfortable seats detract further from the driving experience. Stability control, full-time four-wheel drive, and curtain airbags are all lacking.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Towing power. I drive in the mountains to go to my cabin and it flies up the steep mountains."

DANIEL M., ID (2008 Ford F-250)

"Acceleration and handling are very good. Only negative is dealing with speed bumps."

GARY D., BC (2008 Ford F-250)

"Fuel pump replacement requires lifting cab off frame or taking apart turbo chargers to access fuel pump"

JAMES A., FL (2008 Ford F-250)

"I purchased this pickup truck with the express purpose of using it for towing a fifth wheel travel trailer. The engine and transmission were the biggest and most powerful at the time and has served me exceptionally well. This vehicle is also more comfortable to ride in for longer periods of time than the sedans most people ride in. The engine and transmission have never failed to respond to whatever is demanded of them even while towing through the Rocky mountains with a 36 foot 5th Wheeler."

CHARLES M., UT (2008 Ford F-250)

"handling is fairly good - a little sloppy acceleration is kick ass"

John B., WA (2008 Ford F-250)

"The ride is rough but it's a large truck made for towing and hauling. Pulls our 41 foot 5th Wheel Camper very well, just doesn't ride smooth."

Joa H., IA (2008 Ford F-250)


Anonymous, FL (2008 Ford F-250)

"WILL TOW 10,000 LBS UP ANY 6% GRADE IN THE COUNTRY AT 63 mph WITH THE CRUISE CONTROL ON. Gas mileage is the pits in town."

William B., AZ (2008 Ford F-250)

"Has a lot of torque when needed power to pull a load"

Anonymous, LA (2008 Ford F-250)

"Love how this vehicle handles. With twin turbos the acceleration is excellent. It is a workhorse for towing and handles well within it’s given parameters. For such a large vehicle it corners well and has a better than expected turning radius."

Anonymous, MO (2008 Ford F-250)

"It is well built for the need that it was purchased to do. Because my car gets better fuel mileage, the pickup truck tends to sit in the garage until it is needed. This has been a great workhorse: it drives and handles well, it has a strong engine capable of good acceleration and towing heavy loads."

Charles M., UT (2008 Ford F-250)

"It has the diesel engine, which has great power. I travel in the mountains a lot and it just flies up the steep ones. My only complaint is that diesel fuel costs more than regular gas."

Anonymous, ID (2008 Ford F-250)

"Acceleration could be a little bit better, but overall it's not bad. Handles as well as a truck should and is easy to drive. For me, the styling of the front seems to make it difficult to pull into parking spaces on the right side. No trouble going left and back in parking is a breeze."

Anonymous, WI (2008 Ford F-250)

"Plenty power"

Anonymous, LA (2008 Ford F-250)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Lots and lots of power to pull heavy loads, leather interior, poooor gas mileage"

MICHELLE P., OR (2008 Ford F-250)

"Leather Captain Chairs w/6way control. Very comfortable. A/C good for the large Super Cab. Low noise with Michelin tires; very comfortable ride"

RAY B., NV (2008 Ford F-250)

"Sooooo comfortable"

Anonymous, CO (2008 Ford F-250)

"It rides rough, tires too hard, can't reduce inflation because of low tire indicator staying on. Seems to be somewhat under powered."

BONNIE W., ID (2008 Ford F-250)

"The ride is hard especially going over bumps."

Anonymous, CO (2008 Ford F-250)

"A lot of room in the 4 door. Diesel power for my cabover camper and car trailer towing. I bought it from a relative and got a low miles great deal."

STEVEN S., CA (2008 Ford F-250)

"Seats are comfortable"

KEITH F., GA (2008 Ford F-250)

"Seats are very uncomfortable. Front brake calipers don't release at times causing overheating situation. Dealers can't locate the problem. Happens a couple times a year both when towing and when not towing."

Anonymous, NC (2008 Ford F-250)

"Rear seats could use additional comfort padding."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Ford F-250)

"Seats are very comfortable"

Anonymous, LA (2008 Ford F-250)

"The seats are very comfortable. The truck has a good ride and minor road noise. It is still a truck."

Anonymous, NV (2008 Ford F-250)

"Big and plent room"

Anonymous, LA (2008 Ford F-250)

"Even though I only have an XLT, it is one of the most comfortable trucks I have ever driven. Solid with little noise for being a truck. The seats have held up well for over 10 years and haven’t seemed to breakdown and wear out with over 200,000 miles. Back seats are spacious and comfortable in this crew cab. The ride isn’t rough and is actually better than our 2014 Explorer Ltd."

Anonymous, MO (2008 Ford F-250)

"I purchased this 3\4 ton diesel pickup to tow a 32 FT Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer. I live in the Rocky Mtn region and it has never failed me whether driving on Interstate highways or on backcountry mountain roads. The 2008 Ford diesel engine is one of the best I've owned. This pickup was not built for a lot of comfort, but still provides a smooth ride on all good road surfaces. Backcountry dirt and rocky roads are bumpy and rough as might be expected of most any vehicle on such surfaces. Riding on good highway, it's smooth and comfortable. Seats are comfortable and unless the windows are down, it is a very quiet interior. The diesel engine in this model has been a great workhorse."

Charles M., UT (2008 Ford F-250)

"It has a very hard ride that can be uncomfortable on rough roads."

Anonymous, CO (2008 Ford F-250)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I needed a truck with power to haul and pull. This truck has been able handle my needs very well."

Anonymous, WI (2008 Ford F-250)

"Truck was purchased for trips across the country. It is very comfortable with excellent road control and good mileage once out of California."

RAYMOND C., CA (2008 Ford F-250)

"Diesel power without having to spend $65K or more"

STEVEN S., CA (2008 Ford F-250)

"Works great as a work truck, but there have been problems with both a new radiator and on the fourth AC compressor."

Anonymous, AZ (2008 Ford F-250)


Anonymous, FL (2008 Ford F-250)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"It looks like a truck not a people hauler."

Anonymous, WI (2008 Ford F-250)

"King Ranch styling and color very impressive both inside and our."

Anonymous, CT (2008 Ford F-250)

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