Something of a Swiss Army Knife among midsized SUVs, the Grand Cherokee is a versatile, well-rounded vehicle. When properly equipped, it is very capable on or off road, and it makes a good choice for trailer towing. All Grand Cherokees are easy to live with. Luxurious interior finish, hushed noise levels, and supportive seats make it a welcome road trip companion.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Handles very well. Tracks cleanly, minimal lean in turns. accelerates well considering it only has a V6"

William M., CA (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Great all around"

Anonymous, NC (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Sloppy handling. Truck like. Not comfortable at all"

Harold C., VA (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Great ride and very fast for a solid vehicle of this weight."

Robert W., NC (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Handles well overall for a large vehicle. Accelerates well. 4WD is great in snow."

Peter D., MI (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"The auto start stop feature is a real nuisance. You have to turn it off every time you get in the car - you should be able to turn if off permanently if you wish."

Richard S., MA (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Mushier handling than the BMW x3 - not as tight"

Anonymous, MN (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)


Anonymous, ON (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"This is a diesel and it is surprisingly quick and agile"

FRANCIS S., CA (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"drove from Santa Fe NM to Phoenix and averaged 28 miles per gallon. Very comfortable to drive, plenty of power and quiet smooth ride"

W H., AZ (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"I am generally very pleased overall."

PAUL W., OK (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"I previously owned a 2005 Limited 4x4 Grand Cherokee 5.7 Hemi.. I thought, undoubtedly I would not be happy with the new 2016 3.6Ltr. V6. As it is, there is very little difference in power and a huge difference in gas mileage."

CAROLYN B., CA (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Very vague steering and suspension. To luxury minded for me. Needs to be more performance oriented rather than like a mini van."

Anonymous, NM (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"transmission shifting much better(shifting from park to drive etc) Bigger engine (v8) much better than 6cyl for the size of the jeep"

Anonymous, NJ (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Like the performance of the Diesel engine."

DAVID C., MI (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"The V6 motor could use more torque."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"With the HEMI it accelerates very strongly. The handling is very comfortable and responsive."

Anonymous, NM (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Unbelievable power and handling with the 5.7 L engine"

ROGER H., AZ (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"The power and handling are amazing"

DAVID G., MO (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"The diesel engine has lots of torque and much better gas mileage than the Hemi we had in our 2011Jeep. Glad I switched."

DAVID M., GA (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"It's very responsive"

MICHAEL O., AZ (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"HEMI V-8 or diesel V-6 would be better"

KENNETH W., NJ (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"8 speed trans is a huge improvement. Sport drive mode now is good."

JAMES W., MO (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"very responsive acceleration make freeway entry very easy, very solid ride - don't get blown around by trucks. The brakes are more than adequate when called upon to slow quickly."

Anonymous, WA (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Acceleration is much better with this Jeep than with the 2014 we had before."

ANDREW B., NY (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Awesome powerful acceleration, from a stop or any speed"

Jim C., OK (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"I own the GC for the purpose of pulling my 5000 lb travel trailer. It only has the V6, but does an excellent job on my small trailer. I tow all over the West, and can handle mountains very well. I get between 11 and 12 mpg towing, which is better than any non-diesel tow vehicle."

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Handles very well. Fun to drive, feels safe to drive, especially with 4 wheel drive in heavy rain"

Anonymous, CA (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Very smooth operation of the transmission, the V6 is more then adequate, good acceleration and decent fuel economy."

Fritz A., MT (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Best engine. best handling."

Luis H., FL (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"The 3.6 provides plenty of power, even for towing a small trailer, and I get around 21 MPG around the suburbs (around 19 in the winter) and up to 27 on a long trip. I'm very pleased."

Anonymous, RI (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"300hp Jeep just takes off. 4wd is great. Quite on the high way and smooth ride for a jeep. Love it"

Michael R., NY (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"V8 pulls very strong, great handling, goes anywhere in the snow ..."

Anonymous, TX (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Highway mileage is very good for a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Recently averaged 28 mpg returning from Sante Fe to phoenix. Great accretion for passing, plenty of power climbing hills with a quiet smooth ride."

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"The V8 is completely worth the money"

Anonymous, CO (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Firm handling, good acceleration for a v6"

Anonymous, IL (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"I love the handling but am in want of a better and more powerful engine."

Anonymous, LA (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"New 8 speed transmission is a great improvement over the previous 5 speed. Smooth and powerful acceleration."

William S., NS (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Very responsive and reliable from take off"

Anonymous, IN (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The seats are very conformable in my Overland Trim and the interior is very nice as well. All the electronics work flawlessly."

Dale G., MN (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Great handling of the car"

Anonymous, NC (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Very comfortable ride"

Richard S., MA (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Seats /very comfortable. Vision/ rear, fair. Rear camera helps but has a very narrow line of vision."

PAUL W., OK (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Difficulty entering."

Anonymous, CT (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"The air conditioning system due to a 2016 change in Freon by law won't cool to less than 44 degree output air temp."

DREW J., TX (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Very comfortable seats, and legroom, quiet - no wind noise and the solid jeep ride helps keep it solid on the road"

Anonymous, WA (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Very comfortable seats in the Limited were a key reason for purchase. Very smooth and quiet ride. Very low highway road. Climate control is normal."

Anonymous, VA (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"The Summit is the quietest vehicle I've owned (this includes BMWs and a Mercedes SL). Everything works as it it supposed to and the infotainment system is excellent. The ride is a nice balance between comfort and handling."

TODD B., TX (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Ventilated seats, quite ride"

MICHAEL O., AZ (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"I do not like how I sit in the vehicle. I have to sit to low because the rear view mirror is to big, which means I can't see over the front of the hood. To many safety features mean front window is to small pillars are to big and door sits to high."

Anonymous, NM (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Storage in the cab is very poor to much wasted space that could have been storage areas in the cab area"

RONALD H., GA (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Air lift suspension is excellent. Quiet cabin is welcomed"

RAYMOND W., MI (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Good size, lots of cargo space, good looks, very comfortable ride. Engine could be a little faster."

Anonymous, GA (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Drives and handles like a land boat"

William S., NS (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"seats are too hard and uncomfortable"

Anonymous, NY (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Seats are somewhat stiff and hard."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Comfortable seats, precise handling, roomy for small suc"

Anonymous, IL (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Engine performance, comfortable ride, steering wheel controls(Phone , Music)."

Anonymous, AK (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Comfortable seats and quiet"

Annabelle S., IN (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Excellent seats and seat controls - very comfortable for long drives."

Richard S., MA (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"THe seats are firm and supportive for long trips, the ride is pretty compliant, and on smooth pavement it's nearly silent inside."

Anonymous, RI (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Road noise is louder than I'd expect from a higher end vehicle. Seats are comfortable with full electric adjustments including heated seats. Ride is a bit stiff, but mostly smooth."

Gary M., TX (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"I can adjust the passenger seat up, down, back and forth, and tip it back or forward. it is a 10 way seat which is good on long trips."

Anonymous, WA (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Seats, climate control, noise levels"

Anonymous, TX (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"very comfortable seats, quiet and smooth ride for a 4-wheel drive vehicle"

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"A solid great riding, quiet, beautiful vehicle with unbelievable gas mileage(30 mpg) @60MPH and a powerful V-6. EXCELLENT value!"

Robert W., NC (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"We looked at many 2 row SUVs towards the higher end; we researched and drove the Audi Q5, Volvo XC, MB GLC, Lexus RX, Cadillac SRX, Lincoln MKX and the Jeep Summit. It came down to the RX, Q5 and the Summit with the Summit wining out due to cost, drive train and quality of the interior. My only concern is reliability, time will tell but for now I love the Jeep. (I never would have thought I'd ever say this about a Jeep)"

TODD B., TX (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"All good"

Anonymous, ON (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"When compared to other makes with similar options (i.e power double sun roof, u connect, heated/ventilated seats, etc.) the Jeep price was considerably less money, definitely more bang for the buck"

STEVE F., ID (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Great value, I traded a Range Rover, for the money the Jeep is a better vehicle"

RICHARD S., WA (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"We purchased the 75th anniversary edition Laredo and by doing so, we got the trail rated features that you usually have to upgrade to the overland to get. Although this put us on the higher cost end of the Laredo trim line, we got all the features we need for the pothole-filled dirt road driving we do, with none of the fancier features (ie leather seats, second row heated seats) we didn't really need. Very happy with this purchase!"

REBECCA B., MT (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"While other deals were only $1500.00 off MSRP the dealer I worked with advertised a little over $5000.00 of MSRP. I think this jeep was worth that price."

DAVID R., AR (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"excellent lease rates on bottom level trim (Laredo); has AWD as we live in northeast and a FWD would be special order."

Jim L., NY (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Great car for the price. It is quiet, drives well and is comfortable."

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"For the price, the level of finish rivals both of my previous luxury labels"

Anonymous, CO (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"I think this is the best car i have evere owned. Great 4wd, great looks good gas mileage, rides great. Love driveing the Jeep"

Michael R., NY (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"My 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited has been the best overall in value for the price, ride and handling, style and overall performance of any vehicle I've owned"

Anonymous, NH (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"I just cannot think of another car on the market when I bought this vehicle that has the build quality, driving dynamics and tech interface."

Bradley M., NJ (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Great looks , plenty of power from the hemi and great on and off road performance at far less cost than comparable more expensive SUV’s I looked into."

Annabelle S., IN (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Nice exterior paint and styling, beautiful leather seats, finish and generall interior design."

KEITH S., TX (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Color: Dark Grey with Black wheels. Tough to get in and out Needed to add a running board. Position of the handle to get in and out is stupid Sun roof is fantastic. Seats are sooo comfortable with both cool and heated ability Overall styling is great so many compliments Sporty with great acceleration"

ROGER H., AZ (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Absolutely a gorgeous, muscular, dynamic looking automobile"

KEITH B., MO (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"The best looking SUV on the road"

DAVID G., MO (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)


RICHARD F., IL (2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

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