While the previous-generation Sportage was an also-ran, this fourth-generation redesign jumps almost to the top of the small SUV class. Distinctions like the rakish roofline and spry demeanor remain, but improvements include more civilized road manners, a roomier interior, improved crash-worthiness, and better visibility.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"good acceleration in regular mode, sluggish starts in economy mode requires near constant steering just to go straight ahead"

Anonymous, WA (2018 Kia Sportage)

"Excellent acceleration,handles beautifully through mountain highways, excellent gas mileage on long trips, averaging 34 - 37 mpg"

Anonymous, NY (2018 Kia Sportage)

"Engine is just not that powerful; acceleration is mediocre."

T M., TX (2018 Kia Sportage)

"quick response to accelleration"

Marcia V., NY (2018 Kia Sportage)

"The turbo engine is quick an responsive and the car handles like a sports car. Very fun to drive."

Randy S., OK (2018 Kia Sportage)

"The acceleration and handling couldn't be any better. Very easy to change the speed either up or down even while using the cruise control function. Handling couldn't be any better. Movements are very fluid and corrections are very simple to make if needed."

Diane G., OH (2018 Kia Sportage)

"The vehicle has three driving modes;normal, Eco, and sport. Acceleration in anything other than sport feels a little sluggish."

Robert S., NY (2018 Kia Sportage)

"Quiet ride"

Peter J., QC (2018 Kia Sportage)

"Turbo model - very responsive and handles similar to a sports car"

Arthur P., FL (2018 Kia Sportage)

"The vehicle is very quick and handling is tight while still being quiet and comfortable. Much more rewarding than many of the "staunchy" small SUV's that seem to be getting bigger and heavier each year."

Richard O., MA (2018 Kia Sportage)

"I traded in my 2013 Sportage because I was very satisfied with it. It was a great car. The handling on my 2018 is great but the acceleration is somewhat slower. It seems to be geared differently."

Patricia S., NY (2018 Kia Sportage)

"Slower on take off than my previous owned Camry. Ride is OK for a light weight vehicle."

Anonymous, TN (2018 Kia Sportage)

"We have the Turbo. I'm so glad my wife pushed for this. The acceleration is great, and steering is easy. By far the most luxurious SUV we have had and with the most pep. Just completed 2,500 road trip and it was a great highway driver with a full load of people and luggage."

James L., IL (2018 Kia Sportage)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Very comfortable after trying all similar vehicles before purchase (Rav4, CRV,Rouge, etc)"

Anonymous, UT (2018 Kia Sportage)

"Noise level is more than I expected. Seats are comfortable."

Anonymous, TN (2018 Kia Sportage)

"Total comfort"

Peter J., QC (2018 Kia Sportage)

"They are are fully adjustable even the rear seats recline and are heated and the front are heated and cooled."

Paris W., PA (2018 Kia Sportage)

"We compared the Tucson, Crv, Hrv, Niro, and Escape. We choose the Sportage because of the comfort, less noise, and the features for the price. A concern for us was the lower mpgs than the other models and previous experience with Sportages. Our 2018 on average gets a combined 30 or more - better than expected."

Howard M., MI (2018 Kia Sportage)

"I cannot even hear the motor. I find that car very cofortable"

Mauricette S., ON (2018 Kia Sportage)

"The driver's seat especially needs to have more adjustment available to meet needs for buyers with low back problems. I have to use a bath towel in order to meet the support that I require."

Diane G., OH (2018 Kia Sportage)

"I have the leather power seats on the driver's sive. The seats are rock hard. So hard in fact that I have pain on my buttocks after 30 minutes of driving. The suspension is so hard that I fret every time I go over a pothole. The suspension is really uncomfortable and the 18 inch low profile tires do not help."

Paulo C., ON (2018 Kia Sportage)

"modest amount of road noise"

Anonymous, FL (2018 Kia Sportage)

"The 2018 Sportage is much more comfortable than the 2016 Sportage was. The seats are more comfortable than before, and the newer interior design is much better."

Anonymous, OR (2018 Kia Sportage)

"feel bumps, rough roads more than I would like front edge of seats too firm causing pressure on back of legs"

Anonymous, WA (2018 Kia Sportage)

"Better than expected seats front & back"

Anonymous, NY (2018 Kia Sportage)

"All components in the cabin are significantly higher quality than the competition (RAV4, CRV). Everything feels rock solid and secure. It is obvious that there has been tremendous attention to the form & function of all components - seats, steering wheel, controls, shifter, etc. Nothing is overdone but is solidly made, comfortable, and in the right place. Displays are also very high quality."

Richard O., MA (2018 Kia Sportage)

"The driver's seat has adjustable lumbar support that is great. However, the front passenger seat does not. Consequently, on longer drive that side's comfort level is poor."

Keith N., CA (2018 Kia Sportage)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The 2018 Sportage, has fog lamps, and a backup camera which th3 2016 did not have. These additions improve the driving experience and the value of the vehicle."

Anonymous, OR (2018 Kia Sportage)

"Even at the lowest trim (lx), the vehicle comes with so many standard features it rivals it's competitions higher trims"

Robert S., NY (2018 Kia Sportage)

"This vehicle was a remarkable value for its content. We cross-shopped small near luxury and luxury crossovers at price points of up to double the Sportage. The Sportage easily provided the best content per dollar of any of them. It might not be the best overall of what we looked at, but was easily the best overall value."

Anonymous, NJ (2018 Kia Sportage)

"Did tough negotiation and got an excellent price. Spent weeks shopping and coordinating via email with dealers across 5 states. One dealer said he would beat any legitimate, written price. When presented with the other offer, he was $500 ABOVE. Didn't buy from him."

Anonymous, UT (2018 Kia Sportage)

"I never visit a dealer's show room. I only negotiated on the price using e-mail on the internet. I e-mailed 18 Kia Dealers and after 4 months, obtained an offer price that was $3,259.00 lower than the M.S.R.P. I suggest that once you decide what options that you want, (research online), distance yourself from all the dealers and only request the best price that the dealers can offer by e-mail. Do NOT talk with any car salesman on the phone. Be prepared to rent a car, one way, and driving 200 miles to get the best dealer-approved price offer. The name of the game is to keep requesting offer prices until the model year is perhaps 1/2 over. Oh yeah, I had no trade in, and paid cash on delivery. Dealer's cost figure? That's a bogus con. Dealers get bonuses if they meet their car number quota. Remember, you are dealing with the car dealer AND the car manufacturer. E-mail ONLY communication ties their hands. Patience wins the day."

Joseph M., NY (2018 Kia Sportage)

"I have the SX model. It's every bit of luxury and features as any Audi or BMW"

Christopher R., OH (2018 Kia Sportage)

"I bought this Kia with a 10 year, 100000 mile bumper to bumper warranty for $6,000 to $8,000 cheaper than other US models. It is rated as one of the top 5 SUV's made."

Paris W., PA (2018 Kia Sportage)

"Best value for the price compare to other brands"

Mauricette S., ON (2018 Kia Sportage)

"Got a good deal, had to insist More value on trade in."

Anonymous, NS (2018 Kia Sportage)

"Bought this car to replace our 2014 Kia which was totaled in an accident (from which my husband walked away with not a scratch), and am amazed at the improvements to the Sportage in the lat 3 years. I feel that we got an amazing amount of bells and whistles for a very reasonable price, and particularly like all the safety features. Plus the ride is comfortable, the controls intuitive and the cargo area is bigger. Love this car."

Jeanne B., VA (2018 Kia Sportage)

"Turbo, all wheel drive, emergency braking, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic warning, air conditioned seats, Harmon Kardon stereo, full moonroof and more. My $70k BMW doesn't have all of this and the Kia is half the price!"

Robert B., FL (2018 Kia Sportage)

Would you buy this car again?

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