The Mini is a modern reincarnation of a classic icon. Agile handling makes it fun to drive and the front accommodations are surprisingly generous. A choppy ride, tight rear seat and the base model's modest acceleration are notable detriments.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"WOW this baby corners like a go-cart. I run thru tires pretty fast, this is my fault."

Anonymous, CO (2005 Mini Cooper)

"Bad that transmission is a 5 gear. This should had 6 gears, engine asked for its when gears are perfectly synchronize. Good everything else."

Anonymous, ID (2005 Mini Cooper)

"This is the best handling car I've ever driven!"

CATHY T., MA (2005 Mini Cooper)

"Like driving a go-cart, fantastic handling and fun to drive, with more leg room than a Porsche Boxster (that I rented to test out)!!"

RONALD H., CA (2005 Mini Cooper)

"Excellent road handling. A fun and snappy ride."

Anonymous, BC (2005 Mini Cooper)

"Good little car! Very fun to drive. It is very noisy is the only downside."

Phil B., KY (2005 Mini Cooper)

"Amazing handling on curvy roads. Fun to drive."

Anonymous, DE (2005 Mini Cooper)

"This is the funnest car I have ever driven. The acceleration is fantastic and steering if very responsive. Drives well in poor weather (heavy rain, ponding)"

Anonymous, PA (2005 Mini Cooper)

"Love the design, handling, responsiveness but overall more mechanical problems than I like"

Robert B., CA (2005 Mini Cooper)

"Great acceleration, hugs curves, small turning radius."

Frieda M., FL (2005 Mini Cooper)

"Quick acceleration, redlines at 70mph in 3rd gear!"

Anonymous, MO (2005 Mini Cooper)

"Acceleration is very strong. The handling is extraordinarily precise. It is nearly as fun to drive as the vintage 1972 BMW 2002tii."

Gus K., IL (2005 Mini Cooper)

"quick, nimble, super handling"

Anonymous, NJ (2005 Mini Cooper)


Ron T., MO (2005 Mini Cooper)

"Driving the mini puts a smile on your face."

Anonymous, BC (2005 Mini Cooper)

"Excellent handling and acceleration"

Larry J., CO (2005 Mini Cooper)

"Good acceleration and go-kart like handling make it fun to drive."

Anonymous, OH (2005 Mini Cooper)

"best card ever! transformed my relationship to driving"

Anonymous, ME (2005 Mini Cooper)

"Acceleration and handling are quite acceptable. What is not, is the vision to rear and sides. It is difficult to see traffic approaching at intersections particularly from the passenger side."

Anonymous, PA (2005 Mini Cooper)

"This car is fun to drive, period. The low profile run flat tires are noisy and stiff, and you should look for smooth roads, but the driving experience is fun. The supercharged engine pulls through the entire RPM range - no lagging like on a turbocharged car. The transmission is quick and solid."

Anonymous, CT (2005 Mini Cooper)

"Quick accelaration, great handling"

Anonymous, SC (2005 Mini Cooper)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"I enjoy the heated seats. The noise level is moderate considering the top insulation is not significant. The ride is somewhat rough due to the nature or the car, although if I had gotten the sports suspension it would have been a lot worse. I like the handling despite the rough ride."

Anonymous, CO (2005 Mini Cooper)

"Seats comfortable, cockpit well designed, driving is very tactile experience - however the ride is stiff."

JONAS L., CO (2005 Mini Cooper)

"Took a one way, 3000 mile road trip and it was comfortable enough, and I like feeling the road. Lots of wind noise, which is to be expected with the boxy shape. I didn't upgrade the sound system and I'm glad I didn't. Climate control best feature is it heats up or cools down quickly. Climate control worst feature is the position of the right hand driver vent. It is blocked by the steering wheel so you never get the full effect unless you're turning. One other annoying feature is the driver"

CHRISTINE B., AZ (2005 Mini Cooper)

"road noise is high"

Anonymous, CT (2005 Mini Cooper)

"A Small car that rides and Handles like a car much bigger."

Anonymous, MO (2005 Mini Cooper)

"Comfortable seats and noise level is good for a small car - ride is stiff"

Larry J., CO (2005 Mini Cooper)

"Passenger seat is hard to adjust"

Anonymous, NE (2005 Mini Cooper)

"Noise and ride are fine, seats lack sufficient thigh support."

Anonymous, WA (2005 Mini Cooper)

"no AC, efforts to fix have failed"

Anonymous, BC (2005 Mini Cooper)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"It keep up all levels since I purchased it."

FRIEDA M., FL (2005 Mini Cooper)

"I am disappointed that a faulty power steering pump was not covered by Mini US when a similar issue was covered by Mini in other countries."

Anonymous, NY (2005 Mini Cooper)

"We bought the car used (3 years old) and immediately had to take it in for a variety of repairs. Major complaint is the cheap materials used in the interior (e.g. armrests, glove compartment lid), which break easily but cost a small fortune to replace."

MICHELLE B., IL (2005 Mini Cooper)

"Value was great and great road handle"

Anonymous, ID (2005 Mini Cooper)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Too cute"

FRIEDA M., FL (2005 Mini Cooper)

"I like how my Mini Convertible looks. Its color is burnt orange with a navy blue roof. It looks distinctive and unpretentious. Strangers talk to me about it because it looks a car that a friendly, approachable person would drive, I hardly ever drive it with the top up. It stays in the garage for most of the year."

JOSEPH B., MA (2005 Mini Cooper)

"it is the original mini with the supercharger that has the hood scoop and tilt forward hood which make for a good styling."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Mini Cooper)

"Continues to have mechanical problems power steering(3) thermostat(4) struts(2) engine mounts(2) headliner(2) glovebox expensive service rates i.e.$167.00 for my last oil change(oil and filter only)"

Anonymous, HI (2005 Mini Cooper)

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