2015 Mini Cooper Owner Satisfaction - Consumer Reports
This third generation Mini matured, with more conventional controls and high-tech features. Still, the youthful exuberance and fun-to-drive character remained present. Improved ride and better noise isolation made it more palatable on a long drive and up to date connectivity was welcomed. Rest assured though, the frisky character and unmatched charm remained intact.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Mini is fun to drive, easy to maneuver in and out of traffic. Comfortable for such small car."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Almost like a go cart with tight turning, stop on a dime braking, and great acceleration."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Mini Cooper)

"quick and nimble, small and extremely maneuverable."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Acceleration very impressive. Nimble in cornering, lane changing. Tends to wander on heavy braking requiring active steering to correct."

Robert M., FL (2015 Mini Cooper)

"I was reluctant to buy a 3 cylinder car because I doubted the handling and acceleration but both have been great! It sounded wimpy but has been quite zippy."

Margaret M., CA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"It;s fun to drive, easy to handle, goes fast, can park easily."

Anonymous, UT (2015 Mini Cooper)

"This is such a fun car to drive. It has a European feel, hugs the road and accelerates a lot for a small car. It feels solid and is very stable to the ground. I love it!"

Mary F., FL (2015 Mini Cooper)

"It is fun to drive"

Michael R., MI (2015 Mini Cooper)

"On the plus side, no noticeable turbo lag or torque steer, great handling, surprisingly snappy acceleration and great gas mileage. Negatives include pronounced road noise in the cabin, the reliance on run-flat tires."

Don L., AZ (2015 Mini Cooper)

"The car has excellent road handling and great acceleration. That makes the Mini a really fun car to drive."

Michael T., AZ (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Fantastic handling, and great acceleration in regular and sport modes."

Micheal S., MN (2015 Mini Cooper)

"My Mini Cooper S Convertible has amazing acceleration and handeling."

Anonymous, OK (2015 Mini Cooper)

"very responsive"

Peter K., NJ (2015 Mini Cooper)

"This car just makes me smile every time I drive it. As the third generation of the BMW era MINI, it is larger and more comfortable than the earlier models, and still has enough of that eager go-cart handling to be an absolute delight."

Anonymous, MA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Excellent handling on highway and in town. Great visibility front. side and rear."

Anonymous, OR (2015 Mini Cooper)

"It's surprisingly quick. Corners beautifully. A real joy to drive."

Anonymous, NV (2015 Mini Cooper)

"The cornering/acceleration/braking/steering are just what I expected. The suspension/steering is taut and communicative which is required since I will be driving this car on the race track."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Hugs the road and has great acceleration for maneuvering. The ride is comfortable yet tight with no sway and lean. All that and 32 MPG with mostly non-highway driving. Love it."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Engine (S) has a nice tone and plenty of zip. Corners like a go-cart and has a comfortable ride for the short wheelbase. Low road noise and easy to park. Classy interior and nice sound system adds to the enjoyment. A great ride and has been very reliable and trouble free."

Robert G., FL (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Great acceleration, looks completely different from everything else on the road"

Simon S., NJ (2015 Mini Cooper)

"I do not have an "S" series Mini, as I wanted to maximize fuel economy. Nevertheless, the 3-cylinder turbo delivers impressive acceleration whenever I need it, and a manual transmission allows the car to jump ahead when I want to. The handling is beyond outstanding. I usually scare car salesman during test drives, as I try to duplicate maneuvers the Mini executes effortlessly."

Paul N., TX (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Sets me back in my seat with positive acceleration when I need it."

Robert M., FL (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Fantastic ride, Fits one like a glove. Great fun to take on a track"

Anonymous, VA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Go cart handling. Acceleration is strong when turbo kicks in."

Gary R., KY (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Safest car I have driven. Very responsive in breaking, quick steering, acceleration obstacle avoidance etc. 3 driving modes really work well. Drives like a go kart. Ride is a little firm but you get used to that quickly. My 4 door version has amazing storage space when rear seats folded down."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Mini Cooper)


Anonymous, WA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Has a green mode (saves gas) acceleration is slower. Good acceleration."

Anonymous, NC (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Tight handling and quick steering set the Mini apart from other economy cars. Acceleration is average for the class."

Bill J., OH (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Very good acceleration and handling. Fun to drive. Variable mode switch allows you to adjust performance to current needs. Sport mode is fast and responsive but bumpier on bad roads due to stiffer suspension. Normal mode is a good compromise with good performance and softer suspension for everyday driving. Green mode is great in stop and go traffic."

Anonymous, ON (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Excellent handling and acceleration, makes the car feel safe and fun to drive."

Brian C., OR (2015 Mini Cooper)

"handles wonderfully. acceleration is quick and handling is responsive and easy."

Julie W., CA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"great acceleration and handling"

Ken K., WA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Great acceleration, best I have ever had. Has classic Mini handling, quick and nimble, but rough suspension."

Anonymous, IL (2015 Mini Cooper)

"it has lousy cornering. A fire truck can turn in a smaller circle looking out the rear view mirror front or sides is a joke."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"I have the cooper S and the excelleration is smooth and very fast. Incredibly fun and comfortable car to drive and I love getting 31 MPG and still have a very sporty and fun car. The rear seat is fairly useless for adults except for short trips. With the top down and the rear seats folded over, it is amazing how much I can get in this car. My neighbors refer to it as my mini truck!"

Gary R., FL (2015 Mini Cooper)

"very precise handling"

Robert Y., CA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Very fast with super handling."

James P., VA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"I've never had so much fun driving a car. I look forward to driving it every day."

Anonymous, CO (2015 Mini Cooper)

"It is so easy to drive--accelerates quickly and handles with ease."

JULIE W., CA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"This is a fun car to drive. Great handling and acceleration."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"This is a fun car to drive. The three driving modes are great. Acceleration (S Model) is fantastic."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"We have the "S" model, 4 cylinder turbo, great acceleration, super handling, especially in sport mode. Most fun a person can have with his clothes on.!!"

Anonymous, MI (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Very agile yet sure-footed. Acceleration is striking."

ROBERT M., FL (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Performance and economy of 3-cylinder turbo is excellent. Three driving modes (sport, mid, and green) provide excellent driving flexibility. Ride and handling are very good without being overly harsh."

GARY S., CA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Excellent driving experience"

Anonymous, FL (2015 Mini Cooper)

"The car is the most fun I have ever had driving. Handling is like a go-cart. Acceleration is very quick."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Mini Cooper s, the 2015 is longer, wider, and thus more room for driver and passenger, and more support on the seats. The acceleration and handling are awesome."

GIL G., CT (2015 Mini Cooper)

"This car is the most fun driving experience I've ever had!"

Anonymous, OH (2015 Mini Cooper)

"As they say, the Mini handles like a go-cart. Just a blast to drive, corners like my old Porsche 912."

LAWRENCE R., OR (2015 Mini Cooper)

"acceleration and handling and styling"

Anonymous, MT (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Just "plain fun" to drive. Makes me smile when I drive it."

Anonymous, IN (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Each time the Mini Cooper gets larger, it loses its ability to negotiate corners."

Anonymous, ON (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Fun to drive, handles very well, surprisingly good ride for a short wheelbase vehicle."

SHARON G., MO (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Handling of this car especially in sport mode is wonderfully tight"

DONALD B., VA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Great acceleration and handling, just pain fun to drive."

Anonymous, TN (2015 Mini Cooper)

"This car is exceptionally fun to drive. Not the easiest car to get into for an old guy, but once in very comfortable and surprisingly quiet. It is like a rocket on wheels (S trim with twin turbo 6 sped manual). ."

THOMAS M., CO (2015 Mini Cooper)

"An absolute joy to drive!"

T B., TN (2015 Mini Cooper)

"drives like a sports car"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Mini Cooper)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Bumpy ride"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Mini is lots of fun to drive. Handles well, quick and easy to maneuver in and around traffic."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Mini Cooper)

"The sport seats on the Mimi are to narrow. Side wings hit me in the ribs and they are difficult to get in and out of. If I could get the S trim with the standard seats I would do it. The sound system is subpar. At this price point it should be better."

Anonymous, MI (2015 Mini Cooper)

"My car is the convertible and mildly noisy due to the run flat tires and convertible. Once I removed the run flat tires, car was a little quieter and ran smoother. Highly recommend getting rid of the run flat tires. Over all I love this car. Will prop buy another but not happy BMW now owns them."

Gary R., FL (2015 Mini Cooper)

"This is a fun car that is great for short hauls. The convertible is great for fun in nice weather we have in Florida. I would not take a long trip in this car. It gets great. I leave around where we live. 50 mile radius)"

Mary F., FL (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Engine is noisy. Hard to hear calls or callers to hear me"

Michelle D., TX (2015 Mini Cooper)

"The ride is stiff and noisy. It is tiresome for everyday driving."

Dave G., WA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Excessive road noise at highway speeds"

Anonymous, OR (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Cooper S trim level has "sport" seats. They are very supportive in conjunction with the handling capabilities of the care. The car is quieter than I thought it would be."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"the seats are EXTREMELY uncomfortable! Getting in and out it like using a airplane bathroom"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"I like the supportive sport seats. They're firm and comfortable. The ride is also firm in a good way. The car is very responsive and you feel connected to the road."

Anonymous, NV (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Ride over rough city streets is still harsh although better than our last Mini, a 2008 Clubman. I am looking forward to getting Koni FSD shocks which made the ride much less harsh in previous Minis (08 and 06) I have owned."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"The handling is famous and justly so. The ride is a bit hard over city streets."

DAVID G., WA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"The sport seats are really comfortable and they hold you in place snugly. The vinyl covers and foam filling are holding up very well after a year of driving. (I'm kind of heavy so seat durability is a concern for me.)"

Anonymous, NV (2015 Mini Cooper)

"It's a bit too noisy to hear my music well. Bumps can be jarring."

DAVE G., WA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"The front seats have a pull-out section to support longer legs. This is great if you are very tall. However, if you are less than 5'4" - which I don't consider unusually small for a female - this pull-out section digs into the back of your knees. It is extremely uncomfortable on longer journeys."

Anonymous, ON (2015 Mini Cooper)

"While the comfort is ok, the ride is tight and you feel all the bumps in the road."

Anonymous, TN (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Too many blind spots I think are caused by the small size of the vehicle and the headrests. Good A/C but needs vents in back seat."

CAROLE W., CA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Seats difficult to adjust. Mini needs to offer a power seat option."

ROGER E., CA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Seats hold you in, and feel very secure"

Anonymous, IN (2015 Mini Cooper)

"AC has musty odor. Seats have no memory settings."

Anonymous, CO (2015 Mini Cooper)

"fun car to drive, good handling, lots of cargo space"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Seats - Plenty of Head & Leg room for a 6' 4" person"

DAVID T., WA (2015 Mini Cooper)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"for all this car is/does one have to to pay twice the price for an equivalent performer"

Anonymous, FL (2015 Mini Cooper)

"BMW owned. EVERYTHING is extra. Mini nickel and dimes you to death"

Jeff T., CA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Mini hits the sweet spot of looks, performance, practicality and economy. For a price in the low $30Ks this car performs like a sports car yet is practical for everyday driving/errands and gets good gas mileage."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Mini Cooper)

"fun car to drive"

Peter K., NJ (2015 Mini Cooper)

"This is my second Mini, and I researched both extensively. The car (unsurprisingly) has the acceleration of a BMW, and its maneuverability is unmatched by any other vehicle I've driven, excepting motorcycles. Additionally, I was able to buy a car with almost every option that MINI offers for slightly less than a stripped-down BMW, Lexus, Acura, or Mercedes. There is a bit more road noise than the other vehicles I evaluated, but the cost difference more than makes up for this."

Paul N., TX (2015 Mini Cooper)

"The MINI Cooper is not not cheap, but I keep my automobiles for the long-term (generally 12 years), and I have never been more satisfied with a vehicle."

Anonymous, MI (2015 Mini Cooper)

"More of an issue with limited dealerships for MINI and arrogant sales people who are not flexible on pricing."

BILL C., MA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Love the way it drives. It's fun!"

MONICA W., OR (2015 Mini Cooper)

"I can't believe how much I paid for this car compared to how much it feels like it is worth! Feels like a high end luxury sports car, but cost same as most economy cars."

GAYLE E., CO (2015 Mini Cooper)

"I wouldn't own this car outside of a warranty. Too expensive. Only 20,000 miles and it needed a new engine, under recall. Thankfully that was covered under warranty, but the car was in the shop for 18 days."

RAY B., CA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"GREAT performance.. Zippy quick.. Should have rear view camera in all JCW."

MICHAEL K., ON (2015 Mini Cooper)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Great looking car. it stands out among the rest on the road or in the parking lot. I get a lot of compliments."

Anonymous, CO (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Seats could be more comfortable but love the heated seats option."

MONICA W., OR (2015 Mini Cooper)

"It's vibrant and high energy while still being high quality"

DAVID M., FL (2015 Mini Cooper)

"I love everything about this car."

SUZANNE S., WA (2015 Mini Cooper)

"We bought the new four-door with slightly larger dimensions. We customized it to our tastes. Really cool. Looks fast."

LAWRENCE R., OR (2015 Mini Cooper)

"Absolute cuteness--people often come up to me and say how much they like her looks. Also visibility is very good also."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Mini Cooper)

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