2007 Mini Cooper Owner Satisfaction - Consumer Reports
The first-generation Mini Cooper S we tested had excellent handling and performance. This model continued to be a lot of fun to drive. It's nimble, quick and adds more refinement. But the ride in our S model was very stiff. Plus, the car's design compromises practicality with its tiny rear seat and small trunk. Many of the Mini's controls are also very confusing or overly complicated.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"It is more fun to drive than any other car I have ever owned or driven, including sports cars, even my old '77 Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce. Even after having driven it for 8 years (purchased cert-used), we never tire of driving it and take it out for a fun drive on nice days."

Peter F., IN (2007 Mini Cooper)

"Great acceleration and excellent handling."

Guy H., OH (2007 Mini Cooper)

"This car has the standard engine but still feels like a sports car."

Anonymous, FL (2007 Mini Cooper)

"Hugs the road-handling curves, etc. Quick acceleration"

Anonymous, GA (2007 Mini Cooper)

"Fun car. Quick with great handling."

James S., VT (2007 Mini Cooper)

"Just plain fun to drive."

Lisa M., ID (2007 Mini Cooper)

"handles like it is on rails. Acceleration is more than adequate."

Gary F., CA (2007 Mini Cooper)

"It is like a baby rocket on wheels. Very fast, sticks like glue to the road (although it is a hard ride)"

Anonymous, AB (2007 Mini Cooper)

"It drives like a go cart! A fun car to drive and ride in."

Gary C., GA (2007 Mini Cooper)

"Love the way it handles, both in good road conditions and bad. Have to be careful of my speed even without the sport (speed) boost being on. I live in a city with over 100 roundabouts, and it handles fabulously! Roundabouts are a big timesaver as opposed to signals and stop signs."

Karen B., IN (2007 Mini Cooper)

"Very quick Corners extremely well"

Anonymous, ON (2007 Mini Cooper)

"Most fun car to drive that I have ever had."

James W., DE (2007 Mini Cooper)

"This is one of the most fun cars to drive. If you have to drive around (and I do), you may as well have fun with it."

EDWARD B., NC (2007 Mini Cooper)

"Fun to drive, corners great and is zippy. But not for everyone - it's kind of a rough ride"

Anonymous, CA (2007 Mini Cooper)

"The handling is excellent. It's like a go-kart for the road."

Anonymous, NY (2007 Mini Cooper)

"The car continues to be exciting when driving. It handles very well and hangs to the road like glue."

W B., OH (2007 Mini Cooper)

"This car is SO much fun to drive! I love driving along twisty roads in sport mode. Acceleration seems to have declined in the past couple of years. Perhaps my car needs a tune-up."

Anonymous, VA (2007 Mini Cooper)

"The Mini Cooper S convertible is a blast to drive. It's like driving a go-cart that will do 80 mph."

CHARLES K., IL (2007 Mini Cooper)

"sports cat steering and agility"

Anonymous, WA (2007 Mini Cooper)

"Cornering. Braking. Acceleration all very positive. Run flat tires make for rough ride"

LYNN S., HI (2007 Mini Cooper)

"Tight steering and fun to drive on windy mountain roads"

HOWARD S., OR (2007 Mini Cooper)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Its European sports seating and noise levels are perfectly fine for commuting to work and about town, and even trips up to 250 miles. Not as comfortable driving on longer trips, for which we now use our other vehicle."

Peter F., IN (2007 Mini Cooper)

"My wife's car. She says, "This is my favorite car ever. I love the size and acceleration and parking. I only drive it in town...rarely on the road.""

Anonymous, OK (2007 Mini Cooper)

"Plenty of headroom and more space than you might think. Works well for larger people."

Jamie P., CA (2007 Mini Cooper)

"As you know, minis come with run-flat tires which make the ride very tight and uncomfortable. By switching to regular tires, it vasty improved the ride and handling. I hear that Bizzax tires on a mini give a great winter ride w/ excellent traction."

Anne M., AZ (2007 Mini Cooper)

"Rough ride Noisy but nice noisy"

Anonymous, ON (2007 Mini Cooper)

"Back seats are only for storage, not people! We knew that going in, but still, seems ridiculous! Also, the worst is the bumpy ride. You feel every single tiny bump in the road, and that's a drag after a while."

REBECCA H., CA (2007 Mini Cooper)

"Seats are okay for normal about town but get uncomfortable on long trips. Noise is a little loud. the temperature switch broke and is very hard to make settings"

PAUL B., GA (2007 Mini Cooper)

"The seats are not very comfortable for a long trip. Road now noise is louder than I'd like."

Anonymous, VA (2007 Mini Cooper)

"The driver's seat is the most comfortable place I can sit, including on the furniture I have inside the house. I'm happy about the seat warmers and the heater. Although the car is almost 10 years old, it has just now begun to rattle noisily on rough roads."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Mini Cooper)

"The wintertime seat warming is WONDERFUL, and the heat is very good. The AC in the summer is very good, but the direction in which the lower/leg air flows is poor. The center under the dash give out a TON of heat, and my legs get very hot. The downward blowing air is too little and poorly aimed."

TRACEY T., PA (2007 Mini Cooper)

"I'm big breasted and love the driver's seat, but hate the passenger seat"

ALAN F., NC (2007 Mini Cooper)

"The seats are a little hard. Also, as a convertible, there is air noise."

Anonymous, FL (2007 Mini Cooper)

"Too much road noise, seats are too firm, some parts are cheaply made (center arm rest)"

Anonymous, FL (2007 Mini Cooper)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I see from the auto issue that others have had problems with theirs. I have to say that this car has been 100% dependable and has suffered none of the experiences others have described. Mine goes back for all services. I'm not thrilled with the lack of a local dealer but there is a great independent shop nearby that takes good care of it."

Anonymous, PA (2007 Mini Cooper)

"Would be great if repairs and maintenance was not so expensive"

Anonymous, MO (2007 Mini Cooper)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"different look from most vehicles"

Anonymous, WA (2007 Mini Cooper)

"It has great style, is small and easy to park, yet has a lot of interior space!"

Anonymous, CA (2007 Mini Cooper)

"Still looks great 10 years later. Excellent design."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Mini Cooper)

"Interior finish. Exterior lines and smart style"

LYNN S., HI (2007 Mini Cooper)
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