The Mini is a modern reincarnation of a classic icon. Agile handling makes it fun to drive and the front accommodations are surprisingly generous. A choppy ride, tight rear seat and the base model's modest acceleration are notable detriments.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Fun to drive! Handles great and has enough power to be fun."

John B., MI (2006 Mini Cooper)

"Handling is very fun, but quite bumpy over rough streets"

Anonymous, TN (2006 Mini Cooper)

"Good acceleration and positive feel. Handles like a go kart."

Dominic L., WI (2006 Mini Cooper)

"It's fun to drive. It is excellent in handling the road and curves. It's easy to merge into the highway and maneuver out of potential trouble."

Bob A., CA (2006 Mini Cooper)

"The handling has always made my mini cooper a pleasure to drive."

Molly-Joseph Y., NC (2006 Mini Cooper)

"Great cornering. Precise breaking. Quick response,auto transmission. Excellent handling."

George O., PA (2006 Mini Cooper)

"This is a dependable vehicle. Has good acceleration in second gear, but lags a bit in third, fourth and fifth gears. (standard engine.) The MINI has firm steering and a short turning radius."

Anonymous, OR (2006 Mini Cooper)

"2006 is, hands down, the best model year of the new minis. The feedback from the car is unsurpassed by any newer mini; they just got more and more squishy and numb. The car really does like a go kart. Take it to a twisty road, or even better, to the race track--that's where this car belongs. The supercharger means you have linear acceleration instead of having to wait for turbo lag, plus the supercharger whine just sounds great!"

Caryn K., CA (2006 Mini Cooper)

"The ride is extremely hard and stiff"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Mini Cooper)

"This car takes curves so well it feels like I am riding on rails. There is no denying that you feel every bump in the road, but the handling is so responsive that it makes getting to the destination fun."

Jeffrey S., NV (2006 Mini Cooper)

"For 11 years this car just amazes me at its handling. It's like it runs on rails. Also great acceleration from the supercharger."

D P., NJ (2006 Mini Cooper)

"Handling makes it a fun driive"

Anonymous, FL (2006 Mini Cooper)

"under some driving conditions, cruise control causes rapid gear shifting, back and forth. It feels like it cannot find the right gear. This is probably due to a problem with the transmission. In general, the car is very noise: road noise and engine noise. There is only 1 indicator for 2 turn signals. So it does not tell if you have signalled a left or a right turn."

Anonymous, AB (2006 Mini Cooper)

"Great handling. Pretty small engine so it doesn't accelerate like a sports car."

William P., MA (2006 Mini Cooper)

"It's very quick and responsive and fast. However the JCW package means that it is low and you can really feel the potholes."

Thomas K., MO (2006 Mini Cooper)

"Fun car to drive in town but short wheel base and tight suspension make for an uncomfortable ride on long trips..."

Michael K., CA (2006 Mini Cooper)

"Handles like a sports car should. Very good acceleration and tight cornering. Nimble and quick."

Anonymous, TX (2006 Mini Cooper)

"very responsive handling"

Anonymous, FL (2006 Mini Cooper)

"The car has a turbo charged engine so the acceleration is great. I can easily proceed through lights and pass other vehicles if needed. The car handles well making fast turns and on curvy roads. It's a fun car to drive and it's small so it's easy to park and maneuver through smaller spaces that other cars have more difficulty doing. I don't think I will ever own another brand of car as long as MINI keeps making the smaller vehicle."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Mini Cooper)

"very fast. I beat 600hp corvettes in a vette rally in the mountains of Colorado"

Anonymous, NE (2006 Mini Cooper)

"Exceptional handling, suspension & power"

WILLIAM S., PA (2006 Mini Cooper)

"The little car is hyper nimble and surprisingly quick. Its acceleration zero to 50 is just remarkable and cornering make it a delight to drive. It still makes me smile even ten years after I bought it new."

ROY T., TX (2006 Mini Cooper)

"Spirited, fun, fast"

Anonymous, OR (2006 Mini Cooper)

"What can I say. The 2006 Mini drives like a go-Kart. If I were to buy a new model, I'd have to buy the John Cooper Works to match the horsepower this one has. It's definitely not a mainstream vehicle, but it suits me cause I love driving!"

SHARON W., TX (2006 Mini Cooper)

"Drives exceptionnaly well. Acceleration is smooth and fast with a forgiving manual system. Braking is reliable and it corners well. Maneuvers well out of dangerous situations."

MOLLY-JOSEPH Y., NC (2006 Mini Cooper)

"Fun to drive. Lots of power and accelleration"

DALE B., TN (2006 Mini Cooper)

"This car handles like it is on rails. Very good handling, acceleration and braking."

KEN M., AZ (2006 Mini Cooper)

"My MINI has a six-speed manual transmission, and it is fun to drive. In addition, the car's handling and acceleration is very responsive, which also makes it fun to drive."

Anonymous, IN (2006 Mini Cooper)

"fun to drive, great, breaking, terrific acceleration, very quick response"

Anonymous, ON (2006 Mini Cooper)

"Performance and handling are extraordinary. I would have given anything to have such a vehicle when I was younger."

Wesley E., VT (2006 Mini Cooper)

"It still drives great and is a joy drive, makes me smile every time"

Danielle H., VT (2006 Mini Cooper)

"Great acceleration and amazing handling."

Michael G., IN (2006 Mini Cooper)

"This is just a FUN car!"

Anonymous, GA (2006 Mini Cooper)

"it is very fun to drive. It handles very well. It sounds nice when you let off of the gas."

James H., CA (2006 Mini Cooper)

"With the base engine, not a world of power, but feels stronger than it is. Handling is terrific! I've never gotten it to feel at all out of shape in any maneuver."

Anonymous, FL (2006 Mini Cooper)

"The MINI Sport has a turbo charged engine and is great at acceleration and handling. I am still amazed at times by the handling and manueverability to make sharp turn and get out of tight spaces."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Mini Cooper)

"Acceleration and handling are great. Boing around turns, the car remains flat (little or no body roll)."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Mini Cooper)

"Pure driving fun with supercharger, six speed standard and super handling. Follow one in traffic and it appears to move sideways. New MINIs have become too big and have lost that nimbleness."

Warren F., AZ (2006 Mini Cooper)

"I can easily merge onto the freeway. It handles great!"

Robert A., CA (2006 Mini Cooper)

"Performance never disappoints"

Seth T., CT (2006 Mini Cooper)

"Just a little torque steer pulling, but I'm very aware of it."

Anonymous, PA (2006 Mini Cooper)

"Handles competently"

Anonymous, ME (2006 Mini Cooper)

"Handles curves well. It has pick up and can accelerate and maneuver out of tight spots. Love to drive it."

Robert A., CA (2006 Mini Cooper)

"It is a fun car. It always gets compliments and is fast."

Anonymous, NY (2006 Mini Cooper)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Not comfortable for extended driving. Very loud canon."

Anonymous, GA (2006 Mini Cooper)

"Center console rattles a bit"

DANIELLE H., VT (2006 Mini Cooper)

"The seats are too low which makes driving long distances very uncomfortable since your legs basically stick straight out in front of you while you drive rather than like you are sitting in a chair with many other vehicles."

JOHN L., FL (2006 Mini Cooper)

"It is a very noisy car. Otherwise I find the seats to be comfortable."

Anonymous, MD (2006 Mini Cooper)

"This car has great visibility, 6-speed transmission is solid, handling is firm and stable. Seat adjusts so that it is very comfortable. I drove a 350-mile trip from my home to my sister's home in 8 hours w/o having aches and pains."

SHARON W., TX (2006 Mini Cooper)

"I opted for the upgrade sports seats and am happy I did, They are very comfortable, adjustable six ways to Sunday, and support every part of your back and spine. My disabled wife calls them therapeutic."

ROY T., TX (2006 Mini Cooper)

"The seats are very comfortable, noise is acceptable. You feel every bump in the road but the handling is great."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Mini Cooper)

"After almost 12 years of driving my Mini, it is still about as comfortable as when I bought it. This car is NOT designed for comfort, but to feel the road under you."

John G., CO (2006 Mini Cooper)

"I wish it had more than one full sized cup holder. Otherwise its great."

Lauren T., NC (2006 Mini Cooper)

"It's a great little car. It always make me smile. It's like an adult go-cart. The handling is fantastic, but you feel every little bump."

Anonymous, PA (2006 Mini Cooper)

"It is a small sports car - tight handling and ride. Love the exterior lines. Small and compact with power. I have always driven cars with standard shift - I like a smaller car which I can feel and control on the road."

Anonymous, AZ (2006 Mini Cooper)

"The mini cooper is very rough ride the noise level is really loud, and its not made for old folks to ride in with any level of comfort."

Olivan L., TX (2006 Mini Cooper)

"seats are very comfortable, adjustable for any situation, Passengers' seats, too, are comfortable. noise level is low. Ride is very smooth."

Sanford M., SC (2006 Mini Cooper)

"seats are quite comfortable. easy to adjust. noise considering it is a convertible is acceptable.. Ride is as expected not soft but great road feel."

Michael G., IN (2006 Mini Cooper)

"Rides rough and is noisy"

Anonymous, MD (2006 Mini Cooper)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Mini can't seem to get the radio correct. Then they reversed the volume and tuning dials on the radio. This model year they have inverted the steering controls. Every car has volume on left. Not Mini now Volume is on right of steering wheel. And to increase the volume its not up it's right. A radio is a radio and its important to remain standard."

NEIL M., MD (2006 Mini Cooper)

"It's a sports car so it won't be as comfortable as a sedan. It's very comfortable for a sports car in the front seats. The back seats are not comfortable for anyone above 10 years old."

ROBERT A., CA (2006 Mini Cooper)

"The CVT failed prematurely. the cost to replace it was almost as much as the value of the vehicle! No wonder there was a class action suit."

Anonymous, IL (2006 Mini Cooper)

"Great little car- great gas mileage, easy to handle"

Anonymous, OH (2006 Mini Cooper)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Styling is fun and classic - great combo"

MOLLY-JOSEPH Y., NC (2006 Mini Cooper)

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