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Despite being the least-expensive Mini, the base Mini Cooper with a manual transmission is our top-scoring variant. It outscores the faster turbocharged Cooper S and larger Clubman due to its better ride and fuel economy. Even with its base engine, the Mini is a joy to drive with excellent handling and braking. Fuel economy is impressive at 33 mpg overall, but it requires premium fuel.
There are 3 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"I am an aggressive driver and the Mini Cooper satisfies this need. It is basically a gokart with sheet metal."

WILEY G., CA (2009 Mini Cooper)

"The Mini is a joy to drive. It has outstanding handling, great acceleration, and is super easy to park. It is FUN and looks great, too."

TERESA O., MI (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Great handing, fun to drive and a pretty good ride for such a small car."

BOB S., IL (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Fantastic and fun to drive."

Anonymous, NC (2009 Mini Cooper)

"My MINI is an "S" model that provides a turbo charger, more HP than standard and a real sporty suspension. It is awesome on acceleration and handling. The ride is a little stiff but that's what comes with a "sporty" car. No complaint."

ADRIAN S., WI (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Great performance and fuel mileage. Limited seat adjustment primarily lumbar support. rear seating is very tight"

JOSEPH W., GA (2009 Mini Cooper)

"MINIs are known for their handling and the car lives up to this for its cost. My S model has very good acceleration and the car is just a blast to drive!"

PATRICK H., CO (2009 Mini Cooper)

"The turbo boost sport button"

Anonymous, FL (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Fun car to drive"

MICHAEL A., NC (2009 Mini Cooper)

"The MINI is really "out there" I just completed MINI TAKES THE STATES. The MINI takes driving to a whole new level. It feels like the car can read my mind."

JACQUIE N., KY (2009 Mini Cooper)

"It has wonderful acceleration and handling. It is so smooth it is easy to speed this also speaks to the ride being quite and smooth."

GEORGE S., CA (2009 Mini Cooper)

"While overall fun-it is a Mini Cooper Convertible- the go kart ride gets old, and the plastic knobs feel flimsy. But it is still fun, but noisy vehicle."

ROBERT T., MO (2009 Mini Cooper)

"My vehicle has a very safe body type called the Bull dog stance which means it's close to the ground and evenly weighted to take turns safely and evenly. It's peppy and the brake system is extremely tight."

BARB M., GA (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Happy in all respects"

Anonymous, KS (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Super acceleration. Go-cart handling without excessive tire wear."

LEE H., SC (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Fun to drive, like a go cart"

ROY E., MD (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Handling is great but oem run-flat tires supply too harsh of a ride"

GRAEME K., CA (2009 Mini Cooper)

"The car drives like it's size - small and nimble even with the standard-size tires (i.e., base model). With the 6-speed stick shift, it really gives a great sense of control. Really love the handling."

Dan D., NJ (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Handles very well."

Anonymous, VA (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Handling is great, major reason to own a Mini Cooper. Acceleration was good when new, later models of Minis have improved it"

Anonymous, AZ (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Fun car to drive."

Michael A., NC (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Blows my mind."

Jacquie N., KY (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Love love love to drive this car- handling, acceleration, visibility out all sides, feel very safe"

Anonymous, TN (2009 Mini Cooper)

"It is sooo much fun to drive. I drive it only around town and its handling and excelleration are strong. You just zip around town."

George B., FL (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Very fast Rough ride Love the rag top choices: open closed or partial open"

Sallie S., CO (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Like driving a highly responsivego cart although seating is not comfortable on longer drives."

Anonymous, AK (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Great acceleration, no problem overtaking on my rural roads"

Anonymous, ME (2009 Mini Cooper)

"It's a sports car, drives like a bat out of hell"

Anonymous, CA (2009 Mini Cooper)

"The acceleration and handling are excellent. It is very easy to accelerate (safely) past other vehicles when leaving stoplights."

Kerry K., NC (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Adequate acceleration, great exhaust sound, outstanding handling. Fun to drive."

Harry C., OK (2009 Mini Cooper)


Anonymous, CA (2009 Mini Cooper)

"What a blast! That little car is glued to the road and I feel like it reads my mind. That Mini has done impossible things for me. She is part of the family."

Jacquie N., KY (2009 Mini Cooper)

"It's just fun to drive. I like the direct steering, the braking, the feel of the road."

Anonymous, WA (2009 Mini Cooper)

"I LOVE THIS CAR!! I actually traded it in for the 2012, and almost 3 years later it came back into my life! I bought this car TWICE!!"

Anonymous, CO (2009 Mini Cooper)

"One of the best handling cars that I have ever driven"

Anonymous, TN (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Great handling Mediocre acceleration"

Anonymous, NY (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Acceleration was amazing and handling was tight! I loved it. It would take steep grades in stride and I could park it anywhere! Take off from stops was fantastic. This little old lady could blow the kids away!"

Milissa A., CA (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Acceleration is better than on the 2003. Handling, while still good, is not quite as planted as the 2003. I experience a little more kickback in the steering wheel, and a little more sideslip on washboard."

Anonymous, MA (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Drives like a sports car, fun to drive."

Henry S., TN (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Excellent and predictable handling, acceleration, and braking."

Anonymous, WA (2009 Mini Cooper)

"This car is excellent for handling. The acceleration is extremely responsive and the size allows for tight maneuvering, especially on city streets."

Anonymous, NC (2009 Mini Cooper)

"I have a six speed manual, and it is a blast to zip around town in. It's easy to park and has been relatively inexpensive to operate. I've thought of selling it, since I drive it so seldom, but I keep it for the fun factor."

Anonymous, IL (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Makes me giggle every time I drive it. It's an adult go kart"

Fritz F., AR (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Handling is delightful; quick accurate and precise."

Alvin R., CO (2009 Mini Cooper)

"As advertised go cart fun, when there isn’t an issue with the engine or transmission"

Brian H., CA (2009 Mini Cooper)

"A true go-cart experience. Incredible acceleration and cornering."

Richard A., BC (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Acceleration is pretty good. The handling in curves is outstanding."

Greg H., OH (2009 Mini Cooper)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"This vehicle has harsh ride and has a high level of road noise inside the vehicle. The ride is acceptable but I think my other cars are more comfortable."

JERRY O., TX (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Way too noisy for an almost $40,000 vehicle. Ahabdkes superbly Too stiff a ride. Climate control great on heat abysmal on air conditioning."

Anonymous, GA (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Suspension is extremely stiff and makes for a very uncomfortable and jarring ride over bumps and rough roads"

Anonymous, CA (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Very noisy ride and you can feel all the bumps, pot holes, etc. in the road."

Anonymous, FL (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Bad - The Mini has a very hard ride. Every road imperfection is amplified and transmitted directly to the seat. Any drive longer than 20-25 minutes inevitably leads to back pain."

Anonymous, PA (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Excellent automatic A/C with great temperature control. Superb heated seats warmer than most. Noise is terrible."

LEE H., SC (2009 Mini Cooper)

"The driver's seat back, with seat heating, is marvelously comfortable for my very bad back."

ALVIN R., CO (2009 Mini Cooper)

"You don't drive a Mini Cooper for a smooth soft ride. you drive it to chew up some asphalt and mangle some corners. That little car is glued to the road and all the time with an old woman behind the wheel."

Jacquie N., KY (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Very harsh ride. I actually sit on a cushion and it still kills my back."

Anonymous, PA (2009 Mini Cooper)

"The seats are comfortable for short duration. Ride is a bit stiff, but that is an acceptable trade off for the excellent (go-cart) handling. It is very easy to maneuver in city (and highway) traffic."

Kerry K., NC (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Fun little car. More room than you expect. Seats are comfortable. Some road noise but not a problem. The ride is acceptable for the size of the car."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Mini Cooper)

"The Mini has incredibly loud road noise. I can't believe that cruise control wasn't a standard feature either."

Anonymous, ID (2009 Mini Cooper)

"The heated seats are marvelously comfortable and soothing for my very bad back."

Alvin R., CO (2009 Mini Cooper)

"The seats are terrible. After an hour my whole body is in agony. I've learned to never attempt more than 250 miles in a day, as my back is in so much pain beyond that point, I can't finish the trip -- and that's with stopping every hour."

Anonymous, IL (2009 Mini Cooper)

"The seats are very comfortable. The car is very noisy - it’s difficult to hear the other party on a phone call (through the car’s audio system or otherwise). The ride is rough, but I do like to feel the road!"

Anonymous, TX (2009 Mini Cooper)

"When it ran, the Mini Cooper was FUN to drive. Rough ride, and definitely the Go Cart feeling as advertised. Not comfortable on long trips. Very noisy, but that's what the stereo is for!"

Milissa A., CA (2009 Mini Cooper)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Bought this used in 2014, paid about half the cost of new"

ROY E., MD (2009 Mini Cooper)

"The car leaks oil; I need to add a quart of oil every 1000 miles. Also, when the oil filter was changed, there was an O-ring in the casement, which then had to be replaced. Mini assumed no responsibility. It is not reasonable to have to add oil that often. I worry about what else may be wrong with the car. My mechanic calls it "a piece of junk" b/c of all the problems Mini cars have."

Anonymous, MD (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Reasonable priced for the performance and fun factor"

JOSEPH W., GA (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Way too expensive and too many flaws at this price point!"

Anonymous, GA (2009 Mini Cooper)

"There was a known defect with 2009 timing tensioner device which BMW has chosen to not issue recall for. Engine burned up at 34000 miles though all service performed on it. Mini offered me $1000 salvage for it. Many class action lawsuits on this vehicle."

JAN H., NM (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Rocker arm failed and ruined the engine after warranty expired."

Anonymous, OR (2009 Mini Cooper)

"I bought my 2009 in 2010 and got it cheaper than most of the used Coopers I found for sale at that time. It is really fun to drive and gets pretty good mpg around town. I also looked at the retail value and found it is still quite high. Plus I have had no problems with it al all."

George B., FL (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Initial value was OK but when you add in all the repairs (and there have been a lot of repairs) we could have had a luxury vehicle instead. WE could practically lease a car for the cost of the repairs alone."

Anonymous, PA (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Everything works well"

Anonymous, VA (2009 Mini Cooper)

"I feel maintenance costs are excessive. The ride was lousy until I replaced the standard run-flat tires (at 30,000 miles and would have cost $1,100) with 70,000 miles rated standard tires for $525). The ride is satisfactory now."

Margie D., OH (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Excellent car for $20,000 to $25000. The Mini pricing structure makes it easy to select more options than necessary and end up spending too much for the the type of vehicle."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Mini Cooper)

"I never had any service needed beyond oil changes for 10 years. Best car I've ever owned."

Anonymous, IA (2009 Mini Cooper)

"Many mechanical problems, oil and coolant leaks, electrical problems. Expensive to maintain and repair. Fun to drive but not reliable."

Harry C., OK (2009 Mini Cooper)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"This is a convertible in black over yellow and I get constant compliments on its appearance. The style never gets old and I plan on keeping this vehicle and putting it in my will."

ADRIAN S., WI (2009 Mini Cooper)

"looks great with top up or down"

FRITZ F., AR (2009 Mini Cooper)

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