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Despite being the least-expensive Mini, the base Mini Cooper with a manual transmission is our top-scoring variant. It outscores the faster turbocharged Cooper S and larger Clubman due to its better ride and fuel economy. Even with its base engine, the Mini is a joy to drive with excellent handling and braking. Fuel economy is impressive at 33 mpg overall, but it requires premium fuel.
There are 2 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"It’s like driving a go cart, but for adults! Puts a smile on my face every time."

Terry H., MD (2011 Mini Cooper)

"2011 Mini Cooper is fun to drive! Great handling. Very good acceleration."

Michael T., PA (2011 Mini Cooper)

"Like owning a sports car for the price of a regular sedan."

Anonymous, MD (2011 Mini Cooper)

"Fast, handles very well, a joy on good roads"

Anonymous, RI (2011 Mini Cooper)

"Handliyis what I like most."

Veronica M., PR (2011 Mini Cooper)

"Our Mini Cooper has exhibited excellent reliability while being extremely fun to drive. Handling and maneuverability are exceptional. More than once, the handling has helped avoid road hazards and potential accidents that I might not have been able to avoid in another car."

Patricia A., AL (2011 Mini Cooper)

"They are awesome to drive for fun. They are a little rough for long trips due to the suspension and low profile tires. It’s like driving a go cart."

Anonymous, ID (2011 Mini Cooper)

"Cooper S has fantastic acceleration and handling. The ride and handling are even better now that I've replaced the run-flat tires with regular tires."

Jennifer S., MA (2011 Mini Cooper)

"Handles very well and seems to hug the road"

Anonymous, NC (2011 Mini Cooper)

"It drives like a slot car, pulling through tight corners and saying to the driver, “is that all you got for me?‿ City driving and parking or a breeze. I only wish that I had bought an automatic instead of a manual transmission."

Joseph C., IL (2011 Mini Cooper)

"A pleasure and fun to drive."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Mini Cooper)

"Handling is great, but comes at the expensive of a stiff and jolty ride. Powertrain often hesitates for a second or two when accelerating from low RPMs."

Terrence B., CA (2011 Mini Cooper)

"excellent acceleration, holds the road very well"

Anonymous, CA (2011 Mini Cooper)

"the handling is great. the road feel is great"

Orville L., NC (2011 Mini Cooper)

"Looks, handles and accelerates great. Still a fun car to drive."

Jeff S., MI (2011 Mini Cooper)

"Drives like a much larger car. Accelerates quickly."

Anonymous, NH (2011 Mini Cooper)

"It's fun car to drive."

HANS H., GA (2011 Mini Cooper)

"Excellent, fast, nimble, sharp handling"

MARIUS R., DC (2011 Mini Cooper)

"Feels glued to the road"

Anonymous, IL (2011 Mini Cooper)

"Drives like a slot-car: it goes where you tell it to go and almost instantly. TURBO button provides noticeable kick in acceleration/response."

JOSEPH C., IL (2011 Mini Cooper)

"Good: I have a turbocharged "S" model. Acceleration is good and handling is excellent. It is a fun car to drive. Bad: Although I've had only one serious problem with the car, I am concerned about future reliability based on its reputation. The standard headlights do not provide adequate illumination. The sound system controls are confusing."

MICHAEL T., PA (2011 Mini Cooper)

"I have the Cooper S, and their is no comparison in acceleration with the standard Cooper. Like all the descriptions given by other owners, "It drives like a go kart. When the turbo kicks in, it's hold on. It corners really well, also."

DONALD A., FL (2011 Mini Cooper)

"fun to drive, very responsive"

JAY C., CA (2011 Mini Cooper)

"Just lots of fun to drive. You really feel the road, the turns, the acceleration. Makes me feel young again. I fall asleep in cars that are too smooth and you feel nothing. I will buy another when this one wears out."

ANTHONY V., MD (2011 Mini Cooper)

"Handling in ice and snow is difficult."

Anonymous, IN (2011 Mini Cooper)

"Fun to drive."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Mini Cooper)

"excellent, responsive handling but ride is stiff and can be tiring on long drives on poor freeways. Engine poorly mated to automatic transmission, resulting in hesitation during acceleration from low RPM"

TERRENCE B., CA (2011 Mini Cooper)

"I wanted a sports car but realized I didn't want a convertible. This car handles well and is a pleasure to drive."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Mini Cooper)

"Lots of fun to drive, especially in sport mode"

Anonymous, VA (2011 Mini Cooper)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"It’s somewhat cramped, but it fits like a glove. I happen to enjoy it, but not all of my passengers feel the same way."

Joseph C., IL (2011 Mini Cooper)

"Ride is stiff and busy over poor pavement, short sharp jolts are tiring after a while. Leatherette seats are not breathable and get sweaty."

Terrence B., CA (2011 Mini Cooper)

"Car constantly remind me how bad or roads are. Noisy, narrow seats without lumbar, and stiff, but fun to drive"

Anonymous, RI (2011 Mini Cooper)

"The seats in this car are uncomfortable. The fixed headrest, which is built into the seat, is not comfortable. It curves up and does not allow my head to push back."

Orville L., NC (2011 Mini Cooper)

"Great ride. Comfortable and fun"

Linda B., TN (2011 Mini Cooper)

"Lots of road noise at all speeds. Ride is rough at times at high speeds."

Anonymous, GA (2011 Mini Cooper)

"It a convertible.....a little noisy but seats could be a little more cushy....may be new ones are."

Anonymous, CT (2011 Mini Cooper)

"This little car has great road feel and steering"

Orville L., NC (2011 Mini Cooper)


John M., DE (2011 Mini Cooper)

"Surprisingly comfortable for a 5'11" man wearing a hat. Great for two people. Back seats are for people under 4' tall. Once my daughter grew above that should couldn't sit comfortably in the back"

JOSEPH C., IL (2011 Mini Cooper)

"Road noise is very apparent in this vehicle."

EVAN S., MA (2011 Mini Cooper)

"engine not well mated to automatic transmission (shifting and acceleration sometimes sluggish), rear seats too upright, infotainment system is very basic"

TERRENCE B., CA (2011 Mini Cooper)

"Mileage very good road noise very loud comfort:adequate radio does not receive AM"

DAVID B., MA (2011 Mini Cooper)

"The noise level inside is quite high. I read that this may be due to the "run-flat" tires."

KATHLEEN J., TX (2011 Mini Cooper)

"Ride is harsh - like a go-cart."

Anonymous, MA (2011 Mini Cooper)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Mini has had many computer failures: It cost up to $450.00 to replace the battery"

Anonymous, ME (2011 Mini Cooper)

"This car has low depreciation--it has held its value relatively well."

Anonymous, IN (2011 Mini Cooper)
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