A lot of the Prius's appeal is its 44-mpg overall fuel economy and ultraclean emissions. But it also provides a roomy interior, hatchback versatility and admirable road manners. Although relatively small on the outside, the long wheelbase and efficient space utilization give it interior room comparable to that of a midsized car.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"It has totally adequate handling and acceleration for both in town and highway driving."

C H., VA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I have had no problem for 13 years on this car. I love driving it, and it has been maintenance free."

Anonymous, VA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I've driven this car for over a decade and still can't believe it still handles as well as any car I've driven. It's actually fun to drive."

Anonymous, FL (2004 Toyota Prius)

"A bit sluggish under full speed"

Anonymous, WA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Great acceleration & manuverability."

Anonymous, NY (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I upgraded from a 3-speed 95 corolla, this is more powerful and nimble in every way. I love the CVT and electronic braking."

Ryan O., VA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"acceleration is noisy and just barely makes it through intersections in time."

Anonymous, MI (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration and handling is very good. Aero dynamics in cross winds is POOR at best."

Ed J., MN (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Mileage and dependability."

Jerome D., WA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I am totally satisfied with the way the car drives."

Nancy D., ME (2004 Toyota Prius)

"This car is such a pleasure to drive in city type driving, traffic situations, parking and parking lots. Loved the quietness of the electric part. Acceleration was always adequate. Loved the CVT transmission and will never go back to a conventional automatic. Highway driving was fine but did lack passing power at speeds of greater than 60 MPH. But this vehicle delivered with great gas mileage. Handling was fine. Again a great balance between comfort and sharp handling. Felt very nimble."

Anonymous, NY (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Short turning radius, good acceleration, solid."

William M., WI (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration is fine. Handling is exceptional. The turning radius is exceptionally small and I love that. However, the height of the car from the ground is exceptionally short and I can not pull the car up to a parking stone or it scraps the bottom of the bumper across the stone! I HATE that. I also fear scraping the bottom when going down our gravel driveway."

Anonymous, MO (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Nice handling. Good acceleration."

Anonymous, VA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Ride is stiff and harsh"

Anonymous, PA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration and handling is still very good."

Anonymous, WA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Reasonable handling for a family car."

Virginia L., IL (2004 Toyota Prius)

"It accelerates fast enough for me."

B C., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"The Prius has a fast pickup and being small, it handles very well."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I really like the ability to initially accelerate rapidly from a dead stop."

Anonymous, DE (2004 Toyota Prius)

"The turning radius i very tight and easy to maneuver around corners and tight parking spaces."

Joyce Z., IL (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Ease of ownership, good handling, excellent value."

Eric M., WA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Ride is great, I take exit ramp turns just fine at a good speed and body lean isn't bad. I find the throttle response good. It isn't fast, but it is consistent. When I need to pass and I mash the accelerator, I know it won't get all wonky and jerky as it hunts for gears."

Anonymous, VA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Capable to quick acceleration when you enter a highway."

Anonymous, CT (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Sluggish acceleration but that's what I expected."

Karen H., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"This car starts and runs very smoothly. The lack of shifting between gears makes for an amazing ride."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Good. This was my wife's primary vehicle. She really enjoyed the size of the car. The only negative had to do with the lack of a back up camera -not available in 2003 when we acquired the car."

- C., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I love the pick up and go when I want it. The car give you feedback about gentle acceleration to increase mileage but if you are in a situation where you need to go it is nice to have two engines that will combine to give you that acceleration. It will turn pretty tightly and go just about anywhere. I like driving it."

Susan T., SC (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration is slow, feels like the car is stressed when climbing hills, however, I don't expect a car that is so efficient on fuel consumption to have the"zoom-zoom" capability. She handles extremely well in all driving conditions."

Anonymous, ON (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Although this vehicle has a 1.5 l engine, acceleration is very good because of the 1,200 ft.-lb. of torque which kick in from the electric engine when I accelerated."

BRUCE M., TX (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Under powered."

Anonymous, MO (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I've always wished it was a bit peppier, but it's a good compromise of speed and economy. On the other hand, the factory-supplied tires from Goodyear provided poor wet-weather traction and wore out quickly. Replacement Michelin tires provide better confidence in the rain and they are wearing much longer."

L G., OH (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Accellerates better than expected being a hybrid and is very comfortable on long drives."

B C., MA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I like the handling on the Prius more than any car I've driven."

JERRY Y., TX (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I have been repeatedly pleased, and even a little surprised, over the past 12 years, at how well a car so low and light handles in the snow. We have good snow tires and I know that helps, but unless the snow is impossibly deep, I have never had a problem."

TIM B., WY (2004 Toyota Prius)

"This is the closest category I can find for the issue of road clearance. Relative to other passenger sedans, I think the clearance is less than average. I would like more for driving on forest service roads and the like for hiking, fishing and camping. However, I do see that this might entail a reduction in fuel efficiency, and respect Toyota's decision to prioritize aerodynamics. There is ample leg room in the back seat for my 6ft 4in son, though he could use more headroom. The subsequent"

KIRKE W., OR (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration is great, especially on freeway entrances and passing. Avoidance maneuvers are excellent when required. Steering is too sensitive at highway speeds and demands diligent attention."

Anonymous, TX (2004 Toyota Prius)

"It's a little squirrelly in wind --that takes getting used to"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"During long trips (WA to So. Cal), the vehicle's electronic systems occasionally fails. For example, the engine starts functioning intermittently and cutting off , the horn blows when I step on the brakes, and the Prius slows down from freeway speeds to about 20 Mph to 30 Mph and cannot go faster. Typically, I pull out to a rest stop and wait there for about an hour. Typically, after the one-hour "shut down" of the engine, the Prius resumes operating properly again. It appear to me the car's"

B M., WA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Handling: Front end steering bearings seem to be to tight so minor movement of the steering wheel makes no correction in direction. Then a small additional increase produces an over correction. So it's hard to track precisely down the lane without continuously making corrections. Our Highlander steers perfectly without these continuous corrections."

Anonymous, MN (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Very good pickup,maneuverability (my husband used to say it handled like a sports car)."

Anonymous, MN (2004 Toyota Prius)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"It used to be a better good ride but now after a lot of miles & years it rattles"

Susan L., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"The car is extremely quiet and roomy."

Nancy D., ME (2004 Toyota Prius)

"The ride and handling are decent, but not outstanding. Noise levels are low except for the tires on some surfaces."

Stanley D., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"We sit higher so good visibility. Comfortable seats. Little noise because it is a hybrid. Smooth ride."

Leonard K., MD (2004 Toyota Prius)


Joseph F., SC (2004 Toyota Prius)

"No lumbar support and seats are hard"

Robert R., WI (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Comfortable &easy to adjust"

Anonymous, WA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Passengers are always surprised on the space and comfort in all the Prius seats with 4 or fewer riders. Quiet ride."

Woody E., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"We have loved our Prius every one of the 13 years that we have owned it. It is relatively quiet, and the seats cradle my wife, who has a bad back! We love the sound system and heating and air conditioning even in the raging Florida heat. This car has never let us down in 210 thousand miles!"

Anonymous, FL (2004 Toyota Prius)

"The seats fit my body perfectly. The distance to both the pedals and the steering wheel is perfect. There is plenty of legroom for the rear seat passengers, even when the front seats are fully aft. I don't get fatigued on long drives in these seats like I have in other cars. The ride feels solid."

William M., WI (2004 Toyota Prius)

"The car is too noisy and has always been. Cannot hear phone calls or audio books clearly."

John M., OR (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I have been able to adjust the seat so that I can drive for three or four hours without discomfort."

Demetrius P., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Seats are not power adjustable and have few options. Get really uncomfortable on trips. Would NOT purchase Prius again without power adjustable drivers seat at a minimum."

Ed J., MN (2004 Toyota Prius)

"great seats. Air conditioned front seats, heated 1st and 2nd row seats, cavernous interior volume and tremendous legroom. Firm ride in sport mode, a little softer in normal mode. everyone who has ridden in it has liked it."

Mike M., PA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"It's now a 14-year-old car, and it has gotten a little noisy. Not a lot, but it can be objectionable"

Paul S., TX (2004 Toyota Prius)


Anonymous, OR (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Nice ride and comfortable."

Anonymous, VA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Not enough leg room in the front for either driver or passenger."

Anonymous, HI (2004 Toyota Prius)

"In car wind-noise is higher than expected, but the car is also 14 years old."

Mark C., TX (2004 Toyota Prius)

"After a long (2 to 5 hours) drive, I don't feel fatigued or stressed."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"It's quiet around town due to engine shutdown. Highway is louder but tolerable. It doesn't have power seats but I find it comfortable enough. I wish it had telescoping steering wheel. At 180,000 miles the engine mounts aren't great. Engine shakes when it starts up."

Anonymous, VA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"The seats adjust and work for the different positions I take while driving short term or long term. The ride is a little close to the road, so pot holes are felt. as the car ages there are a few more random noises but nothing alarming or bad. I have music or a cd on when I drive."

Susan T., SC (2004 Toyota Prius)

"firm and wide"

Anonymous, VA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"There's a lot of glass, which makes it hot inside, but gives the driver pretty good visibility. Also, after driving it for 14 years, there's a lot of air and road noise."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Seats are a bit low for us (older couple)"

Anonymous, MA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Seats are just fine. Headroom for backseat is too low."

John B., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)


Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"My husband and I are well into our 80s and find our Prius comfortable in all respects"

Sara D., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Rides hard and noisey."

Anonymous, MO (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I do not find the seats comfortable ob long trips. I use a back rest to help out."

Anonymous, OR (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Comfort of front passengers is quite good, but a bit cramped and hard for back seat passengers. Climate control no longer really works due to a broken spiral connector in the steering column that would cost almost $800 + to repair as Toyota doesn't think it's a safety concern. It is a big safety issue though, because in order to adjust or do anything with climate, the driver has to study the dash screen to determine which setting to change/push and this takes eyes off the road too long. Addition"

Anonymous, CT (2004 Toyota Prius)

"The ride is noisier than I wish it were."

STEVE T., OR (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Seats are extremely comfortable"

DONALD G., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Love the mpg and we have over 220,000 miles with no major issues. But the seats could be more comfortable and the car is too noisy."

JOHN M., OR (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Very comfortable. Road noise is noticeable"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Very ergonomic seats. Very supporting seats"

WERNER M., NY (2004 Toyota Prius)


JEROME D., WA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"seats are VERY uncomfortable on long drives (2hours +). Ride is rough"

STEPHEN C., PA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"The seats after 145,000 miles remain extremely comfortable for drives of all lengths."

FRANK H., OH (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Generally comfortable in most respects, but too much road noise on rough pavement, e.g. freeway surface that has been worn by studded tires. Hard to converse at freeway speeds on such a surface."

KIRKE W., OR (2004 Toyota Prius)

"The seats were extremely comfortable when I got the car, nice and firm but not too firm with good lumbar support. I have had the car almost 13 years and the seats are "softer" than when I got it....still ok but there has been a definitely change."

Anonymous, WA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"As the vehicle and I have gotten older, the seats have become compacted (hard) and less comfortable. Replacement is not an option as Toyota apparently no longer makes these seats"

CAROLE M., MN (2004 Toyota Prius)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Toyota quality, tons of space, incredible fuel economy, exceptional resale value, great visibility, ease of use for a price that was less than anything I considered to buy back in Nov. 2003. Best car purchase I ever made. Back in 2003 federal govt gave a $2K tax deduction, NYS a $2K tax credit and partial sales tax refund. Car pool lane access on the Long Island Expressway. Nothing BAD."

Anonymous, NY (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Exceptionally low repair costs in 13 years. Water pump was replaced recently, the only non-maintenance work."

Anonymous, OR (2004 Toyota Prius)

"This car was well equiooed when I purchased it, better than an equivalent non-hybrid ffor the price. It has been very trouble free for its entire 14 year life and am just noe beginning to see normal wear on suspension components. The hybrid 'price premuum' more than paid for itself in the run p in fuel prices. After 13 year it still gets the same gas mileage as when it was new."

Demetrius P., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I have had this car since new and it has had the fewest repairs I have ever experienced in a 13-year old car with 119,000 miles in my 51 years of owning cars. Everything still works. It has a cassette deck that I use all the time besides the 6-CD player. There is no rust on the car. I've never had to align it and the brakes are original even though I mostly drive in the city. The 6 cup holders (including one in each front door), the double glove boxes and many map slots are well used."

William M., WI (2004 Toyota Prius)

"After 13 years I am still averaging 52 mpg per tank and I use the cheapest gas. I've only had one repair required and it was my own fault (12 volt battery was 8 years old). The most reliable car I've ever owned."

Mike L., TX (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I consider it to have given me a very good value for the money it has cost me."

C H., VA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"In 210 thousand miles, we have saved immense amounts of money. We buy very little fuel. We have had very little maintenance expense. The regenerative braking system has led to very little brake wear. In fact, we have NEVER had to replace the brakes, and they will probably last another 100 thousand miles! Toyota quality is real!"

Anonymous, FL (2004 Toyota Prius)

"This is a perfect design to balance room, fuel economy and the ability to get you to a destination."

Hugh G., CO (2004 Toyota Prius)

"This car has been completely reliable and worth every penny"

Susan L., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"We bought this new in 2004 and except for replacing burnt out headlights it has given us 230000 worry free miles"

John M., OR (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I have averaged 48-50 mpg for 13 years. I have replaced the ancillary battery twice and the dash computer (radio, climate,etc.) stopped working around year 8 (it works when the temperatures are in the 90s). Other than these things, I have only done regular maintenance every 5,000 and changed tires twice. Gas in Hawaii has been in the $3-$4 range for several years. I love the value I have received."

Anne L., HI (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Overall, an amazing vehicle. Front brakes lasted until 200,000 miles. Still on rear brakes. With Florida sun, paint and rubber seals are starting to go."

Michael B., FL (2004 Toyota Prius)

"The Prius is 13 years old with over 200k miles on it and is still going strong.  It is still a very reliable car and I love every aspect of it.  The car will still last for several more years, which will be longer than the average car  This alone gives the Prius a very high value, especially compared to the price I paid for it.  The Prius is also very versatile.  I don't need any other type of car to do things like carry my two dogs around, haul my bikes and equipment, carry large loads home fro..."

Mark C., TX (2004 Toyota Prius)

"We love this car. The weight, the size, all we can fit in it, it's handling on the road is excellent, and most of all the gas savings. It has held up beautifully. Some of that is attributable to Toyota's excellent servicing of the car."

Anonymous, NY (2004 Toyota Prius)

"low maintenance cost"

Jack C., MI (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Most reliable car I have ever owned. The only mechanical failure has been the engine water pump. The hybrid battery is still going strong, the brakes are still original after 200,000 miles. No alternator, starter motor, or hydraulic steering to replace. Most of the maintenance has been engine oil and filter changes, The plugs were changed at 150,000. The CVT transmission hasn't been touched."

Stanley D., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Great commute vehicle and touring vehicle. Easy and comfortable to drive. WE got our money's worth from this one and it just does not die."

Woody E., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I bought this when I was driving 28,000+ miles a year and gas was $3+ a gallon. It was a pleasure to drive and saved much $$ in gas."

Anonymous, MI (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Best value ever. It's an extremely versatile vehicle with the hatchback that you can load a 12 foot ladder in, or your bike. You can add a hitch for a bike rack. It's a fuel efficient and quiet car. Car has been dependable and generally trouble free after 14 years. Only just recently had to replace the main battery pack and it was actually quite cheap and easy. Car has 217k miles and still going strong. Great great value for the money."

Mark C., TX (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Good. Car still runs well and it will be going to our oldest son for his kids to use as they learn to drive."

- C., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Very reliable, few repairs needed in over 14 years of ownership."

Virginia L., IL (2004 Toyota Prius)

"It is 15 years old and looks like new after 15 Ottawa winters. Everything works as well as it did when the car was new!"

David R., ON (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Very roomy and comfortable for the vehicle of that price range. Fuel economy is excellent."

Anonymous, CT (2004 Toyota Prius)

"14 year investment with no significant repairs needed. Car battery (not hybrid battery) replaced after 7 years, is the only repair I have had done."

Anonymous, IA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Low maintenance. On the typical car I owned previously, I would have had to replace, the alternator, the starter motor, belts, brake pads, complete brake overhaul, and water pump before or around 100,000 miles. The water pump failed twice, but I discovered they were over tightening the belt at the dealer. The latest pump has over 100,000 miles on it. The transmission has never been touched, original fluid and the brakes are still original, although it looks like it will need new pads soon. The air conditioner and power steering are electric and have also never needed service."

S W., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"with almost 200K miles, the prius has been almost trouble-free. It is easy to do routine filter changes. Oil changes are inexpensive. It gets 45-52 mpg. And the initial purchase price is low. The only complaint is about road noise - listening to sound system while driving at highway speed in difficult."

Eric M., WA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Again, we bought the Prius directly from Toyota as our son-in-law worked for them"

B C., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"No major problems. Excellent value for the price. Excellent longevity."

Jacqueline B., NY (2004 Toyota Prius)

"After 300,000 miles this car owes me nothing. EVERYTHING works great, so I don't have an excuse to buy something new. However, the paint on the front bumper is badly chipped."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I have driven my Toyota Prius for 14 years and 205000 miles. The maintenance costs have been minimal and I have only had one major repair at $1400. The car has been reliable, comfortable and great buy."

Jennifer E., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"good mileage and service"

Anonymous, WI (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Operating costs very low. Still haven't needed brake shoes in 81,000 miles."

Ray D., IL (2004 Toyota Prius)

"It's still on the road!"

Anonymous, MA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"It’s still going strong"

M B., MN (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Still get 50 mpg and still on my original battery (14 years old)"

Ben P., VA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"14 years later and still going strong"

Karen H., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Love the vehicle, and in fact when the hybrid battery wore out, Toyota shared in the cost of replacement, putting $2000 toward the $3000 cost, very helpful. However, overall, the electrical system has given major problems over the years, plus the outer vehicle paint, trim and body integrity has not held up to normal Toyota quality standards."

Lowell D., MD (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I got more than my money's worth on this now 14 yr old car"

Anonymous, WA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Extremely valuable. Fourteen years old, no important problems, great experience. Original battery pack still working."

Kirk I., AL (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Even after 14 years maintenance has been extremely minimal, everything works and it looks and drives as good as the day it came out of the plant. Original cost was average among competitors and overall long-term cost beats them all."

William M., WI (2004 Toyota Prius)

"The price of maintaining, fueling, insuring a Prius was much less than i expected. Over the years, I've spent very little and have had excellent, reliable transportation."

Joyce Z., IL (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I own a hybrid 2004 Prius and since I bought the vehicle the average mileage per gallon of gasoline has been 41."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"MPG is excellent."

L B., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"price and content in the vehicle. feels more expensive than the car costs. a lot of technology for the price."

Anonymous, NY (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Excellent value with bonus of gas-sipping performance."

Danny J., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Excellent fuel economy and reliability."

VIRGINIA L., IL (2004 Toyota Prius)

"It has over 100,000 miles and it still works."

Anonymous, HI (2004 Toyota Prius)

"The gas mileage is still superb after 12 years. Love driv Ing this hybrid."

GAIL G., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"The consistent, very high mpg has saved a significant amount of money over the past 12 years and 385,000 miles. This car is definitely worth the price we paid for it."

FRANCES G., CO (2004 Toyota Prius)

"We paid the top price for this vehicle in order to get the stop safety package with electronic stability control and a nav system which was only offered with the "#9" package. The steering column/on dash climate control buttons on steering wheel -screen stopped functioning between 65,000-70,000miles due to broken spiral cable in steering column. Front splash shield has had to be re-attached multiple times since car was at 28,741 miles because clips keep breaking. Body & Interior developed a majo"

Anonymous, CT (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I was told when I bought that car that the hybrid was not cost-effective, ie I was paying a premium that would never be made up with savings on gasoline. How wrong! 55 miles an hour"

M D., IL (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I love to save money. This car is super!! I do not have to buy gas as often as I do with my other vehicle. This vehicle has had no mechanical issues. It is a tremendous car."

CAROL S., PA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"This make and model has been reliable, and has paid back with savings in fuel costs."

Anonymous, NC (2004 Toyota Prius)

"whether the gasolene price is high or low, I always feel that this hybrid is helping me do my part to minimize climate change."

LOUIS P., MD (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I decided in my late teens it would be stupid to ever buy a new car because depreciation would make it a waste of money, but at the age of 68 I gave in to temptation and have never regretted it. Of course I knew it would be my last car in this life."

G M., HI (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Mileage is very good. Acceleration and power is more than adequate for my needs -- quick starts and enough passing power. Lots of space for carrying stuff with the back seats down."

VICTOR P., TX (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I wanted an AWD vehicle and Subaru had the most experience. I have not been disappointed. Also, the price I paid was on the lower end of all the AWD vehicles I looked at so I felt like I got a good value."

STEPHEN T., WA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"My 2004 Prius has 192,000 miles and has had no major work, not even the brakes. Even the interior still looks great. I hope to drive it another 100,000 miles."

JANET P., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"We bought this vehicle directly from Toyota as our son-in-law worked for them so we didn't have a dealer involved."

B C., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I purchased this vehicle used and have been driving it for 3 years now. Very low maintenemence and great on fuel economy. Definitely holds its value."

CALVIN L., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Never repair by Toyota there are thieves"

Anonymous, VA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"This car is unbelievable, 65000 miles and it is like brand new. Everything always works perfectly. The only thing that wore out was one set of tires. I can't justify replacing this 12 year wonder in the near future."

DAVID S., IA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Purchased on E-Bay at below cost."

R B., KS (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Prius at 12 years/136000 miles has been almost trouble-free except AC had to be replaced. Texas coastal climate is hard on AC. I would prefer that steering on the highway be less sensitive to steering wheel movement so it did not "wander" so easily. Cargo carrying capacity is versatile and generous."

Anonymous, TX (2004 Toyota Prius)

"extremely reliable ,very few repairs 270,000 miles"

DALE F., MI (2004 Toyota Prius)

"We have 138000 miles on this car and the lack of repair needed has been nothing short of amazing"

S M., PA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Hard to beat. Bought it used in 2007 via ebay, now has over 200000 miles - only repair has been the engine water pump replaced in 2016. Still using original brakes. Fabulous car reliability wise."

PAUL H., TX (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I have only replaced the tires, water pump, wipers and fob in 12 years of ownership plus the main computer early on under warranty. With 50 mpg, the value is fantastic."

WILLIAM M., WI (2004 Toyota Prius)

"The Prius has never been in the shop for any issues other than recalls and the cruise control switch needing replacement (I use that switch a LOT), and it has 86,000 trouble-free miles on it. The most reliable car I have ever owned."

MIKE L., TX (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Good mileage, reliability"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"The vehicle is well-designed and I was happy with the integrity of the hybrid system"

JAMES K., CO (2004 Toyota Prius)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Not too stylish. Girl car."

Anonymous, KS (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I like the looks of the vehicle"

B C., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"better lighting on dash."

Anonymous, AL (2004 Toyota Prius)

"Everything very good."

JUAN C., CA (2004 Toyota Prius)

"I still am concerned about the blind points and wish all Priuses came with the camera to show the back."

Anonymous, WA (2004 Toyota Prius)

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